Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 495

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Chapter 495: Resolving Formations

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

From the moment Zhu Xuan Er stepped out and blocked the attack for him, Ling Han considered Zhu Xuan Er a friend.

Presumably, Zhu Xuan Er probably wasn’t the type not to be able keep secrets, so he only hesitated a little, and said, “This is inside my spatial Spirit Tool.”

Zhu Xuan Er was first taken aback, and then revealed an astonished expression and said, “How’s that possible, spatial Spirit Tools can’t accommodate living things!”

Ling Han said smilingly, “Aren’t you in it right now?”

Zhu Xuan Er was startled for a good while before finally accepting this reality, and went on, “But how’s this spatial Spirit Tool so massive, this is almost like a world?”

“That’s why, this secret can’t be known by others,” Ling Han said sternly.

Zhu Xuan Er hurriedly nodded. A spatial Spirit Tool that was almost infinitely large and could accommodate living things, the value of it was insane; it was no wonder Ling Han kept this secret all along.

However, now Ling Han let her in on this secret, instantly making her feel like as if she’d tasted honey, the sweetness felt all the way to the bottom of her heart.

“Xuan Er will definitely keep this secret!” she also said sternly.

“Focus on recuperating, there is plenty of spirit medicine here. Use the Origin Crystals as you please. Recover from the injury of the soul first, or else you won’t be able to cultivate at all!” Ling Han said.

“Yes!” Zhu Xuan Er nodded her head meekly. She no longer wore a veil, showing her remarkably delicate face, so breathtaking that Ling Han felt his heartbeat speed up.

Fortunately, he was used to seeing Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s beauty in his former life; otherwise, he truly might be charmed by this lass.

Ling Han didn’t leave the Black Tower immediately. After leaving the divine temple, he was held up by all sorts of things along the way and hadn’t had the chance to study these two pieces of patterned beast bones as well as two other god’s corpses.

Inside the Black Tower, he no longer feared the coercive pressure of the gods and began to study in detail. These two god’s corpses looked complete, but the divine essence inside was exhausted, clearly all absorbed by the blood-sucking bugs in the long period of time.

“Could the god’s bones ground to powder be added into medicine?” Ling Han muttered. “Although they’re not humans, they’re in human form, and refining humans bones into medicine… feels quite disgusting. Forget it, just leave it for now.”

He picked up the two beasts’ skulls and studied the two bone patterns carefully. If he could comprehend the profoundness within, then it would increase his battle prowess by a lot.

A night passed. Ling Han exited the Black Tower as the second stage’s test was about to be underway.

“Those who want to participate in the test go in, and all those who can walk out will receive a reward. The top three will receive a great prize,” the formation spirit said. “The less time taken, the better the reward.”

Everyone was excited. In the first stage only the top three had rewards, but this stage all those who passed can receive a reward—the difficulty probably increased by quite a lot.

They all entered that building and the scenery in front of their eyes changed immediately to a place full of mist. The surroundings were stone pillars, on which all sorts of patterns were engraved.

Many people entered at once, but now everyone was all alone, no longer able to see others.

“Formations,” Ling Han said—so the second stage was formations. Resolving and leaving from the formation would count as a pass, and the fastest ones could receive generous rewards.

He began circling inside the formation. The mist was steaming, and hong, suddenly a beast appeared, diving towards him. He slashed it into pieces with one strike, but no blood splattered.

It was manifested by the formation, not being a true entity.

“By the looks of the beast’s strength, this should be a fifth-tier formation that mainly confuses the mind, and as its auxiliary effect would be beasts formed from spiritual Qi.” Ling Han soon saw through the formation’s secrets. This was probably also adjusted depending on each individual’s tier, or else if a Flower Blossom Tier beast came, how would he block it?

The prerequisite for resolving the formation was being able to withstand the formation’s attacks. Otherwise, if one’s life was no more, then how would one resolve the formation?

Ling Han’s mind was clear. He had entered many historic sites in his previous life, and didn’t lack understanding of formations; in setting up a formation, he certainly was a newbie, but in resolving formations, he was a veteran.

Soon, he had an inkling of it and walked within the formation, sometimes going left and sometimes going right, almost randomly. However, only after ten minutes, it suddenly became clear ahead; he’d walked out of the formation.

However, he wasn’t the first one.

Hu Niu was already in front of him, gnawing on meat in boredom. Seeing Ling Han, she immediately ran over cheerfully, and not caring about her oily hands, she hugged Ling Han and said, “Niu missed you!”

Ling Han said with a smile, “When did Niu Niu arrive?”

“It seems like a long while!” Hu Niu said, biting on her fingers.

“This little girl is very strange!” The formation spirit appeared, pointing and Hu Niu as it said, “I’ve never seen such a person that wasn’t affected by the formation in the slightest degree and moved without following the formation’s rules yet walking out of the formation!”

Ling Han was astounded. When he walked out of the formation earlier, he walked following how the formation was set up and definitely didn’t walk in a straight line, and instead circled back and forth as if walking in a maze.

However, the formation spirit meant that Hu Niu didn’t walk following the formation and simply ran straight out.

This was truly surprising.

“Niu is a genius!” Hu Niu said, pleased with herself.

“Whether you’re a genius or not, I don’t know, but you were definitely first this time. You broke all the records!” the formation spirit said. “You can choose a treasure as a reward.”

Ling Han was quick on his feet and said, “Niu Niu, ask him for Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art.”

“Ok!” Hu Niu agreed in clear and loud voice, “Niu Wants Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, give it to Ling Han!”

The formation spirit glanced at Ling Han, and then said to Hu NIu, “Such a precious chance, you’re giving it others?”

“Niu’s just that wilful!” Hu Niu said not caring at all with hands on her hips.

The formation spirit was speechless, throwing a light ball towards Ling Han, and said, “You’re lucky, otherwise it would be impossible to obtain this part of the art with your record.”

Ling Han laughed and pressed the ball of light on his forehead. Instantly, countless flashes of light entered his consciousness, combining with the previous Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art. Now, if he cultivated it to the extreme, his physical body could reach the strength of six true dragons.

However, Ling Han was the second place only for now—the second stage’s test would go on for an entire day. It was possible that someone had just arrived and began the test, so his record would be confirmed after this day was over.

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People walked out one after another. These formations weren’t too difficult, not enough to stump true geniuses—resolving the formation was only a matter of time.

A day soon passed. Ling Han’s place remained as the second as expected, while third place was actually Lin Xiang Qin.

“Didn’t expect it huh, this lady’s breasts may be big, but her brain is also quick!” This girl winked at Ling Han, and stuck out her majestic chest, still acting provocatively.

Ling Han could pick three types of medicinal pills, which made him gloomy. What medicinal pill couldn’t he refine… he’d rather receive a book on the essence of formations. He bargained with the formation spirit to exchange for other rewards but was coldly rejected.

‘How stubborn!’ he complained inwardly.

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Chapter 495