Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 483

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Chapter 483: Head-On Fight Against Two Great Flower Blossom Tier Opponents

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

A mere second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier opponent actually dared to say he’d battle Flower Blossom Tier ones—how bold was that?

Very bold!

If it were someone else, this would definitely be an idiotic action, but severing three Flower Blossom Tier attacks with on strike displayed his remarkable strength, that would be naturally bold.

“I’ve long heard Master Ling’s battle prowess is astonishing and you once fired out battle prowess of Spiritual Infant Tier twenty stars on the prodigy battle’s test relying on a Spirit Tool. Looks like it wasn’t fake!” Miao Qi Si said indifferently.

Gu Yuan Liang and Geng Jing Sheng’s expressions were grave. Even if Ling Han fired out such terrifying battle prowess relying on a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree, how many Spiritual Infant Tier warriors could possess twenty stars battle prowess?

At least, such a person was unheard of in the north region!

Sealing power with a law decree, it could be fired at any time and any place. This was certainly an extremely great coercive weapon, but the problem was how could a sealed attack be truly comparable to a Spiritual Infant Tier’s battle prowess?

To seal battle prowess of twenty stars Spiritual Infant Tier, how strong would that Spiritual Infant Tier have to be? One who possessed twenty-one stars Spiritual Infant Tier? Was that possible?

There were no Deity Transformation Tier beings in the north region!

Very strange!

Subsequently, when the news got out, most people didn’t quite believe it, assuming that it was exaggerated to bootlick Ling Han who was a Heaven Grade alchemist.

However, Ling Han actually extinguished the attacks of three great Flower Blossom Tier opponents. This made Miao Qi Si and the others reconsider that Ling Han might actually have a Deity Transformation law decree… perhaps it might have been brought over from middle state; Heaven Grade alchemists naturally had such reputation.

They couldn’t underestimate Ling Han.

“Master Ling, why harm our relationship? How about we split the spiritual liquid?” Miao Qi Si suggested.

Ling Han laughed and then said, “I’ll hear you out. How do we split it?”

“Obviously, the four of us each get a portion,” Gu Yuan Liang interjected.

Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan weren’t content, but in front of Flower Blossom Tier warriors, they had no right to bargain, being forced to keep their resentment to themselves.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, “You guys don’t look handsome, but your thoughts sure are!”

“Master Ling, you might be a Heaven Grade alchemist, but only with cultivation of the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Contesting for treasures in mystery realms, everyone looks not at status, but at strength!” Miao Qi Si said coldly, obviously unwilling to give up on the spiritual liquid.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, “Since it’s based on strength, then why do you guys have talk so much nonsense? Isn’t this wasting my time?”

How arrogant!

Miao Qi Si and the others were furious. Heaven Grade alchemists were certainly high in status, but you hadn’t even formed your own force, shouldn’t you be a little be low-key? Moreover, this was a mystery realm, was it really wise for you to be so arrogant? You might get killed and no one would know who did it!

“Then, Master Ling, excuse me!” Geng Jing Sheng said balefully. Although Ling Han extinguished their attack with one strike, it was an attack the three fired in passing and Ling Han was injured, hacking blood repeatedly—did the immense gap in strength need to be spelled out?

“Small Rock, beat the crap out of them!” Ling Han ordered.


Without a word, the Rock Spirit charged over and attacked viciously. It was in an extremely bad mood. While it was happily eating, they suddenly came over and interrupted it—how could it not be enraged? It wished to immediately beat them to the ground so that it could continue to eat rocks.

Miao Qi Si intercepted the Rock Spirit and said, “You guys get the spiritual liquid, leave this puppet to me.”

“Alright!” Gu Yuan Liang and Geng Jing Sheng both nodded. With two Flower Blossom Tier warriors joining hands, what tricks could merely three Spiritual Pedestal Tier foes pull?

“Master Han, what do we do?” Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan both asked.

“Dress it cold!” Ling Han said smilingly. “Brother Yue, please hurry with the Spiritual Infant Tier law decree.”

Yue Kai Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes, so soon and he had to use another Spiritual Infant Tier law decree? You thought this was brought by a gust of wind? Even if he was the sole son of Yue Family in this generation, his ancestor only granted him three law decrees.

First, the materials were too rare, and second, to refine one, a Spiritual Infant Tier would need one month’s time to recover later, so it couldn’t possibly be mass-produced.

However, confronted with Flower Blossom Tier cultivators, if he wanted to protect the treasure, he could only fend them off with his trump card. While contesting for treasures, it was useless no matter how great one’s background was; this was the rule of martial arts—one could be secretly killed as long as the secret could be concealed.

Yue Kai Yu revealed a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree and yelled, “Don’t force me to use the ultimate move!”

Gu Yuan Liang sneered and said, “if it were a Spiritual Infant Tier warrior that personally came, we would naturally retreat, but a mere law decree? Hmph.” He shook his head. After a law decree was activated, only one attack could be fired, and dodging it would be the end of it.

Conversely, did they not have Spiritual Infant Tier law decrees?

Ling Han reached out to block and said, “Don’t waste, it’s only two guys at the third layer of the Flower Blossom Tier. There’s no need to use law decrees yet.”


What did he mean by “only two guys at the third layer of the Flower Blossom Tier”… Once past this threshold, one would surpass mortals, so how could mortals possibly rival those of the Flower Blossom Tier?

Gu Yuan Liang and Geng Jing Sheng were naturally extremely displased; even Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu somewhat forced a smile, feeling that Ling Han spoke a bit too boldly.

Ling Han waved his hand and said, “You guys step back for now, let me take on these two!”

“Such arrogance!” Gu Yuan Liang attacked, swatting at Ling Han. This time he was serious, firing out a large hand of Origin Power that countless vein-like patterns waved around. This was Flower Blossom Tier martial intent, drawing spiritual Qi from heaven and earth to drastically increase the power in this palm.

Flower Blossom Tier beings were infinitely stronger than Spiritual Pedestal Tier ones because they could draw spiritual Qi from heaven and earth to increase their battle prowess, so no matter how much of a genius one was, such a gap couldn’t be overcome.

How could a man’s power rival that of heaven and earth? Unless one could gather the power of the nation, borrowing other forms of power to contend against the power of heaven and earth!

Hong long long, the massive hand came assaulting with supreme power.

Ling Han fully activated the Thunder Battle Armor as circles of lightning spread out. He never thought of fighting against a Flower Blossom Tier elite with his own strength; he obviously had to rely on the Thunder Battle Armor, and Iron Sheet Body was another trump card of his.

‘What, lightning again!’ Yue Kai Yu stroked his chin, and began pondering. ‘Is it possible… could it be that this is the Thunder Battle Armor…? But isn’t the Thunder Battle Armor Junior Disciple Han’s? Hm, Lady Li and Old Brother Guang follow him, could Junior Disciple Han and Master Ling know each other and have quite a good relationship?’

His brains were extremely thick, never thinking of the possibility that Ling Han and Han Lin could be the same person.


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The Flower Blossom Tier warrior’s large hand came crashing but was blocked by the lightning barrier. Pa pa pa , as the lightning flashed fiercely, the large hand was bombed into pieces.

“Wa!” Ling Han hacked out blood again. The direct power of the bombardment was nullified by the lightning barrier, but the shock wave produced by the immense power couldn’t be canceled; after all, the battle armor wasn’t truly activated.

Gu Yuan Liang and Geng Jing Sheng were both shocked—their attacks were blocked again?

Ling Han smiled, and pointing at Miao Qi Si, said, “Your companion can’t hold out much longer!”

The two turned their heads and were shocked again to see that Miao Qi Si was completely suppressed by the “puppet”—circumstances were critical.

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Chapter 483