Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 481

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Chapter 481: Un-killable Beasts

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

The six red-haired beasts didn’t dodge at all and continued their assault. The lofty mountain came crashing and they each threw a punch at it. As Origin Power rippled, cracks appeared on the mountain, but it did not shatter.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, they were struck one after another but simply stumbled and then fiercely continued their assault.

“Such sturdy defense.” Ling Han nodded. Although it couldn’t be compared with his Iron Sheet Body, it was still quite surprising; Spiritual Pedestal Tier beings that could cultivate such defense were definitely sadly rare.

“Hmph, nothing more than this!” The man who was attacked snorted, sliding backwards and raising his sword again. Another seven flashes of Sword Qi were fired out.

“Let’s help!” The other people could also see clearly that the red-haired beasts’ strength was not that great, so they were naturally undaunted.

However, at this moment, the six red-haired beasts simultaneously emitted crimson light and charged past that man’s Sword Qi, arriving before him. Five red-haired beasts grabbed onto his four limbs and head, and the last one clutched onto the body.


Under everyone’s shocked gazes, the five red-haired beasts applied force all together, tearing off that man’s four limbs and head.

Blood splattered as if dying the skies red.

Too violent, and too gory!

Everyone froze; such a sight was unacceptable to them.

Pa, pa, pa, pa, the six red-haired beasts tossed the head and limbs in their hands and targeted another person, charging out in unison.

“Suppress them together!” people hurriedly shouted. They definitely wouldn’t be crushed one by one by these six red-haired beasts.

The two sides battled fiercely. The humans naturally had the numerical advantage and stronger battle prowess, but these red-haired beasts were like undying monsters. Despite being pierced by a sword or cut by a saber, no drop of blood spilled out, as if they were puppet monsters.

Moreover, they had a special ability. When their body flashed with red light, they could ignore attacks of Origin Power by passing through them, creating a huge problem for everyone.

They clearly had more numbers and were clearly stronger, but they were beaten pathetically by the six red-haired beasts.

“Strange, what’s this ability?” Ling Han muttered as curiosity flickered in his gaze; could this be another special ability of creatures from the god realm?

“Master Han, should we help?” Guang Yuan asked.

“Help and be careful.” Ling Han nodded.


Guang Yuan immediately charged out, while Yue Kai Yu scratched his head and said, “Strange, why should I listen to this guy?” As he said that, he also charged out, full of fighting spirit.

Ling Han didn’t intervene and simply kept an eye out as he observed. He would intervene when Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu encountered danger, but he would mostly observe; he had never heard of these peculiar red-haired beasts.


As his gaze swept by, he revealed an astonished expression because a surprising change was happening to the dismembered “pulps.” Strands of red hair grew from the flesh, and as if possessing life, the head, hands, and feet wriggled towards the torso.

Soon, the six parts assembled, forming a complete human body, but covered with red hair.

A new red-haired beast appeared.

A flash of lightning streaked across Ling Han’s mind as a guess started welling up in his mind… Could these six red-haired beasts be the six corpses that were annihilated at the earliest time? He immediately dashed out and unleashed the Demon Birth Sword, slicing at a red-haired beast.

As Sword Qi waved, red hair flew into the sky; the red-haired beast was instantly shaved clean, revealing a dry corpse-like body; it even had a few tattered pieces of cloths on it.

“Luo, Luo Heng!” a martial artist said quaveringly. “He’s Luo Heng . I recognize the tattoo on his hand!”

Ling Han focused his gaze, and as expected, the red-haired beast had a tattoo on its arm. Although it was very hard to distinguish, it was still barely visible that it was drawing of a fierce tiger.

Everyone was shocked; Luo Heng entered the second layer the earliest and ended up being one of the six people turned into a dried corpse by the blood-sucking bugs. Why did he suddenly revive as a red-haired beast?

“Another one!” Someone discovered a seventh red-haired beast, though it just stood up with a stagger, not yet joining the battle.

“Where’s Xu Ming’s corpse?” someone said quaveringly.

Everyone cried out involuntarily. These dried corpses could turn into red-haired beasts, so why couldn’t a dismembered corpse also?

Where the hell was this—the dead could resurrect, though it couldn’t be counted as truly reviving.

Ling Han struck again and activated two vein-like patterns on the Demon Birth Sword; he wouldn’t believe that a tenth tier Spirit Tool couldn’t kill these monsters.

Pu, pu, pu, his figure flashed across, and with one strike, a red-haired beast was split into two. But then a strange thing occurred—the two halves of the red-haired beast stuck back together, recovering as a whole.

An undying monster!

Ling Han decided on spot and said, “Go to the third layer!”

Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan naturally had no objections to his words, immediately ascending onto the steps and charging towards the third layer. Ling Han stored the Demon Birth Sword and also leapt onto the steps.

Even Ling Han who had such powerful battle prowess ran, how could the other people dare to tangle? These red-haired beasts couldn’t be killed, and even if some someone hid a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree, would that be able to suppress them?

Ling Han might have ascended onto the steps later than Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu, but he caught up and surpassed them, and with a sudden big stride forward, he was the first to enter the third layer.

The scenery immediately changed. This was actually a primeval forest with tall arbors everywhere, countless intertwining old vines on them, thicker and larger than a house; who knew how many years it took to grow to such a scale.

However, in the distance, a divine temple stood erect at the mountaintop, with golden-colored brilliance.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu also leapt over, and then more people appeared. However, not a single red-haired beast charged over, as if each layer had a strict limitation.

“Ao!” A beast’s roar sounded from afar as if it could tear open the sky.

Everyone was startled. Even from such a distance, they could feel the terrifying oppressive power in that roar; it was at least a Flower Blossom Tier, and even possibly a Spiritual Infant Tier beast.

What to do… below were red-haired beasts that couldn’t be killed, and above were Flower Blossom, and even Spiritual Infant Tier beasts—it was a true dilemma.

Ling Han only looked at the golden divine temple at the mountaintop in the distance. He had a feeling that there answers might be obtained over there—the secrets relating to this divine temple.

“Go.” He nodded towards Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu.

The three set out and walked towards the divine temple in the distance. The other people shrugged; the mountaintop might not look far, but it was definitely not close by and who knew how many terrifying beasts they’d encounter.

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“Let’s charge back!”

“That’s right. Although the red-haired beasts aren’t killable, their battle prowess isn’t ridiculously strong. It’s better than facing Spiritual Infant Tier beasts.

“Let’s go back!”

Most people turned tail, with only a few people that decided to advance along with the three of them. At least with the three of them scouting ahead, if there really was danger, the three would be first to endure it.

However, these people were immediately stunned, because Ling Han summoned the golem and the three stood on the its back, with the golem carrying them as they flew towards the mountaintop.

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Chapter 481