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Chapter 313: Chapter 313: Dad

“I’ll only help you if someone else is treating you unfairly. If you do something wrong, I won’t support you. That would make it seem like you’re bullying others. When others bully you, you feel wronged and we feel distressed. Similarly, if you bully others, they feel wronged and their family members feel distressed. Since we don’t want to be bullied, we should not bully others either.” Adrian Zhekova explained to Morgan Zhekova.

He was a little worried that the young child might not understand the limits.

Suddenly having a big support, he might start to let loose.

Especially with all the pent-up frustrations from before, the suppressed emotions might explode more easily.

The little one pouted with a sense of grievance, “I’m not that kind of bad kid.

How can you think of me like that? I don’t bully others, I never bully anyone!”

“I’m sorry, I was wrong.” It was rare that Adrian would apologize to Morgan, “I know you’re good and you don’t bully others, it’s just that I thought too much.” “Hmph!” The little one pouted with an unhappy expression.

“I’ve talked with Cindy about it. You guys will move into my house. Is that alright?” Adrian said to Morgan.

“Your house?” Morgan was surprised, are they leaving?

Are they leaving the house he had been living in for so long?

“I misspoke. It should be our house. From now on, no matter where we are, the three of us will live together. As long as the three of us are together, it’s home,” said Adrian.

Morgan’s gaze seemed to linger as if picturing the scene.

Cindy explained, “Since we’ve recognized each other as a family, it’s not appropriate for dad to keep sleeping on the couch here every day. Our place is a bit cramped. That’s why we decided to move to dad’s place where there are more rooms.”

She pointed to the LEGO Neighborhood series on his shelf, “In the future, these will be displayed on a big table, and you can keep adding scenery and designing a city.”

The little one’s eyes lit up at the idea.

“There’s an empty room in my place with nothing decorated. You can come with me today to pick a room and decide how you want it to be arranged. We can go shopping for furniture in the afternoon.” He asked, “Is that okay?” “Yes.” The little one nodded obediently, as if he was still in a dream.

“Then pack up your things, and we can get going?” Adrian asked for Morgan’s opinion.

Although he had always been critical of him, he still cared about the little one.

At this moment, Adrian was showing a rare good temper.

Morgan nodded.

Adrian stood up and prepared to walk out of the room.

Suddenly, his sleeve was tugged, causing him to have some resistance in his departure.

Adrian turned his head to see Cindy hadn’t moved.

He looked down and saw the little one’s hand clutching his cuff.

The little one looked up with his white, tender face and a pair of eyes that were both large and round, incredibly pure.

Adrian noticed that Morgan’s eyes resembled Cindy’s.

It was said that Morgan looked just like him.

Perhaps it was because of the general facial features and face shape that resembled him.

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But his eyes inherited Cindy’s appearance.

Round and large, and particularly pure.

Even now, Cindy’s eyes still had a cleanliness that seemed almost transparent.

Adrian looked at Morgan in confusion.

He saw the red-faced Morgan stammering, his mouth struggling to move. Finally, their lips touched twice, and a crisp voice reached his ears, “Dad..”

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Chapter 313