Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: Net of Affection

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

At first, there was obviously no supply of food in the mansion, but Ling Han had the Black Tower, where there was plenty of ingredients. When he left in the future, the vegetable garden would have grown, and no one in the outside would know exactly how many people lived here.

Everyone lived in seclusion. In reality, the desolate north had nothing much to show as it was too poorly developed. Everyone immersed themselves in cultivation.

Ling Dong Xin wasted eighteen years, and now that his spirit base was recovered, there would naturally be a rebound period. In addition to Ling Han’s not stinting continuous provision spiritual medicines, beast meat, and spiritual liquid, his cultivation progress speed could only be described as crazy.

Ling Han planned to stay here for half a year, then find Yin Hong at Extreme Yang City, attending the Spirit Treasures Pavilion’s whatever contest together. He would just disguise himself a little at that time anyway.

If Yin Hong sold him out, he would just see it as his error in judgement of her, but he wouldn’t have to worry about any life-threatening dangers.

This matter was something he promised, and he definitely would keep his word.

Liu Yu Tong and the others progressed slowly at first because they had just broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. The explosive period had passed and would naturally transform into a stable period. Besides, a continuous explosive growth would actually not have any benefits to martial arts cultivation.

After a peaceful life of a dozen days, Yue Hong Chang was discontented.

What was with her son’s situation… there were obviously three exquisite girls and you just look at them like that? What a waste and shame!

The old lady ordered that Ling Han had to take time every day to spend with the girls.

That was his mother, so Ling Han could only follow the orders.

The first was Liu Yu Tong.

The two left the mansion and strolled outside the small town. The gentle breeze swept by, and she was like a jade in the setting sun as the evening glow fell on Liu Yu Tong’s face that reflected a fiery red brilliance, making for an extremely touching sight.

“Aiyo!” Liu Yu Tong suddenly staggered and fell towards the ground. Ling Han hurriedly reached out to hold her.

“What happened?” he asked.

Liu Yu Tong leaned on his body and said in a low and somewhat quivering voice, “I twisted my ankle.”

Twisted her ankle? A dignified Spiritual Pedestal Tier expert would twist her ankle while walking?

Ling Han immediately guessed: she was just pretending!

But, did he have the nerve to expose her?

The hardest thing to bear was a beauty’s favor, so he could only pretend to be a fool.

“Then let’s go back,” he said.

“Yes!” Liu Yu Tong nodded and leaned in Ling Han’s embrace. Smelling the intense manliness that emitted from his body, she almost fainted, feeling like her mind was about to explode, and couldn’t possibly have any other thoughts.

With each step, she felt like walking amongst the clouds, without any weight at all. Her cheeks were getting redder and redder, more beautiful than ever.

As they walked, she mustered up the courage and hugged Ling Han’s waist, while her head leaned tightly onto Ling Han’s chest. A sense of extreme happiness welled up inside, and she wanted to keep walking like this forever.

But in the end, they still walked home. When Ling Han let her go, Liu Yu Tong was so embarrassed that she took to her heels, making Ling Han burst into laughter—wasn’t your ankle twisted, how could you still run so quick? This acting was way too unprofessional.

On the second day, it was Li Si Chan that he had to keep company.

“Ohya!” As they walked, Li Si Chan also tripped and fell.

Well, her ankle was twisted too!

‘You guys were taught by the same master, right?’

Ling Han assisted her back, thinking that this was definitely his mother’s idea; otherwise, these two women couldn’t possibly be so shameless. Moreover, they already knew each other for two years, so how come they never twisted their ankles before and all did now?

The third day, it was Zhu Xuan Er.

Ling Han sighed and said, “You won’t twist your ankle while walking too, right?” There’s got to be some originality. ‘Can’t always just twist your ankle, there’s no sincerity in that at all.’

Zhu Xuan Er was somewhat at a loss. How come this wasn’t as planned? She was rather smart though.  Pa , and her exquisite body softened, falling towards Ling Han. ‘You couldn’t possibly have the heart to let me fall onto the ground, right?’

Ling Han certainly didn’t want to catch her, but thinking that if his mother found out, he’d get terribly scolded… he had to reach to protect this flower, embracing Zhu Xuan Er. Instantly, a splendid sensation assaulted him, making his heart palpitate ceaselessly.

This was a remarkably beautiful lady, who could touch the hearts of the prodigies in the middle state even with her face covered. It could be imagined how powerful her charm was.

Ling Han instantly felt an uncontrollable urge; the longer he was in contact with Zhu Xuan Er, the harder it was for him to fend against her charm. He was about to push Zhu Xuan Er aside, but this exquisite beauty hugged onto him tightly. Her stunning body completely snugged closely, making him feel clearly just how alluring her physique was.

“Brother Han…” she said in a low and passionate voice.

Ling Han almost had a nosebleed. A lady as beautiful as a celestial fairy leaned in his embrace and let out such a touching voice—if he didn’t react at all, then he would be way too unmanly.

“Xuan Er knows that you have someone hidden in your heart, but Xuan Er doesn’t care. It would be enough as long as Brother Han leaves a place in his heart for Xuan Er in the future,” Zhu Xuan Er said with a dream-like voice.

Ling Han’s heart palpitated fiercely; were there words of love more touching than these in the world?

He certainly couldn’t let go of Heavenly Divine Phoenix Maiden—even after a millennium. He still thought that after she became a god, she could live all the way till now, and didn’t consider the possibility that she could be in love with someone else.

Under these conditions, he couldn’t possibly get a second girl, and this was why he didn’t have any strange thoughts all along despite interacting with Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan for such a long time.

However, Zhu Xuan Er spread out a great net of tender passion, making him fall into it calmly and collectedly.

What a truly alluring woman!

Ling Han embraced her and said, “You might have to wait for over a hundred years.”

This wasn’t exaggerated. It might be fast for him to return to the Heaven Tier, and from the Heaven Tier to the Shattering Void Tier, then from the Shattering Void Tier to the god tier… the time needed was uncertain. However, a hundred years for that wasn’t a long time.

“Xuan Er is willing to wait!” Zhu Xuan Er said in a tender voice. She would definitely cross into the Flower Blossom Tier, and at least possess three hundred years of life. Waiting for over a hundred years was equivalent to being thirty years-old. Moreover, following Ling Han and with her talents, the Flower Blossom Tier definitely wasn’t her limit; the Spiritual Infant Tier, the Deity Transformation Tier, and even the Heaven Tier and the Shattering Void were possible.

Since even Zhu Xuan Er was willing to wait, what other reason did Ling Han have to say no? If he dared, his mother would whip him!

This would be how things will be then.

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Ling Han hugged the stunning beauty. Neither of them spoke as a light warmth dispersed between them.

Zhu Xuan Er was very smart, not asking who that person was in Ling Han’s heart, not contesting nor comparing, simply fighting silently for a world that belonged to her.

The atmosphere was cozy and sweet.

“Brother Han, what’s that thing hidden in your pants, hard, and somewhat poking at Xuan Er…?” After hugging for a while, Zhu Xuan Er suddenly popped with such a question, and reached to touch it.


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Chapter 516