Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 506

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Chapter 506: Eat The Main Gate

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han simply closed Forget Not and Alchemist King Pavilion. During this time, Yin Hong came over once, and Ling Han promised to come over at the year’s end to fulfill his previous promise, representing north region’s Spirit Treasure Pavilion to attend that contest.

Afterwards, he departed and headed for the Winter Moon Sect.

Zhu Xuan Er didn’t return to the Half Moon Sect. Her injuries weren’t healed, and with her fame of an exceptional beauty, if someone knew she was still injured, it was hard to guarantee that someone wouldn’t take advantage of it and snatch her to keep her locked as a mistress.

Consequently, she recuperated inside the Black Tower and followed Ling Han to the Winter Moon Sect.

Ling Han still hired a carriage while he cultivated diligently every day.

This trip to the Winter Moon Sect took a month. When he arrived, he also reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Inside the Black Tower, everyone cultivated diligently, especially Hu Niu who began cultivating for the first time, making Ling Han cry out like he’d seen a ghost.

After one month, the carriage finally rocked its way to the Winter Moon Sect. Ling Han advanced to the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier as a matter of course, and he also advanced into the level of the Spiritual Ocean Tier in cultivating the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art.

However, the increase of brute force was consistent and unlike Origin Power, whose power would increase explosively upon a breakthrough to the next layer. Brute force had no hurdles; it was simply the accumulation of diligent cultivation, and most importantly, one’s “nutrition” had to keep up.

Only when becoming god in flesh would barriers emerge—Ling Han examined it shortly. The Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art was to open the nine godly barriers inside the body, and with each barrier unlocked, one would possess the power of a true dragon. When all nine barriers opened, one could become a god in flesh.

Otherwise, even if one had the power of several true dragons, one would still be confined to the realm of mortals; at best, one would just be an extremely strong mortal.

Like Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors: no matter how powerful you were, that wasn’t the Flower Blossom Tier.

Unfortunately, Ling Han reached a bottleneck in studying the two bone patterns, unable to comprehend it all along. Probably, his tier wasn’t enough, and he had to cross into the Flower Blossom Tier to comprehend it.

Instead, he made remarkable progress in the way of the sword because the bottleneck of the tenth flash of Sword Qi opened: it was as if he returned to when he only had one flash of Sword Qi. In the short time of a month, he cultivated another three flashes of Sword Qi!

Thirteen flashes of Sword Qi, this already surpassed Yao Hui Yue!

…However, Yao Hui Yue had probably just broken through to the tenth flash of Sword Qi at the time, and very soon grasped the eleventh flash of Sword Qi; he now was probably no lower than thirteen flashes of Sword Qi.

Ling Han believed in the Yao Hui Yue’s strength. Besides, Wen Yi Jian never attacked with full strength all along, and that guy’s limit probably also surpassed the limit of ten flashes.

He waved his hand, signaling the carriage to retreat as he walked alone towards Winter Moon Sect’s main gate.

This familiar gate and path… he just arrived at the place, but was already obstructed; a large sect naturally wouldn’t let people go in as they pleased.

Ling Han actually had “Han Lin’s” identity token, but he didn’t take it out. He originally thought to use this identity to secretly investigate the whereabouts of his mother, but since he already returned to the identity of a Heaven Grade alchemist, he didn’t have go through such trouble, directly demanding for his mother.

“I am Ling Han, let your sect master get the hell out to see me!” Ling Han said indifferently.

Sect master, get the hell out to see me?

This put together instantly stupefied the few disciples near the main gate. Was this youngster an idiot to run to the Winter Moon Sect to say such a thing? Was he tired of living?

Ling Han had no intention of tangling here and directly unleashed the presence of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, instantly suppressing these few people, making them dreadfully pale. They hurriedly ran staggeringly, hurriedly requesting experts to come out.

Someone was here to break through the main gate.

Soon, some experts appeared. There were Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors, Spiritual Pedestal Tier ones, and of course more were normal disciples at the Gushing Spring Tier. Everyone was very curious because the Winter Moon Sect was one of four strongest forces in the north region—someone actually dared to come look for trouble?

“What, Ling Han?!” Someone recognized him, a friend from the Nine Nations of the Desolate North.

Bai Yu Quan, Zhong He Guang, Qu Shui Yun, and the others were all geniuses of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. Their improvements were evident, all crossing into the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Back at the desolate north, they would be the mainstays of large families.

They were even more surprised as they heard Ling Han had become a Heaven Grade alchemist. This was like dream to them, unimaginable; it was definitely just two people with the same first and last name.

Now, this legendary figure of the desolate north appeared before them, an eighteen year-old youngster who was still somewhat immature.

“So it’s Master Ling!” A Spiritual Pedestal Tier officer walked out, cupped his hand in obeisance towards Ling Han, and said, “We’re honored to have you here, might I ask what business you have?

Ling Han glanced at him, and said coldly, “Who the hell are you to have the right to speak to me? A small figure should stand by the side and let the grown-ups come.”

That Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior couldn’t help but choke, revealing an annoyed look.

A mere eighteen-year-old youngster… he only said those courteous words out of respect for him being a Heaven Grade alchemist, but he never would’ve thought he’d be answered with such cold words! As he saw it, the Winter Moon Sect was one of north region’s strongest sects, and though alchemists were beyond the public, now that he ran roughshod over the sect before its gate, who needed to be courteous with him?

Status beyond the public’s was because the position he took was also beyond the public, but if he participated in the disputes of ordinary affairs, then how would he be beyond the public?

“The Winter Moon Sect doesn’t welcome you, please leave!” that Spiritual Pedestal Tier guy said, displeased.

“Already said that you have no right, so why do you like to babble?” Ling Han said with displeasure as well.

“Outrageous!” That Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator was furious, launching an attack towards Ling Han. He planned to teach this youngster a lesson and let him know that this was Winter Moon Sect and not the Alchemist Society.

“A mere Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior dares to attack a Heaven Grade alchemist?” Ling Han said coldly as his figure already flashed before that Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite.

How could he be so quick?

The other party was stunned, but before being able to react in time, Ling Han’s hand already waved past his face, and then he knew nothing.


Hiss, gasps of astonishment sounded in the surrounding, that was a Spiritual Pedestal Tier officer, but he was killed with a single strike—too inconceivable!

Could it be that Ling Han was at the Flower Blossom Tier?

The people from the desolate north were even more surprised. How could Ling Han be so strong… everyone walked out from the desolate north, but without seeing each other for a year, the gap between them was like heaven and earth!

Pa , that Spiritual Pedestal Tier’s corpse fell to the ground and slightly kicked up the dust, appearing so inconspicuous.

Ling Han retracted his fist, and said indifferently, “Ones who can speak and decide still won’t come out?”

“Master Ling, coming to Winter Moon Sect to kill, that’s not so wise, is it?” With a sneer, several people flew out from the mountains, standing loftily in the air.

“I only have one thing to say, hand over Yue Hong Chang!” Ling Han said balefully.

“Ha, killing one of Winter Moon Sect’s disciples and still wanting to seize someone?” Ao Feng also showed up. “Hand over the Twelve Palace’s legacy as compensation!”

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“You truly know how to tell jokes!” Ling Han waved his right hand and summoned the Rock Spirit. “Eat this entire mountain up!”

The Rock Spirit wiped off cold sweat. It liked to eat rocks, but those were unusual rocks that possessed super energy that could increase its strength; it couldn’t swallow just any type of rock.

But master spoke up, so how could it not obey?

The large fellow immediately dug in. The first to suffer was the main gate; it was mashed with a palm, and then the shattered pillars were picked up and gnawed on.

Everyone was shocked and angered. The main gate represented a sect’s face!

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Chapter 506