Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: Running into Old Friends in Foreign Land

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

On the fourth day, Hu Niu waited there. After Ling Han rolled his eyes, the little girl laughed loudly with her hands on her hips, dragging Ling Han for grilled meat. She had no consistency in doing things. A while ago, she said she would strive to cultivate, but after a few days, she began slacking off.

What others couldn’t accept was that her cultivation actually still increased so quickly. She broke through to the Flower Blossom Tier without a sound, and her battle prowess was unpredictably strong.

These days, he rested peacefully and forgot all pressure, simply enjoying his parents’ affection and the tender sentiments of the young beauties. Ling Han, however, gained surprising improvements on martial arts

The Sword Qi he grasped reached nineteen flashes, a period of explosive growth. But the twentieth flash was another hurdle, which would probably have him stuck for a while. Moreover, he also finally grasped the two bone patterns, one acquired from the old Vicious Mongoose and the other from the unnamable beast king.

The Vicious Mongoose’s bone patterns were a supportive art, though even Ling Han didn’t know whether it could be called an art per se. It was simply a spiritual pattern, but it could be attached onto a sword, greatly increasing the Sword Qi’s destructive power. It had no offensive capacity at all in itself and could only be characterized as a supportive attribute.

This was very practical, and Ling Han even felt that its effects surpassed the other bone pattern’s.

The other was an art that could fire out a cold ice blade, but Ling Han already grasped the Mystical Power Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, which was relatively powerful as a long distance attack. But thinking about it, Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow needed accumulation for a certain amount of time before it could be fired, and it was actually an attack launched over extreme distances, while this cold ice blade was a medium to short range attack, so it just so happened to be supplementary for it.

Anyways, more techniques weren’t a burden. Each art and skill might have a place where its uses could be displayed.

Next, he was going to middle state, and the Mysterious Three Thousand definitely couldn’t be used recklessly there; otherwise, if the old monsters of the Heaven’s Sword Sect were drawn out, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter. Thus, he flipped through some skills and found a sword technique.

The Desolate Hell Sword.

Ling Han acquired it from an ancient site; it was said to be the legacy of a strange force called Ancient Monks. This set of sword techniques expiated men, beasts, and all people. It had a total of eight styles: the first seven styles were merciful, leaving one with a feeble thread of life, used mainly for defense, and only the last style was extremely ruthless, like becoming a demon.

It was of course a Heaven Grade skill, the only Heaven Grade sword technique that Ling Han grasped; thus, even though this sword technique was somewhat strange, Ling Han still decided to cultivate it.

A Heaven Grade skill was something where one had to grasp its intent during cultivation in order to connect with the martial intent and form a link between the preceding and following styles, fully unleashing the power of the technique.

Thus, to fully grasp the Desolate Hell Sword, Ling Han needed to be compassionate for mankind when executing the first seven styles, and at the last style, he had to turn into the Asura Demon King of Avici, cutting down all things.

He practiced the sword technique and contemplated the ancestors’ state of mind when creating this sword technique, deepening his understanding of the way of the sword much more.

“However, cultivating someone else’s technique, no matter how strong it is, is still using someone else’s invention. Each person has their own path, and even if it’s the same path of a king, a heartless path, it couldn’t possibly be completely the same.

“So, to be the strongest, I must create a technique of my own!

“Like Rain Emperor, who created Son of Heaven Fist Technique; although it might not be the strongest fist technique, it was still the most suitable fist technique for Rain Emperor. As his tier increased, the fist technique’s power would also increase, and at last reach expert mastery,depending on the heights Rain Emperor could go.

“In this life, since I’m focused on the sword, I’ll create a sword technique that belongs to my own sword path, and it’ll increase as my tier increases.

“I had this thought before, but haven’t ever put it into practice. Since I’ve now advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, it should be brought on the daily schedule.”

Ling Han cultivated the Desolate Hell Sword and deduced his sword path, accumulating his understanding in preparation for a day when a sudden enlightenment might bring him inspiration.

It was not only him. After Liu Yu Tong and the others experienced a moderate period, they then started to leap forward again. Although it wasn’t as exaggerated as in his case, it was still faster than most people.

Ling Han obviously attended to Ling Dong Xing the most. After only three months, Ling Dong Xing crossed into the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Such speed was truly terrifying.

Blindly pursuing higher cultivation wasn’t good, as it was somewhat like pulling seedlings to help them grow–it would hurt a martial artists’ roots, influencing their future potential. However, Ling Han had no other way, since his father wasn’t young, and if he didn’t reach the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier to leave enough to charge at the Flower Blossom Tier, then Ling Dong Xing would only have a mere hundred years of life.

Finally having parents in this life and having the confidence to become a god, Ling Han obviously didn’t want his parents’ happy reunion to last only a few dozen years, so he had to at least get his parents to cross into the Flower Blossom Tier; after he became a god, having the time to find divine medicine to refine it into a divine pill, he would make his parents become gods in a single step.

The interaction with the three girls was more harmonious by the day, and although they didn’t have very intimate contact, their feelings deepened by the day. Contrarily, Zhu Xuan Er didn’t dare to let Ling Han hug her after that “bulging bone,” and even blushed after glancing at Ling Han’s lower body, threateningly beautiful.

That night, after Ling Han finished cultivating and rested on his bed, he soon let out a quiet breathing sound.

Even if he crossed into the Flower Blossom Tier and transcended mortals, sleep was still the fastest and the best way to recover physical fatigue; even if he didn’t sleep for half a month, he could still be full of energy, but he would nonetheless sleep on schedule every night.

However, that night was somewhat unquiet.

Ling Han opened his eyes abruptly, and discovered that the window moved a little as two people wielding swords wormed in. The moonlight was clear and distinct, reflecting the chilling glare on the blade.


Ling Han sneered inwardly; to steal from him, were they seeking death?

Just as he was about to attack, he was startled. With his eyesight, he could clearly perceive things even in the dark night, so he naturally saw how these two people looked… he actually recognized these two thieves.

He snorted intentionally and sat up on the bed.

Shua, shua, two swords were mounted on his neck, and a girl’s voice sounded. “Don’t move, or else I’ll take your life!”

“Sister, don’t frighten him. What if this guy’s skittish and screams out loud in fright?” Another girl’s voice sounded.

This scene was truly seemingly familiar.

“You shut up!” the elder sister reprimanded.

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The younger sister snorted, still unconvinced; she was quite reasonable.

Ling Han laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, my nerves are quite big. I won’t scream.”

The sisters were startled. They had certainly seen people with big guts, but to this degree? It was truly rare. You’re way too collected; don’t you know that two swords are mounted on your neck?


At this time, a loud bang came from outside, and a powerful voice sounded. “Those two inside, get the hell out!”

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Chapter 517