Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: Sneak Attack

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

The timing of this sneak attack was truly incredible. As everyone was preoccupied with running for their lives, no one ever expected a sword would suddenly strike at them.

Even Ling Han didn’t anticipate it. His divine sense didn’t discover any powerful souls nearby, most were normal like the earthworms in the ground and the mice in the underbrush, so he simply swept past them.

However, this sword attack was extraordinarily powerful, with nine flashes of Sword Qi chained to the sword’s edge, greatly increasing the attack power and clearly aiming to deal a deadly blow!

In such time of haste, Ling Han still raised his head for a glance and the prowler’s face immediately heaved in sight.

Yan Tian Zhao—he had already advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier!

This attack Ling Han couldn’t dodge, but it didn’t matter. He had the Black Tower, and even if it were three times faster, Ling Han was still certain he would have enough time to enter the black tower the instant the blade’s edge touched his body.

He actually had the mood to think about how this guy proved to be one who received a god’s memories—advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier was like walking two steps, without a bit of difficulty. However, he was only at ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier earlier, but now he advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier all of a sudden—wasn’t this speed too frightening?

Wait, they received rewards at the first stage. He received the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, and if Yan Tian Zhao received medicinal pills, then it wouldn’t be strange for him to cross into the Flower Blossom Tier all of a sudden.

After this thought flashed across his mind, Ling Han was about to enter the Black Tower, calling the golem to fight, but at this moment, a figure in white dove in front of him, embracing him and shielding him with her body.

It was Zhu Xuan Er!

Stupid girl, he was absolutely fine, but being hugged, he couldn’t even enter the Black Tower… unless he immediately knocked her out and placed her inside, but Yan Tian Zhao’s attack would probably already pierce him as he raised his hand.

Ling Han felt torn between laughter and tears—are you trying to help me or hurt me?


Before the turn of a thought, Zhu Xuan Er was struck by the sword. The sword entered her body, and almost without stopping, it pierced at Ling Han. The power of the Flower Blossom Tier was too strong, even a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior guarding with their life wouldn’t have the effect of reducing the attack down by much.

When the sword point pierced Ling Han’s body, it was immediately stopped by the Thunder Battle Armor. This was a tenth tier treasured armor, an extremely tough item—how could it possibly be penetrated? But, the power of the Flower Blossom Tier was too strong, and as the long sword’s mighty power transmitted through the Thunder Battle Armor to Ling Han’s body, it instantly wreaked havoc inside it. It was useless even though he was at the Iron Sheet Body as the destructive power’s impact made him cough out blood violently and the veins all over his body burst one after another.

He was in such a state, so Zhu Xuan Er was naturally far worse—her delicate body went soft right away as her life force dropped rapidly.

Ling Han was furious as he yelled, “Small Rock, kill him!”

His figure flashed, bringing Zhu Xuan Er into the Black Tower.

“They’re all gone!” Yue Kai Yu cried out, looking at the others, but the other three didn’t look surprised at all. He couldn’t help but be driven mad. “Am I the only one that thinks it strange? Two large living people suddenly disappeared!”

“Dare to harm Niu’s Ling Han, Niu’s very mad, Niu will bite you to death!” Hu Niu’s face was full of killing intent as she charged at Yan Tian Zhao, cooperating with the golem and attacking viciously.

Yan Tian Zhao revealed an astounded look. He knew that Ling Han had a treasured armor, thus he calculated the timing and gave him no chance for Ling Han to activate it with his sneak attack.

He possessed a god’s memories, so naturally he had a way to hide his own presence, concealing from Ling Han’s divine sense and taking the chance when the Azure Flame Vulture rioted to launch a sneak-attack—succeeding in one blow.

However, something unexpected still happened. First, the girl blocked part of it for Ling Han, and although the Spiritual Pedestal Tier wasn’t much, it definitely influenced it somewhat. What he felt was even more unexpected was that Ling Han and the girl disappeared together.

He clearly didn’t feel space tearing apart, so they shouldn’t have left by teleportation. Could it be that… Ling Han had a treasure that could accommodate living things?

Hiss, such a treasure in his world was also considerably precious, those not of noble status could not possess it.

His gaze instantly burned with desire—he definitely had to acquire such a treasure!

Hong , the golem’s attack approached, while Hu Niu carried out movement arts. Her speed was ridiculously fast as she bit at him from behind. Yan Tian Zhao could only greet the enemy first—a spirit of the five elements, even he didn’t dare to underestimate. After all, he wasn’t in the body of a god now.

Inside the Black Tower, Ling Han hurriedly summoned the power of the tower to heal himself, yet discovering it was of no use.

“Small Tower, why are my injuries not recovering?” he asked.

“Who told you the Black Tower could heal injuries?” Small Tower appeared and said in a calm manner. “Black Tower can drive away evil foreign powers, but has no use at all for healing.”

Ling Han sighed and said, “If I die, you’ll have to search for a new master. Why are you still so calm?”

“Oh, merely changing a master, so be it, my life is endless anyways,” Small Tower said indifferently.


Ling Han had no time to get angry, circulating a drop of Indestructible True Fluid. As long as he didn’t die instantly, Indestructible True Fluid could save him. He checked Zhu Xuan Er’s injuries in haste, yet immediately frowned. This foolish girl didn’t get struck on a vital point, but the destructive power of the Flower Blossom Tier was too scary, shattering all her organs. Her insides were bleeding profusely, incapable of withstanding much longer before the beauty would perish.

Although Ling Han didn’t need her saving, he definitely wouldn’t allow someone to die for him!

Ling Han said solemnly, “Small Tower, think of way to stabilize her condition, I’m going to refine pills!”

Small Tower sensed slightly, and said, “She’s nearing death. I need to expend Source Power to maintain her condition so that it doesn’t worsen. You have to think clearly, my Source Power now is limited and will be gone once it’s used, unable to manifest again to help you.”

“No need to consider, she can’t die!” Ling Han said unhesitatingly.

“Okay!” Small Tower nodded by shaking lightly, and divine light immediately enveloped Zhu Xuan Er’s body. Wondrous presence circulated, locking the little life force that was left in her and stopping her condition from worsening.

Ling Han’s divine sense ventured out of the Black Tower, seeing that the Rock Spirit and Hu Niu joining hands had gained them the advantage. He stopped worrying and focused on refining pills.

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There were already lots of spiritual grasses inside the Black Tower, but still too little high tier ones, so what could be refined now was the Earth Grade low level “White Phoenix Water True Pill,” a holy medicine of healing. However, whether or not it could heal Zhu Xuan Er’s injuries, Ling Han was not in the least bit sure.

Could he add a drop of Indestructible True Fluid?

Ling Han suddenly thought. This was a sacred product of healing, and as long as one wasn’t dead, one drop could instantly recover one’s injuries. He had just circulated one, and now his injuries were completely recovered.

However, how could the Indestructible True Fluid be taken out?

“Small Tower, do you have a way?” he asked.

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Chapter 493