Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 513

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Chapter 513: Entrapping Spiritual Infant Tiers

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Heaven spiritual ocean’s spiritual pedestal also blossomed five-colored celestial flowers. They swayed slightly even though there was no wind, emitting a presence that transcended mortals.

Ling Han opened his eyes abruptly. He finally returned to the Flower Blossom Tier, an important point. In some sense, this represented that he took the first step in returning to the pinnacle.

“Young Master Han!” Everyone was roused, approaching one after another.

“Son, were you in pain?” Yue Hong Chang pulled on Ling Han’s arm and looked at him from top to bottom. Despite seeing Ling Han’s pained expression earlier, she couldn’t come up to ask and kept being concerned.

“No, all is smooth going,” Ling Han said with a smile.

“Congrats, Young Master Han!” Zhu Wu Jiu and Guang Yuan stood behind by a lot. They obviously didn’t dare to contend with these women, but they were also very moved. It had only been so long and an eighteen-year-old youngster had already become a super-elite of the Flower blossom Tier!

Placed in the desolate north, that was definitely an invincible existence.

Ling Han nodded and said, “Wait for me take care of some trash first, and we’ll drink later tonight.”

With that said, he stepped out of the Black Tower.

“Boy!” Elder Tian Che and the dark and skinny old man assaulted him right away. Behind them were four Corpse Soldiers that emitted a golden sheen, but the eight Spiritual Infant Tier elites from the Winter Moon Sect chose to sit by and watch.

Apparently, they had qualms about the god’s corpse in Ling Han’s hands, and without seeing Ling Han use it, they definitely didn’t dare to charge forward; that was simply giving away their lives.

How unfortunate—he originally wanted to entrap a bit more people.

When Elder Tian Che and the other old man were close, Ling Han raised his hand, and a god’s skeletal remains were unleashed; this old fellow brother probably died for countless of years and wouldn’t mind being tossed about repeatedly like this.

‘Old Brother, I’ll definitely give you a grand burial in the future,’ Ling Han said inwardly.

Pa, pa, two great Thousand Corpse Sect elders immediately dropped to the ground. Under the suppression of a god’s presence’s, they couldn’t resist at all; however, the four Corpse Soldiers were not a bit effected. They were without consciousness to begin with, so how could they be suppressed by a god’s presence?

Four Gold-Armored Corpses were Spiritual Infant Tier existences; how terrifying were they?

Ling Han didn’t use Black Tower’s power boost immediately, and instead activated the Thunder Battle Armor. Instantly, a flash of lightning spread open and formed a lightning barrier around him. He immediately retreated; he wasn’t so crazy as to fight four Spiritual Infant Tier Corpse Soldiers head-on.

Flashes of memories revived in his mind, while Ling Han’s feet began to move naturally.

Demon Fairy Step!

This was a Heaven Tier movement art; it could only be used after advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier, not belonging to mortals! In his previous life, he specialized in cultivating the Demon Fairy Step, using it even at the Heaven Tier.

A feeling of nostalgia welled up, and Ling Han couldn’t help but feel bold and courageous, wandering with ease through the attacks of four great Spiritual Infant Tier Corpse Soldiers—could a high level Heaven Grade movement art not be swift?

North region’s martial art’s level was low; even the strongest sects like the Winter Moon Sect and the Beast Emperor Sect had arts that were only medium level Earth Grade—their skills were also the same, being at most high-level Earth Grade.

Could these things be compared to a Heaven Grade skill?

Corpse Soldiers’ greatest forte was their tolerance in taking punishment, not fearing death nor pain, but they only relied on their instincts in battle; if they could use arts and skills like when they were alive, then that would truly be against reason.

So how could such attacks possibly deal with Ling Han who used the Demon Fairy Step?

“Could this be the legacy that the brat acquired from the Twelve Palaces?”

“It’s truly amazing, to wander easily surrounded by the attacks of four Corpse Soldiers and only be swept occasionally by the dispersing energy… but the battle armor he wears is enough to block it.”

“Huh, why does this battle armor looks like the Thunder Battle Armor?”

“No way, the Thunder Battle Armor can’t be revitalized, and wasn’t it in one of our disciple’s hands, called Han something.”

“Han Lin!”


Winter Moon Sect’s eight Spiritual Infant Tier warriors gasped in astonishment simultaneously—wasn’t Han Lin read backwards Ling Han?

Sh!t, they were actually deceived by Ling Han, swindled of a treasure from their Winter Moon Sect! The power of this Thunder Battle Armor worn on Ling Han could even block the aftereffects of a Spiritual Infant Tier’s power; how valuable was it?

“We have to get it back!” the eight people said all together, their eyes burning with desire.

“Hehe, under the attacks of four Corpse Soldiers, that boy is unknowingly moving further away from the terrifying corpse bones.”

“Great, once he’s slightly further away, we’ll take the chance to attack!”

“Alright, we have to kill him in one strike this time!”

The eight people observed and waited for the opportunity.

Ling Han seemed to be kindled by the fight and forgot that there were still eight Spiritual Infant Tier elites ambushing him, but this was understandable. He was being attacked by four Spiritual Infant Tier Corpse Soldiers, so how could he have the room to look left and right?

He kept retreating, further and further away from the god’s corpse.

“Now!” Ao Family’s elder and the others dashed out. Ling Han had now escaped form the god’s corpse’s range of influence, and it was the best chance to attack!

Xiu, xiu, xiu , five in the front, three in the back, they started attacking one after another!

“I was waiting for you guys!” Ling Han sneered. He had a Heaven Tier divine sense, so how could he possibly have neglected these old bastards? This was the battle strategy he drew up: moving further away from the god’s corpse to lure these old bastards out.

Hearing those words, Ao family’s elder and the other seven felt their hearts palpitate as an uneasy feeling welled up inside them without any obvious reason. This was an instinctive reaction, and after getting to the Spiritual Infant Tier, they trusted their instincts the most.

Thus, they immediately halted, wanting to turn to retreat.

“Too late!” Ling Han raised his right hand and another god’s corpse was thrown out.

Weng , a terrifying presence swirled by, and pa, pa, pa, pa, the five Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators that charged in front immediately fell to the ground; while the other three staggered, they still escaped the divine presence’s area of influence.

After all, they were far and weren’t influenced much.

‘What a pity,’ Ling Han cried out inwardly. Still, Ao family’s elder and Shi He Shun were amongst the five people who fell to the ground, making him very pleased. These were the people he definitely had to kill.

He shifted on his feet with the Demon Birth Sword already unleashed, attacking towards Shi He Shun.

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“Don’t you dare!” Afar, the three Spiritual Infant Tier elites stamped their feet hastily. The Winter Moon Sect had a total of nine Spiritual Infant Tier elites; if five were to die here, their strength would decrease sharply by half, almost dropping out of the four strongest forces.

“What don’t I dare to do?” Ling Han coldly, slicing with his sword. Pu , Shi He Shun’s head was cut off and blood instantly surged out violently

A dignified Spiritual Infant Tier elite, one among the strongest beings of the north region, actually died in such a stupid way!

Dying without being able to execute any arts and lying on the ground like a dead dog to be slaughtered as one pleased; how different were they then from an insignificant soldier?

Shi He Sun’s eyes were wide open, his face ashen; knowing he was about to die, it was full of grievance.

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Chapter 513