Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 475

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Chapter 475: Divine Temple

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

After a few minutes, the woman came out from the pavilion and revealed puzzled expression.

She clearly remembered that there were several damaged pavilions and kiosks nearby, but how come now they were all gone? Without finishing her train of thought, Ling han already swam over, and with a swipe, the pavilion behind her disappeared.


Bizarre shock was written all over the woman’s face—so those pavilions and kiosks were all taken away by Ling Han.

Are you a damn trash picker? She saw clearly that there was absolutely nothing valuable inside the pavilion, even she took no liking to anything, let alone a dignified Heaven Grade alchemist.

However, she was immediately shocked; a pavilion was stored just like that, how large was that spatial ring?

Ling Han didn’t care. Even if everyone knew his spatial ring was massive, would they dare to rob him? To offend a Heaven Grade alchemist for a spatial spirit tool wasn’t worth it no matter how large the space was.

…Of course, if they knew Black Tower’s true use, then it mattered not whether Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist—even the gods would rush up to rob him.

Ling Han began to dig up the edifices underneath the ground; several edifices only revealed their tips.

One, two, and three buildings, he stored them with great pleasure. Even if it was for nothing, it wouldn’t have wasted much time, but if there were some gains by any chance, then the profits would certainly be great.


He discovered a rooftop and stored it in passing, yet discovered that the rooftop was still there and hadn’t been stored into the Black Tower. He tried again, still to no avail. He couldn’t help but find it strange, examining it closely; the rooftop was really quite different.

This was a pointy rooftop and the entire rooftop was whole, without tiles, and also completely gold.

Why couldn’t it be stored inside the Black Tower?

Ling Han brushed with both hands, and instantly, clouds of silt scattered at the lakebed as if a flood dragon twisted the entire lakebed into a murky mess. It was hard to see even one’s own five fingers.

Ling Han was more and more surprised. Within the lakebed, more parts of the building emerged. The golden walls were completely different from the other edifices, and after digging for about three feet, the entire building was still not revealed.

The strange thing was that this building was actually triangular; the further towards the bottom, the larger the building’s surface area was. Earlier, it the top was only a pointy cone.

The stranger thing was that Ling Han hadn’t even seen a single window, as if he dug out a piece of metal, except it was ridiculously large.

He became more and more curious, and the woman on the side also became interested, digging at the other end.

The lake’s silt was already soft, and with the great powers of two Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors, three hundred feet was dug up, and more of the golden building was shown.

However, it still wasn’t the bottom of it, and the building still had no windows or doors.


More and more people were drawn over. There weren’t many Absolute Cold Heart Ice Fish left, so after a short contention, everyone stopped “fishing,” turning their gazes here.

It was really strange that there was such a building underneath the lakebed.

Everyone started to dig in the lakebed.

After several thousand feet, they finally dug to the bottom, revealing the building’s entire features.

“A divine temple!” Ling Han muttered. He’d had seen a description of a similar building in ancient records; these triangular edifices existed in gold realm, mostly for sacrificial offerings, but also other purposes.

The golden divine temple was huge and imposing, existing as a whole despite being thousand feet tall. Ling Han didn’t know whether anyone with such construction ability existed in the vast lands, but if it were in the gold realm, it would be a different story.

On each of the three sides of the divine temple were doors, ten feet high and five feet wide. The golden door and the walls were almost fused, and if it weren’t for the totems of animals carved on the doors, it would truly be hard to discover.

Ling Han stood in front of a large door one of the sides. Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu already came over, both extremely curious.

Many animals on the large door were things Ling Han had never even seen!

The living spirits of god realm?

And on the other side, someone couldn’t help but push at the large door. Hong long long, instantly the three large doors opened simultaneously, revealing three dim passageways. The lake water instantly flowed inside, surging into the divine temple.

The divine temple was as if it had turned into a massive sky-swallowing whale, producing a powerful suction power. A few people weren’t on guard and were immediately sucked into the divine temple, while most people hurriedly pushed against the water, rising towards the lake’s surface.

The devouring power was shocking. After ten minutes the entire lake completely disappeared, turning into a massive pit. A divine temple stood erect, emitting a blinding golden light as if it were forged from pure gold.

Although martial artists viewed gold and silver as dirt, but then a massive lump of dirt towered aloft in front of them, still making them feel quite astonished.

When all the lake water had disappeared, the divine temple no longer produced suction power, standing erect silently as if a monument, making people feel an instinctive reverence from the bottom of their hearts.

Everyone cried out in surprise; never would they have thought that an imposing and unusual building would be hidden unerneathe the lakebed.

Ling Han, however, was very careful. The people who were sucked into the divine temple earlier hadn’t even shown up!

What could this mean?

First, it was extremely dangerous inside and they were trapped, or even dead. Second, the divine temple had lots of treasures, so those people were collecting it, never even having the thought of coming out.

Which one was it?

Ling Han’s curiosity was already burning incessantly. He decided to enter to explore. He wasn’t the only the only one who thought so, as several people already started forming parties, entering as a group. It could be extremely dangerous inside, and if there were treasures, the chances of winning them over would be greater together.

With the short amount of time, more people came from afar, and the number of people increased once again.

“You guys entering or not?” Ling Han asked Yue Kai Yu and Guang Yuan. Li Si Chan had also walked over.

“Enter, of course enter!” Yue Kai Yu hurriedly said.

“If Master Han is entering, then I’ll definitely follow,” Guang Yuan said.

“Alright, let’s go in and have a look,” Ling Han said smilingly. He had the Black Tower in hand, so he could keep everyone safe

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“Let’s go!”

The four departed and climbed along the lake walls. This was a thousand feet, and now the water had dried up, revealing pure white rocks. If one were to leap down, falling into bits and pieces would be the greatest possibility.

Li S iChan was only at the Gushing Spring Tier and climbed very slow. Ling Han decided he might as well pick her up by the waist and climbed with one hand, yet he climbed more agilely than Guan Yuan and Yue Kai Yu, heading towards the lakebed at a surprisingly fast pace.

The lake was now an abyss. This was a cliff, but a drenched cliff, and made mostly of mud; a single misstep could cause one to fall down.

After only a few minutes, Ling Han was the first to arrive at the lakebed. As he lowered Li Si Chan down, the beauty’s cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were like spring water, glistening and beautiful.

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Chapter 475