Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 489

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Chapter 489: The First Stage

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Advancing for a short while, they stopped before a building that looked like a normal house. However, a large amount of people gathered at the door; there, Ling Han saw Yu Kun Lun, Yang Jun Hao, and Rong Huan Xuan!

This Thousand Corpse Sect inheritor was still laying inside the Three Lives Casket, but other than the casket, he brought two other caskets, receiving other corpse soldiers probably from digging up graves.

Feng Ye was also here, looking over with a hateful gaze, which slightly startled Ao Feng, since he still didn’t know the feud between Feng Yan and Ling Han. Of the Seven Sons of Ao Family, three came in and were all Spiritual Pedestal Tier, apparently more talented.

“Kai Yu’s respect for Elder Ao!” Yue Kai Yu saluted at Ao Feng. What he thought was one matter, but expressing it was another matter.

Ao Feng raised his hand slightly, and that was the it for both parties.

“What’s everyone waiting here for?” Ling Han asked White-Robed Sword King. Amongst these people, he had the best impression of Shen Zhong Chen.

“When we passed the city gate and came here, a formation spirit appeared and said that there is a test here, and those who can make top three will receive amazing rewards,” Shen Zhong Cheng replied.

“Formation spirit?” Ling Han was surprised.

“That’s right, this entire mystery realm is controlled by the formation spirit,” Zhu Xuan Er chipped in. Her master obviously told her this.

Ling Han nodded. Although these people entered the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realm for the first time, their seniors had come here before, naturally telling them a few things about them.

“Oh, what are the rewards?” He was somewhat curious.

“Didn’t say.” Shen Zhong Chen shook his head.

Ling Han’s lips twitched. He said, “Didn’t say? Yet you guys are waiting here?”

“It’s definitely worth it!” Yue Kai Yu opened up. “My third-generation founder obtained great opportunities here, and improved in martial arts as if flying ever since then.”

No wonder these geniuses all halted here and were in no rush to go anywhere else. Conversely, without the key, even if these people arrived at The Twelve Palaces, they wouldn’t be able to enter, so they were better off placing their sights on these realistic rewards.

“Where’s the formation spirit, let me see,” Ling Han said, maybe he could communicate and inquire about formations with it.

“It only said a few words then disappeared,” Shen Zhong Cheng said.

“How much longer do we have to wait?”

“The tenth day after the mystery realm opens.”

Ling Han calculated that there were a few days. Had he known that earlier, he would’ve roamed around more and perhaps found some precious spiritual medicine. However, no one knew if the super bug king would fight its way over. That large guy was definitely terrifying, and if it really caught up, then the people here would all face disaster.

Unless the formation spirit intervened.

Ling Han didn’t know what tier the formation here was, but since it was extracted from god realm, it had to be at least god tier.

Everyone waited patiently. The spiritual Qi here was abundant, and as a holy land for cultivation, one day could be compared to a hundred days on the outside; thus, even if they were sitting, it wouldn’t be a waste of time, as their cultivation was rapidly improving.

Ling Han was even more outrageous, eating large amounts of beast meat everyday, along with Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish and all sorts of thousand-year-old medicinal ingredients; multicolored rays shot into the sky when they were boiled, making even the Flower Blossom Tier elites swallow their saliva involuntarily.

Seeing them eat to their heart’s content, the throats of people nearby trembled, swallowing saliva continuously—that was called having a bad craving.

Unfortunately, who dared to rob a Heaven Grade alchemist?

In the north region, some people certainly didn’t need to give face to a Heaven Grade alchemist, but not giving face didn’t mean they could severely offend one. After all, when everyone contended for treasures, no one had a say, but if you try to rob a Heaven Grade alchemist’s meal, the whole world would probably ridicule you to death.

Some people were quite brazen, such as Chi Hua Lan and Lin Xiang Qin who came without an invitation and joined their team. Relying on their advantage as beauties, they picked up bowls and chopsticks, fetching some soup and meat, which made Hu Niu cry out loud—how could they steal her food?

Luckily, other than Ling Han, no one else ate much, so the little girl was only restless for a short while, and very soon started fighting over food with Ling Han enthusiastically.

“Ling Han, you came as expected!” Rong Huan Xuan approached sliding in the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

“What, you can’t possibly also want to eat meat, right?” Ling Han pretended to be surprised. “Aren’t you already a dead man? Do dead men eat meat?”

“Don’t be garrulous!” Rong Huan Xuan shouted. He didn’t expose that Ling Han possessed a spatial Spirit Tool that could accommodate living things and the secret that Ling Han acquired the key to Sagittarius Palace. It wasn’t because he had a good relationship with Ling Han, but because wanted it for himself.

“Then what brings you here?” Ling Han said smilingly.

“I only wanted to hear your last words since I’ll soon refine you into a skinned corpse soldier!” Rong Huan Xuan cackled. “And these people around you, none of them can escape!”

In the entire north region, there probably were quite a few people that wanted Ling Han dead, but to threaten to kill a Heaven Grade alchemist in the open… Rong Huan Xuan was probably the only one.

Ling Han sighed and said, “So you’re here to joke. Yes, let’s give an applause!”

Liu Yu Tong and the others clapped one after another and also began to laugh.

Rong Huan Xuan didn’t get angry, but said in a dull tone, “Ling Han, you’ll soon know that this isn’t a joke!”

“Then I’ll wait and see.” Ling Han smiled.

“Hmph!” Rong Huan Xuan slid in the casket to go back, but Ling Han summoned Demon Birth Sword, striking at Three Lives Corpse Casket, and with a qiang , sparks flew in all directions.

“What are you doing?” Rong Huan Xuan said, irritated.

“Got nothing better to do, so just hacking at a turtle shell!” Ling Han said smilingly as he struck continuously.

Rong Huan Xuan felt annoyed and furious. With the protection of Three Lives Corpse Casket, he was obviously unafraid of Ling Han’s slashes, but being struck violently by Ling Han like this, he would be embarrassed. Moreover, the aftershock of each attack would spread throughout the casket, and although it couldn’t hurt him, the constant trembling still made him extremely uncomfortable.

Seeing Ling Han strike several hundred times and still had no plans of stopping, he couldn’t help but yell out, “You done yet!?”

“Of course not, you run over and threaten me carefreely, and still want to slip away. Could there be such a simple thing?” Ling Han said balefully.

Rong Huan Xuan was speechless, wasn’t it his own cheap mouth that enraged Ling Han?

He hurriedly controlled the Three Lives Corpse Casket and ran towards the city gates. There were still two days before the test, and he wanted to hide for a while, since there were too many people here. Moreover, there was still the formation spirit, and he didn’t want to reveal his trump card too early.

Ling Han didn’t chase. With the Three Lives Corpse Casket present, killing Rong Huan Xuan wouldn’t be easy.

Two days soon passed. Weng , a human figure appeared out of thin air. That person looked like a five to six year-old young child, transparent all over, as if an illusion.

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Formation spirit!

“The test has begun. After you guys enter through that door, you guys can pick three different opponents and pick the best battle record. Lastly, you guys will be ranked based on the stars of tier surpassing battle prowess.

It’s a mental space, and only your divine sense will enter, so you guys won’t be able to use any supportive methods, but also won’t be hurt.

The higher the stars you guys surpass, the better the rewards you can obtain. If you’re all good-for-nothings, surpassing only two to three stars, then the most you guys can get is an Earth Grade art or the sort.

Only the first three have rewards.”

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Chapter 489