Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: Parents Reunite

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Da Yuan King obviously expressed his thanks, and hurriedly told Ling Han where the Ling Family currently lived. He assumed that Ling Han was still a high level Black Grade alchemist and the medicinal pills he gifted were definitely remarkable.

However, when Ling Han left, he picked up the medicinal pills to examine them, and was shocked to the point of almost slumping onto the ground.

My goodness!

Every single one was of Earth Grade, and each bottle had the effects and taboos clearly written on it, making Da Yuan King tremble all over; he had hoped to cross into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and now he definitely could!

He couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion. Looking after the Ling Family was as simple as the lift of a hand, but it now was exchanged into such substantial rewards.

Master Ling, a great person!

Master Ling didn’t seem to care at all. Earth Grade medicinal pills were too normal for him, he was refining them offhandedly. After he requited the favor, he immediately went to find his mother and the others, leaving Da Yuan City. Heading west, they arrived at a small, remote town.

Ling Dong Xing and the others lived here.

The closer they got, the more nervous Yue Hong Chang was. She kept touching the corners of her eyes and hair, worried if she got a lot older, and whether Ling Dong Xing would recognize her at first sight, feeling both excited and complicated.

After the entered the town, they arrived at a large courtyard with its doors closed.

Ling Han went up to knock, and in a short while, a voice came from inside. “Whom are you looking for?”

“I’m Ling Han.”

A thump instantly sounded form inside; apparently, that person tripped. The door then opened as a middle-aged man shouted to Ling Han in surprise, “Young Master Han, you’ve returned!”

He was Ling Family’s servant. Previously, when the Cheng Family almost destroyed the Ling Family, he escaped, and later still worked at the Ling Family, loyal and devoted.

Ling Han revealed a smile and said, “I’m back! Where’s Father?”

“The old master is in the drawing room receiving guests,” that servant said.

“What guests?” Ling Han asked without thinking.

“A matchmaker that’s talking to the old master about a marriage,” the servant said.

Yue Hong Chang was originally nervous, but as she heard that, she blew up, stepping forward quickly to ask, “Oh, your old master is taking a wife?”

That servant didn’t recognize Yue Hong Chang, but since she was with Ling Han, he naturally didn’t dare to be negligent and said, “The old master already lost his wife for many years, and we servants hope that the old master can remarry, having someone as company.”

“That’s great, I sure want to see it!” Yue Hong Chan’s face turned cold. Taking large strides right through the garden, she started walking towards the drawing room.

The servant wanted to stop her; you’re a guest and can’t act recklessly, okay?

Ling Han hurriedly held him back and said smilingly, “Uncle Fu, you’d better pray for yourself.”

“Young Master Han, what do you mean?” Uncle Fu was puzzled.

“That’s my mother,” Ling Han said with a smile.

Uncle Fu was startled. He thought with doubt, ‘Wasn’t Young Master Han’s mother the old master’s wife? But didn’t the mistress die long ago? Oh my, could she not have died?’

He was immediately freaked out—he said that the old master remarry in front of the mistress! If the mistress held a grudge against him in the future, wouldn’t that be terrible.

Ling Han laughed loudly and patted him on the shoulder. “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Don’t worry!”

“Young Master Han, don’t give me a hard time like that, not telling me right away,” Uncle Fu said with a bitter face; it’d be strange if a grudge wasn’t held against him.

Yue Hong Chang obviously wasn’t such a person, and Ling Han was only joking with Uncle Fu; where would one get such a loyal and devout servant?

He, Liu Yu Tong, and the others didn’t enter. After a short while, a forty-year-old woman ran out with a palm print on her face. From the size of it, it definitely was Yue Hong Chang who did it.

This matchmaker lady probably spoke without much thought inappropriately, angering Yue Hong Chang. However, only giving her a slap and not breaking her head, Yue Hong Chang’s character and conduct could be seen.

An indistinct cry sounded form the drawing room. Ling Han pondered and said, “Find a place to stay first. My father and my mother probably have no time for us today.”

“Why?” Hu Niu asked, tilting her head.

Ling Han laughed mischievously and said, “They’re busy being intimate.”

Liu Yu Tong and the other girls blushed, while Hu Niu held onto Ling Han’s neck and said in a sweet voice, “Ling Han, be intimate with Niu!”

Ling Han instantly retreated in defeat.

As expected, only in the afternoon of the second day did Ling Dong Xin finally have time to “call in” Ling Han. Yue Hong Chang snuggled up by the former’s side, without a bit of the previous day’s lioness’ look.

As the father and son met, they obviously hugged each other tightly, shedding a few manly tears.

The family spoke for a while, and naturally conversed about martial arts.

According to Yue Hong Chang’s wish, there was no need for revenge. Living happily as a family was better than anything else. However, Ling Han and Ling Dong Xing desired revenge, and wouldn’t possibly let go of the enmity with Ao Feng.

Ling Han specially only incapacitated Ao Feng’s spirit base, just so that Ling Dong Xing could personally kill him.

“Father, your spirit base has recovered now, right?” Ling Han asked.

“It’s recovered!” Ling Dong Xing’s was in high spirits. He not only recovered his spirit base, but also touched the threshold of crossing into the Gushing Spring Tier and would break through soon. “Oh, right, the alchemist you asked to come is still staying here.”

Oh, Liu Ji Tong was actually still living here, no wonder he wasn’t to be seen at the North Pill Pavilion.

Ling Han nodded, and said, “I incapacitated Ao Feng’s spirit base, and killed Ao family’s elder. Father, you only have to cross into the Flower Blossom Tier before you can personally take revenge.”

Ling Dong Xing was shocked. Ao family’s elder, a Spiritual Infant Tier being, was actually killed by his son? But how could Ling Han possibly lie to him? He couldn’t help but laugh loudly; this son was too accomplished, making him extremely joyful.

Ling Han and Ling Dong Xing discussed their following plans. The news that Ling Han received the coordinates to a god’s treasure-trove soon spread throughout the entire world, and there were definitely countless people in the dark that wanted to murder him for gain.

Ling Dong Xing and the others would become his achilles’ heel and there would definitely be lots of forces that wanted to capture them to threaten Ling Han.

Thus, they planned to move and conceal their names for a time.

Ling Han also planned to use this time to increase his father’s strength and accumulate his own cultivation. From the Spiritual Pedestal Tier to the Flower Blossom Tier, he rushed it too much, and had to stabilize his base so as to avoid severe problems in the future.

Yue Hong Chang obviously had no suggestions. It was enough for her that the family was reunited; her demands were extremely simple.


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Ling Han stored everyone into the Black Tower; this way, they would be untraceable.

After leaving a letter for Da Yuan King, Ling Han treaded through the air, leaving Rain Country. After hesitating slightly, he chose to head towards Fire Country.

Crossing a range of mountains and rivers, Ling Han appeared at a small town at Fire Country’s border. It was interlocked with Wind Country’s territory—this Bao Yang Town was an unregulated area, shockingly poor and a place beyond the law.

Nobody would find it strange if new faces appeared here. People hoed their own potatoes and wouldn’t meddle in other people’s business.

Ling Han bought a large courtyard and let everyone out. This courtyard was truly large and came with an extremely large vegetable garden. If they raised some poultry, they could be almost self-sufficient.

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Chapter 515