Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: Each with Their Own Means

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han attacked again. Ding, ding, ding, the two battled fiercely; fortunately, the second swordsman lost a leg and a hand, so its battle prowess dropped greatly. Ling Han finally gained the upper hand.

However, he still fought a thousand more moves before suppressing the opponent, slumping down onto the ground and feeling so tired he could sleep for a long time.

According to reason, he was a mental manifestation, so he shouldn’t feel tired. This should probably be due to severe mental energy loss, resulting in his feeling of extreme weariness.

“You can rest for ten minutes.” The formation spirit appeared and, with a swipe of its hand, the injuries on Ling Han’s body all disappeared.

Ling Han sat down cross-legged. Though adjusting here was meaningless, he wasn’t a physical entity at all. He reached out with his left hand and maneuvered a little, and couldn’t help but reveal a joyful look because the formation spirit simulated the demonic pattern on his hand.

This was obtained from Asura Demon Emperor and should be a god tier entity. Its lethality was also extremely terrifying, at least Spiritual Infant Tier twenty stars.

Ling Han changed his mind and said, “This time, I want to battle a Spiritual Infant Tier twenty stars!”

In another testing room, Rong Huan Xuan was facing an enemy that was a shocking Flower Blossom Tier being.

He cackled and said, “I am with the corpse, break!”

An eerie scene appeared; his lower abdomen split open as a corpse soldier wormed its way out. It was a shocking third tier Silver-Armored Corpse, which could rival a Flower Blossom Tier!

“If it weren’t for my low cultivation, being unable to fuse Spiritual Infant Tier corpse soldiers, I could even pick a Spiritual Infant Tier opponent!” Rong Huan Xuan’s face was full of loftiness. “However, this is enough! I am only three stars Spiritual Pedestal Tier, yet I can win against a Flower Blossom Tier five stars. The number of stars surpassed is not something anyone can match!”

He reached out a hand and pointed at the Flower Blossom Tier opponent, and ordered the corpse soldier, “Kill him!”

“Ang!” The corpse soldier immediately charged up.

In another space, Yan Tian Zhao suddenly showed up.

He had been hiding in the shadows all this time—not that he was scared of Ling Han, he was simply lying in wait for him so as to accomplish the goal with one attack, robbing the key in Ling Han’s hands. His opponent was also a shocking Flower Blossom Tier being.

“Haha, this is a mental space, and I’ve combined with a god’s memory, so my divine sense is stronger than everyone else’s!” he said very proudly, “My true battle prowess is only at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but here, the limit is the Flower Blossom Tier!

This was a mystery realm set up by Heavenly River King’s twelve military officers. According to legend, Heavenly River king obtained a supreme inheritance, almost dominating the Great Brahma. Although he was killed in the end, his name was awe-inspiring, and even his twelve military officers were ridiculously formidable.

I’m determined to obtain the Heavenly River King’s legacy, but it can only be obtained after returning to the Great Brahma. Now, I’ll first gather the legacy of the twelve military officers. It’ll surely be of great benefit in improving my strength.”

Hong , his opponent’s hand stormed over overwhelmingly; it was terrifying Flower Blossom Tier twenty stars being.

Battling Spiritual Pedestal Tier twenty-five stars was probably Ling Han’s limit. One more star and maybe he could still win, but what meaning did one more star have? So, he wanted to go big.

Spiritual Infant Tier twenty stars!

His destructive power was enough to defeat such an elite. The key was that he saw how these swordsmen appeared, so he lay in ambush ahead of time where the third swordsman would appear; the black pattern was ready to be fired.

“As you wish.” The formation spirit immediately disappeared after those words, while the third swordsman appeared. He was extremely strong too, and discovering that Ling Han was lying in wait for him, although he could no longer swing his sword in time, he fired a divine sense attack right at Ling Han.

How fast was a divine sense attack? Moreover, with a Spiritual Infant Tier’s divine sense’s dominance, a light touch could crush a Spiritual Pedestal Tier being several hundred times.

But, who was Ling Han? He had a sliver of a Heaven Tier’s divine sense, so to injure him with a divine sense, one had to be at least Heaven Tier, right?

Hong , under the attack, Ling Han was unscathed; his left hand pressed on the third swordsman’s body and the demonic pattern lit up. Pa , the third swordsman disappeared right as it appeared.

Taken care of just like that.

The formation spirit appeared again, and it was evidently speechless. Ling Han pulled a cheap trick in this battle, and it definitely didn’t reflect true battle prowess. However, didn’t it replicate such an ability from Ling Han’s body, letting Ling Han catch the loophole it left?

Conversely, if it weren’t for Ling Han’s powerful divine sense, he would definitely already be shocked to death by the attack right away and there wouldn’t be any cheap tricks pulled afterwards.

“I guess you pass,” the formation spirit said, somewhat depressed. It had just encountered a monster… it actually couldn’t extract a small little girl’s divine sense, resulting in the little girl being unable to participate in the test.

“Can I not go out yet?” Ling Han asked.

“Wait till the others all finish, the top three will receive rewards right here,” the formation spirit said.

Ling Han nodded and waited patiently.

The wait actually lasted a day and a night. It turned out that anyone who came here on the day could participate in the test, but once the day was over, the entire test was declared concluded, evaluating top three based on everyone’s records.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, the divine sense of everyone who didn’t enter top three returned… jolted out of the room.

“What, I can surpass seven stars and beat an opponent, yet I didn’t make it into top three?”

“Get out, I can surpass eight stars!”

Everyone cried out one after another. They were already so strong, yet they couldn’t even make top three—this was too ridiculous.

Yu Kun Lun, Yang Jun Hao, and the other previous generations’ top ones of the prodigy roll all looked terrible. They could even battle surpassing ten stars, yet they still didn’t make top three; the shock was too great.

Ao Feng and others in their thirties had gloomy gazes. They could also battle surpassing five stars, which in the Flower Blossom Tier was comparable to ten stars in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, because the higher the tier, the harder it was to battle surpassing one’s tier; could the formation spirit not have considered this?

They all looked around and saw that there were fifteen Flower Blossom Tier warriors here now. Since there had been fifteen previously as well, no Flower Blossom Tier warrior made it into the top three.

This made them feel it unfair; it had to be that the formation spirit didn’t consider the difficulty of each large tier.

“I’m not convinced!”

“I’m not convinced, either!”

“We’re all not convinced!”

Everyone shouted out one after another, wanting the formation spirit to give an explanation.

The formation spirit emerged and said, “You guys are doubting my fairness?”

“Lord formation spirit, have you considered the difficulty of battling surpassing one’s tier in Flower Blossom Tier?” Ao Feng asked politely.

The young child that the formation spirit manifested into sneered, “This lord has lived several thousand times longer than you, how dare you ask this lord such a question?”

Unconvinced, someone said, “Then lord formation master, how many stars did the top three surpass!”

“Yes, tell us!”

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“I sure want to see just how impressive the top three are?”

The formation spirit paused slightly and said, “Alright. Third place, at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, defeated an opponent at the fifth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier.”


Instantly, many people spurted out saliva and revealed expressions of disbelief.

Everyone knew the gap between the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and the Flower Blossom Tier. This was an insurmountable gap, but a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior actually defeated a Flower Blossom Tier opponent—at the fifth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier at that? Was this not a big joke?

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Chapter 491