Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 477

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Chapter 477: In the Name of the Masses

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han attacked with his sword. Ten flashes of Sword Qi shot out from the Demon Birth Sword, and without touching these bugs, the powerful destructive power could shatter them into pieces half a meter or so away. Strange Fire raged as well—its destructive power was even more terrifying.

With only one to two minutes, Ling Han annihilated tens of thousands of blood-sucking bugs, but there seemed to be an infinite number of them as more and more blood-sucking bugs flew up from the ground.

Ling Han was very shocked; the area of several hundred square meters was packed with these blood-sucking bugs, the total amount was probably in the billions?

His physique was certainly overpowering, but if he were stung by billions of blood-sucking bugs continuously, then even his body of iron that was comparable to rare metals of the same tier would probably be breached.

This blood-sucking bug nest was at the entrance to the second layer—how coincidental. Was this planned not to let anyone pass through?


Ling Han hesitated slightly. Fighting desperately obviously wasn’t cost-effective. These blood-sucking bugs individually might only be at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, with a few Spiritual Pedestal Tier oness, but when gathered together, no matter any Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite—all would quiver in fear.

He decided to retreat. This wasn’t his own matter, so naturally he didn’t need to fight to the death alone.

Unfortunately, inside the Black Tower, the massive golem was still slowly recovering. Receiving an attack of a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree, despite its overbearing recovery power, it wouldn’t be able to recover in a short while.

With his battle prowess, completely annihilating these blood-sucking bugs was somewhat difficult, but charging out of there was an effortless thing.

He split open the swarm of bugs and crossed through the entrance.

Everything suddenly turned dark before his eyes as he appeared in the space of the first layer, which was utterly pitch-black.

“He’s back!” everyone cried out.

“So, how was it, what exactly is inside?”

Everyone asked all at once.

Ling Han ignored them.

“Hey, hey, hey, Master Ling, you won’t share the information you discovered with everyone?” someone reprimanded.

“That’s right, now that everyone’s fighting side by side, you’re not even telling us the situation. How petty, absolutely having no bearing of a great master.”

“I misjudged you!”

Ling Han sneered. These people dared to reprimand him because his tier was not as high and he was without any elite followers; otherwise, any medium level Earth Grade alchemist wouldn’t lack Flower Blossom Tier elite followers by their side, and no junior would dare to be impudent in front of him.

He glanced at everyone in the surrounding and said, “If you want to know, go see for yourself!”

Everyone was furious, feeling that Ling Han was too petty. He clearly entered, so why not share with them the information about the other side? Moreover, seeing the how disorderly Ling Han was when he ran out, it was obvious that inside was filled with danger.

They naturally wanted to know what the environment was like and what they had to face, so they could enter with preparation.

“Master Ling, you’ve gone too far!”

“We’re in the same boat, you shouldn’t be so selfish!”

Everyone continued to criticize, wanting to force Ling Han to give in through public anger.

“Idiots!” Ling Han planned on warning everyone, but now he changed his mind. Whether these people lived or died, what did it have to do with him? He walked over to Li Si Chan and the others, and said in a low voice, “The second layer is a vast and special space with frightening blood-sucking bugs. Those people who died earlier were sucked dry of blood by those blood-sucking bugs.”

Without Ling Han mentioning how fierce the battle was with the blood-sucking bugs, looking at those six corpses, they knew that those blood-sucking bugs were definitely terrifying.

The three revealed shocked expressions. Li Si Chan and Guang Yuan were alright, since they knew that Ling Han possessed the Black Tower and could hide in there if the worst comes to the worst, but Yue Kai Yue really frowned deeply.

“Then what do we do?” Yue Kai Yu asked.

Ling han laughed and then said, “Wait!”

When the rock spirit recovered, the power of a Flower Blossom Tier could easily suppress that bug nest.

The strange thing was that he ran out, but the blood-sucking bugs didn’t chase outside, seemingly unable to pass through that door.

The people here were elites and prodigies from various sects, so they definitely had treasures with great lethality like spirit talismans, law decrees, and the like—just the time for them to expend those things.

Ling Han just stayed silent and the other people couldn’t do anything about it—who could force a Heaven Grade alchemist to open up? At this moment, more and more people entered the divine temple, all gathering here.

Many Flower Blossom Tier warriors in their thirties entered the mystery realm, but none appeared nearby, so there were only a few Spiritual Pedestal Tier and Spiritual Ocean tier elites here, with Li Si Chan being the only Gushing Spring Tier one.

Reality was so; those who were too weak couldn’t snatch a treasure even if they discovered it and could only draw support from the environment here to cultivate, rising by one or two small tiers by the time they left.

“Let’s go, since someone broke in and came out alive, can we not?” Someone began to connect with various people, planning to charge into the second layer.

“That’s right, everyone is in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, if he can go, I can go too!”

“Let’s go!”

These people were in the prime of youth, and while they didn’t dare to become hostile with Ling Han on the surface, not a single one of them was convinced about him as they clamored one after another.

At last, a party of over a hundred people was formed, planning to charge into the second layer.

They actually weren’t foolish. The vanguard was a strongly built man who focused on earth-type arts and had an extremely tough physique. On top of that someone lent their defensive Spirit Tool, so even if a Flower Blossom Tier elite lay in ambush, he could take a hit head-on without dying.

These people charged out and no longer made a single sound.

The entrance separated two worlds, and no light nor sound would be transmitted over.

After waiting a while, Ling Han’s consciousness entered the Black Tower, and seeing that the rock spirit had completely reconstructed and recovered its energy, he cracked a smile and said, “Go, we should go in now… Si Chan, you stay on the outside.”

While Yue Kai Yu turned around, he directly stored Li Si Chan into the Black Tower.

“Huh, where’s Lady Li?” Yue Kai Yu turned around, and when he didn’t see LI Si Chan, his face was filled with surprise.

“She left,” Ling Han said without thinking.

“That fast?” Yue Kai Yu cried out, how was it possible in the time that he turned.

“Yep!” Ling Han nodded.

Guang Yuan laughed suppressingly.

Ling Han took the vanguard and the three walked in a single file up the stairs, entering the second layer.

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Instantly, a great battle between bugs and men appeared in front of them.

Infinite blood-sucking bugs flew in the air and launched attacks at the human martial artists. The insect corpses piled up thickly on the ground, while over twenty people died the on the human side, all turned into dried corpses.

As more and more of the blood-sucking bugs died, the blood-sucking bugs in the entire area began to go crazy. All the bugs within hundred meters radius flew up and circled in the sky, turning into a tornado that swept towards everyone.

This was a completely different style of battle. The blood-sucking bugs earlier relied on the advantage in numbers and launched attacks from various angles, but fundamentally speaking, they still acted on their own, lacking coordination.

Now it was completely different as the billions of blood sucking bugs turned into a single body, sweeping at everyone.

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Chapter 477