Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 535

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Chapter 535: Leading into a Trap

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han smiled faintly. He knew that she would definitely be willing to negotiate.

“I have a few questions to ask Your Highness,” he called out loudly.

“Oh, then you should first answer one question of mine; otherwise, there would be no further need for discussion.” Helian Xun Xue said calmly, “Is that vial in your possession?”


Ling Han made no denial, and said, “That’s right. It is indeed in my possession.”

For a while, no further sound was heard from within the carriage. Mayhap Helian Xun Xue was too excited by the news, and was currently getting her emotions back under control. After a while, her voice was heard again. “All right, what do you want to know?”

“How did Your Highness come to know about the matter of this vial?” Ling Han asked.

“There are some things which are not appropriate for too many people to know. Let us switch to a different location for further discussion,” Helian Xun Xue said.

Ling Han nodded, and said, “All right, follow me—but not too close. Otherwise, if I get a scare… who knows, I may never appear again.”

Helian Xun Xue gave a cold humph, obviously very displeased.

Ling Han walked ahead, whilst the Sea Race followed behind. The direction that Ling Han took was naturally where the mine was located. If Helian Xun Xue really made a move against him, then he’d lead them to the shaft and kill them with a trap.

On the landmass, the members of the Sea Race were not very fast. Thankfully, though, the mine was not very far from the Imperial City. As a result, in less than half an hour, they arrived at their destination.

“Stop!” Helian Xun Xue halted the advance of the carriage from afar and called out, “Human, is this place that ancient mine?”

She had not been deceived!

Ling Han stopped, then turned around and said, “That’s right.”

A figure walked out of the carriage. However, her whole body was wrapped in multiple streaks of divine purple light, so there was no way to clearly see her appearance. One could not even see clearly if the figure was tall or short, man or woman. It was only faintly visible that the figure wore some kind of jade-green clothing and had extremely long hair.

“You all wait here,” she commanded.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Everyone else strictly obeyed her order.

Helian Xun Xue walked towards Ling Han. She had enough assurance that as long as she was near enough to him, she could take Ling Han down directly, and not give him any single bit of chance to escape via teleportation.

“That’s close enough,” Ling Han said, smiling. Actually, with his divine sense, he could allow her to walk a bit closer, but there was no need to let her know his limits and trump cards.

Helian Xun Xue could not help but sigh internally. If she attacked from this distance, she only had a 30% chance.

“Your Highness, you may speak now,” Ling Han said.

Helian Xun Xue gave a soft humph. A mere Flower Blossom Tier cultivator actually dared to behave as if he was on equal terms with her, which was something that made her feel very displeased. But for the sake of that vial, she suppressed her anger and said, “In truth, I was the one who deliberately leaked the information to Xuan Kong Yun.”

Ling Han was flabbergasted; Xuan Kong Yun was only a chess piece?

Killing another with a Cursed Tool would leave no traces behind. No matter how bizarre the death had been, it would still be identified as natural death because there was absolutely no need for the killer to personally make a move, so how could it be possible that the game would be given away?

But if one used a Cursed Tool, there was one clear fact. Either that the victim was too powerful, and the user had no way of fighting him face-to-face, or it was possible that the victim’s status was too unique, and the user could not make a move right out in the open on him.

Which category did Helian Xun Xue belong to?

“Thus, when Xuan Kong Yun died so inconceivably, you immediately guessed that he must have been killed by the Cursed Tool, and so charged over here with your people,” Ling Han deduced.

“That’s right. If too much time had passed, you would have naturally fled, so how would I be able to find you again?” Helian Xun Xue said.

Ling Han was curious and asked, “You are, at minimum, a high-level Heaven Tier cultivator. You seek the Cursed Tool, could it be that you want to kill a Shattering Void Tier cultivator?” If this really could curse a Shattering Void Tier cultivator to death, then what level would this jade vial be?

A God Tool?

“That is not something that you need to concern yourself with!” Helian Xun Xue humphed, and said, “This kind of treasure is not something that you can possess. Hand it over to me, and firstly, your safety will be guaranteed, and secondly, I can compensate you with a Spirit Tool.”

“Oh, what kind of Spirit Tool? Is it as valuable as this one?” Ling Han drew out the Demon Birth Sword.

Very obviously, Helian Xun Xue’s figure stiffened slightly; she had definitely seen through the level of the Demon Birth Sword.

That was a Level Ten Spirit Tool; what could she produce that would move Ling Han?

She had really underestimated this human; his wealth was really a bit shocking.

She paused, then said, “I am determined to get that vial, so I advise you to hand it over. If not… then even if you flee to the ends of the world, I will still find you.”

Ling Han smiled, then asked, “Really? Are you sure that wherever I go, you will follow?”

Helian Xun Xue humphed coldly, and was just about to begin boasting. But then, something dawned on her as she looked ahead and said, “So this is what you’re relying on? To escape into the old mine? Naïve!” she said coldly. “Now that the Cursed Tool has been withdrawn, the Cursed Qi in this place would begin to drop, and who am I? A member of the Royal Clan of the Northern Sea! My natal horoscope was decided by the gods, so how could I possibly be wounded by the Cursed Qi here!”

She was really quite a tsundere. Unfortunately, she had no idea what kind of changes had taken place here; Cursed Qi was really nothing in comparison!

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “Then, come chase after me. Who knows, if you manage to catch up to me, maybe I’ll let you have it. Hehehe.” He broke out into a run and fled into the old mine.

Helian Xun Xue did not know what ‘hehehe’ meant, but after a moment of thought, she was sure that it was not very possible that it was a compliment. Immediately, she gave a cold humph, and followed him in.

Ling Han moved recklessly, and attacked madly. He wanted to draw out the twelve ancient corpses beneath the ground here; the lake of blood would do too. Of course, the silver spider was the ideal target. In short, whatever could suppress Helian Xun Xue would do.

And after this one battle, would any more Sea Race dare to come here?

“So you choose to do things the hard way!” Helian Xun Xue humphed coldly. With a palm strike, her Origin Power transformed into a beautiful, gigantic hand that pressed down towards Ling Han.

The might of the palm strike had yet to hit him, but the terrifying pressure behind this blow had already caused cracks to appear all over Ling Han’s body, and blood poured crazily from his wounds.

One had to know that he had Body of Iron Sheet—the toughness of his body was comparable to precious metal of the same level as he, but the mere pressure was enough to shatter his skin. If he really suffered a strike, what chance did he have at surviving it?

“What a damn powerful woman!” Ling Han exclaimed in surprise, and tossed out both arms. He threw out the two divine corpses. He did not plan to take them back. It should not be a bad option to bury these two divine corpses in here.

…There had to be a very powerful background behind the twelve ancient corpses, and they were definitely not inferior to these two divine corpses in his possession.

“Yi?” Helian Xun Xue halted. She arrived in front of the two divine corpses, and an expression of surprise appeared on her face that was not visible to anyone else. “This is a divine corpse!” she mumbled softly, and her expression of disbelief became even more pronounced.

Ling Han actually had two divine corpses in his possession; this human was indeed very strange!

However, the divinity of these two divine corpses had already been expended completely. Moreover, this was the mortal plane, and it had its own rules. A god-level elite cultivator was not that much stronger than a Shattering Void Tier one, and he wanted to use these two divine corpses to scare her into stopping?

How naïve!

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With a casual wave of her hand, she separated the two divine corpses. Since the essence of their divinity had been exhausted, they had lost whatever value they had. She couldn’t be bothered to deal with them in that case.

“There is no way you can escape!” Helian Xun Xue declared icily.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Who said I wanted to escape?” He had arrived at the site where the Cursed Tool had been placed. With a single punch, a terrifying amount of Origin Power added with his own body’s physical strength created a very scary amount of destructive power.


A pillar of blood soared upwards.

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Chapter 535