Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 527

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Chapter 527: Sea Race

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han looked at Na Zhi Yan and said with a smile, “Our motto is to use violence to enforce submission. If you don’t submit, we’ll beat you into submission!”

Na Zhi Yan’s expression turned even colder, and he said, “Young man, don’t be rash. If you do, you will— f***!”

He had not even finished his words when Ling Han already charged over. Ling Han leaped into the air and immediately aimed a kick at his face.

As the saying went, in a fight, never aim for the face. And Ling Han not only wanted to hit Na Zhi Yan’s face, he actually wanted to use his foot; Ling Han was really looking down on him too much!

“Junior, you are too arrogant!” Na Zhi Yan exclaimed in anger. He raised his hand and used a palm strike to parry the kick. Hong , seven spikes of ice spread out. The icy air was powerful, and instantly, the surrounding temperature dropped a few dozen degrees. Shards of ice formed in the air endlessly before falling onto the ground.

There were simple patterns flickering on the icy spikes; they formed multiple characters, as if they had transformed these seven spikes of ice into divine weapons.

Na Zhi Yan smirked coldly. ‘Unless you are an expert in kicking techniques, if you use your weak area to attack what your opponent is strong in, then you’re going to be in for a great deal of suffering.’


This kick landed solidly. The spikes of ice instantly shattered, becoming shards that danced in the air. Furthermore, it was as if Ling Han’s foot had not been hindered at all, and continued its course ruthlessly towards Na Zhi Yan’s face.

How could this be!?

Though Na Zhi Yan did not exclaim in shock, his face still held that astonished expression. He was too flabbergasted; how big of a power gap was there between the two of them that would result in such a one-sided situation?


Before Na Zhi Yan knew it, Ling Han’s foot landed mercilessly directly onto his face. Due to the powerful impact, Na Zhi Yan instantly collapsed onto the ground; his whole head was forcibly trampled into the limestone path, making him look like a headless monster.

Hiss, that was too horrible; a grand and mighty Flower Blossom Tier cultivator was actually thrashed so horribly!

Peng , pieces of rock flew and Na Zhi Yan shot back up, his expression completely dark. In such a small, mundane place like the north region, he actually suffered such humiliation; this was practically enough to fill him with the urge to commit suicide! Thankfully, it was not witnessed by any members of his party, or he would really have no pride left to face them.



He just said one word, and immediately was knocked over by another kick from Ling Han. His head was once again buried in the limestone path.

A hint of sympathy flashed over the faces of all the bystanders. In their eyes, Flower Blossom Tier cultivators were a revered existence as if they were gods, but a being like that was currently suffering so terribly now, having his head being repeatedly stepped on by another. Really, they didn’t know what to say anymore.

“F***—” Na Zhi Yan shot out of the ground for the second time, but like before, he merely said one word when he was once again stomped back into the ground by Ling Han’s foot.

Three times, five times, ten times!

By the tenth time, Na Zhi Yan finally understood that he was completely no match for Ling Han. Thus, he decided to be more obedient. He not only didn’t shoot back out of the ground, he did not make any more sound. He was acting like a complete ostrich, but what could you do about it?

Ai, for a Flower Blossom Tier elite to do this kind of thing, what a humiliation!

But all knew that the reason for that was because Ling Han was too powerful, and was completely superior to him in battle prowess; what else could Na Zhi Yan do but submit?

“Fun!” Hu Niu clapped her hands, then swept a threatening glare over the spectators, and asked in displeasure, “Why does Niu not hear applause?”

Pa, pa, pa, pa . Everyone hurriedly began applauding; they could not afford to offend this little girl, either.

Ling Han smiled slightly, crouched on the ground, and asked, “Master Na, can we converse calmly now?”

Na Zhi Yan wanted to cry but had no tears. He had been trying to resolve things peacefully, but the other party was so damn violent; at first, Ling Han had a little girl attack him, then he himself attacked; how many times had he been thrashed by now? But in front of these two violent characters, how could he dare voice any objection? He quickly clapped a hand on the ground, expressing that he was willing to have a peace talk.

“Then talk nicely. Don’t bury your head deep into the ground, or I will think that you have some complaint about me— oh, right. You don’t have a complaint about me, do you?”

Na Zhi Yan pulled his head out of the ground, shook his head quickly and exclaimed, “I wouldn’t dare! I wouldn’t dare!”

“Wouldn’t dare or wouldn’t?” Ling Han asked, smiling.

“Wouldn’t, and wouldn’t dare to, either!” Na Zhi Yan finally became smarter this time round.

Ling Han patted his shoulder, then said, “This is a very good start. I am very satisfied. You had better continue to let me feel satisfied. Otherwise, if I am dissatisfied, then you’ll suffer.”

“Understand, I understand.” Na Zhi Yan quickly nodded.

“Talk about your origins first.” Ling Han was very curious. Na Zhi Yan’s martial arts inheritance seemed to be greatly different from the traditional Dao of this world.

“Er—” Na Zhi Yan hesitated.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Actually, I can also search your soul.”

Na Zhi Yan’s face instantly turned green. If his soul was searched, then his spirit would be completely destroyed, and he would be deader than dead! However, Soul Search was definitely not something that a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator should be able to use… but the problem was, what other Flower Blossom Tier cultivator could be as young as Ling Han?

Thus, he would rather believe Ling Han’s threat than doubt him only to regret later.

“I come from the Sea Race!” he quickly answered.

“Sea Race?” Ling Han was surprised. In both his lifetimes, he had never heard of this ‘Sea Race’; where had this party come from? Wait, outside the Desolate North was the ocean, so was the Sea Race a race that resided in the oceans?

Na Zhi Yan nodded, and without waiting for Ling Han to ask, began to explain, “Actually, the majority of this world is sea. I come from the Northern Sea; aside from that, there also exist four other seas—the Eastern Sea, the Western Sea, the Southern Sea, and the Central Sea.”

No wonder Na Zhi Yan had said that where he came from, there were 100,000 Flower Blossom Tier cultivators, and there were at least ten to twenty thousand people stronger than even the Flower Blossom Tier.

“Yi, the 100,000 Flower Blossom Tier cultivators you mentioned, were you referring all the seas, or just your Northern Sea?” Ling Han questioned.

“Our Northern Sea,” Na Zhi Yan answered honestly.

Ling Han’s expression changed slightly. Though he had never gone to the central prefecture or the other three regions, he roughly estimated that there were only about 100,000 Flower Blossom Tier cultivators in them altogether. The north region had the least, possibly not even having 10,000.

But merely the Northern Sea already had 100,000 Flower Blossom Tier cultivators. If all five seas had about the same power base, then how powerful was the Sea Race?

“Among your Sea Race, which sea is the most powerful?” he asked.

“Naturally, the Central Sea. That is where our Sea Emperor resides, the place that all members of the Sea Race hope to reach!” Na Zhi Yan declared, filled with longing.

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“Give me some concrete details about the martial arts level in your Northern Sea,” Ling Han asked.

Since Na Zhi Yan had already spoken, he no longer had any intention to keep matters hidden. He said, “In our Northern Sea, the leader is naturally the Royal Clan of the Sea Race, and beneath them, there are a great many general clans.” When he saw Ling Han shoot him a glare, he hurriedly added, “General clans have at least powerful elites of the Deity Transformation Tier, whereas the Royal Clan has at least Heaven Tier ultimate elites. It is rumored that there were even a few kings that had broken through to the Shattering Void Tier, and they are the most powerful existence in the whole world.”

The Shattering Void Tier!

Ling Han could not help but feel rueful. How important was it to be born in a good era? In his last life, there was a great shortage of Spiritual Qi in the whole world, and the environment for martial arts was terrible. Even monsters like the Sword Emperor could only be trapped in the Heaven Tier. And with his talent in alchemy, if he had been born in an era like the current one, he definitely could have broken through to the Shattering Void Tier, or even become a true immortal, simply with alchemy.

The current him was absolutely not qualified to stand against an ultimate elite of the Shattering Void Tier.

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Chapter 527