Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 537

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Chapter 537: Amnesia

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

After sustaining a single strike from the giant silver spider, Helian Xun Xue actually lost her memory?

That was a very likely possibility.

Because her divine sense had suffered an attack on the level of the Shattering Void Tier, amnesia was a very ordinary consequence. But the question was, was this amnesia a short-term loss of memory, or a permament loss? If it was only a temporary one, then how long would it last for—a few days, a few months, or a few years?

Ling Han was astonished; he realized that he could not sense any movement of Origin Power from her body at all. Could it be that after she had lost her memory, she did not even know how to circulate her Origin Power anymore?

Was that even possible?

Ling Han could not confirm it, but since this princess of the Sea Race could no longer circulate Origin Power, then what threat could she be to him? One had to know that the reason that cultivators could overturn mountains and empty oceans was because they had cultivated Origin Power. Without Origin Power, the pure strength of cultivators would not be that much stronger than any ordinary person, and their defense would not be much stronger, either.

…Just make a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator unable to circulate his Origin Power defensively, and then have ordinary soldiers try and attack him with a multitude of arrows—he was guaranteed to look like a beehive just from the number of holes he would have.

However, Helian Xun Xue still had a Spirit Tool on her that could activate on its own, so if anyone wanted to kill her… it was practically an impossible feat!

Ling Han gave a sigh; he actually couldn’t do anything to a woman that couldn’t even fight back.

Now, he could only hope that this princess of the Sea Race would have amnesia for a long enough period of time—long enough to allow him to develop to an extent that he no longer had to fear her.

Helian Xun Xue stared at Ling Han blankly yet with clear hope in her gaze, as if hoping that Ling Han could tell her who she was. There was a touching glint of emotion brimming in her large sea-blue eyes.

Ling Han felt that this woman was a little cute at this moment. Previously, she had been so insufferably arrogant, and now she actually seemed like a pitiful little puppy.

He could not help but smile, and said, “My name is Ling Han. Your name is Helian Xun Xue—do you have any recollection of this name?”

“Helian Xun Xue? Helian Xun Xue?” The princess of the Sea Race shook her head endlessly, and the only missing gesture was biting on one of her fingers. After a long time, an expression of pleased surprise appeared on her face. “My name is Helian Xun Xue?”

Ling Han was defeated; did this woman have an attribute of being stupidly adorable?

“Where are we now? Why are we here? What is the relation between the two of us?” Helian Xun Xue asked in a single breath like a curious kid.

Ling Han pondered for a moment, then answered, “This is Fire Country. As for you, I was the one who picked you up. I also do not know who you actually are. As for this place, we came here to walk around! All right, now that our walk is over, let us both go back to our respective mothers. Goodbye!”

He turned around and prepared to leave. He really did not want to stay by the side of a high-level Heaven Tier cultivator; who knew when this woman would regain her memories? If she suddenly made a move on him at that time, he’d be done for.

He could not be soft-hearted in this situation!

Pa . He had only took a single step when he felt a tightening brace around his legs; Helian Xun Xue had actually clamped her arms around his legs. This woman was behaving like a shrew—without any care for her image, she sat on the ground as her arms wrapped around one of his legs.

More importantly, this woman was terrifyingly strong, and Ling Han was actually unable to struggle out of her vice-like grip.

How could this be possible!?

Wasn’t she no longer able to circulate Origin Power? How could she still possess such tremendous strength?

…Could it be?

Ling Han immediately came to a realization. This woman was in the same situation as he; she, too, had cultivated a physical technique! At this moment, she was using purely her physical strength, and he guessed that it had to be on the level of the Spiritual Infant Tier at least. This was what made Ling Han feel as if he had been locked in chains forged from divine metal, unable to move a single muscle.

“Let… go!” he said.

“No!” Helian Xun Xue said with a great amount of determination. She indeed did not release him; on the other hand, her grip became even tighter than before.


Instantly, cracks could be heard from the bones in Ling Han’s leg. He had formed Body of Iron Sheet and his physical body was as tough as precious metals on the same level as he, but the problem here was… how could Level Six metal be able to withstand the brute force which was, at the very least, on Level Seven?

If this went on, the bones in his leg could really be broken into pieces just from this!

Ling Han hurriedly surrendered as he said, “All right, all right, all right. I’ll let you continue to follow me, okay?”

Helian Xun Xue had lost her memory, but her intelligence did not seem to have been lowered from that. She raised her head to look at Ling Han doubtfully and asked, “Really? You’re not lying to me?”

“If I lie to you, then I’m a Sea Demon!” Ling Han blurted out carelessly.

Helian Xun Xue was a member of the Sea Race in the first place, so did not have any prejudice against Sea Demons. She released her grip and got to her feet, but then she immediately took hold of one of Ling Han’s hands, as if still fearing that he would escape.

Ling Han gritted his teeth. When this princess of the Sea Race recovered her memory and found out that she had actually held hands with him, who knew if she would dissolve into humiliated fury and tear him into a few hundred or a few thousand pieces.

“Sea girl, remember, you were the one who took the initative to hold my hand. Don’t you act dumb about it in future,” he said seriously.

“Oh.” Helian Xun Xue had lost her memory, so she naturally couldn’t care less.

“No, you have to swear.” Ling Han wanted to use something to control her as much as possible; that way, if she actually managed to recover her memory in future, he could still babble some nonsense to deliberately anger her, which would allow him some time to escape alive.

“What kind of swear?” Helian Xun Xue asked a little dumbly.

“Just say… that you are the one who took the initiative to take my hand. If you wrongly accuse me of it in future, the Sea Emperor is a great big idiot,” Ling Han said.

Helian Xun Xue naturally, without a doubt, held up her fair, slender right hand and swore.

A thought flashed through Ling Han’s head: could he make use of the Vial of Curses? Though she looked a little dumb and cute at the moment, he only had to recall how she had been like before to know that this woman was definitely a firm, ruthless woman.

The moment she regained her memory, it would be Ling Han who would be rendered absolutely helpless.

He made a move to pluck a hair from her head, but that pendant immediately shone and blocked his hand from moving any further. Ling Han, with no other choice, could only say, “Pluck out one of your hairs and give to me.”

Helian Xun Xue bit on one of her fingers, and after a moment, she shook her head and said, “I can’t.”

“Why not?” Ling Han was astonished. Could it be that she had already begun to regain her memory?

“I seem to remember Mother saying before that I can’t recklessly give a man something from my body,” Helian Xun Xue said with absolute seriousness.


Ling Han thought for a moment, then asked, “So if it was a woman, it would be fine?” He could let Hu Niu out if that was the case.

“No!” Helian Xun Xue shook her head stubbornly.

Ling Han was speechlees. Why? Why couldn’t he even manage to deceive a stupidly cute woman who had lost her memory? This was too much of a failure!

“Ai!” He gave a sigh, and took a step to leave.

Helian Xun Xue hurriedly followed behind him, one hand still firmly gripping onto the corner of Ling Han’s shirt as if she was a little wife who had been wronged.

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Ling Han walked to where the army of Sea Race had once been. The only thing visible now was a scene of slaughter and carnage. Every single one of them had died from their bodies bursting. There was not a single complete corpse visible here anymore as all of them had been turned into ripped pieces of bone and flesh, blood soaking all over the ground.

“Ah!” A scared expression appeared on Helian Xun Xue’s face, and she could not help but throw herself into Ling Han’s arms, hugging him tightly to herself.

Ka, ka, ka . Immediately, loud noises could be heard from Ling Han’s ribs.

‘F***, be a bit gentler. With you strangling me in such a way, I am just about to join those people on the ground, crushed by your embrace. Moreover, your small breasts really have no gradation or texture, and I don’t have the slightest feeling that there are two lumps of flesh pressing down on my chest.’

“If, you keep, holding, on, I, am going, to die,” Ling Han gasped out.

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Chapter 537