Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: Rock Spirit Performs

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han immediately guided Strange Fire and formed an area of flames around him, guarding Li Si Chan, Guang Yuan, and Yue Kai Yu behind him.

Pu, pu, pu , the ice-blades stormed over but were melted by the flames, turning into water vapor that rose into the air; however, the powerful martial intent contained within the ice-blades didn’t completely disappear, continuing to barrage the four of them.

Other than Ling Han, the other three groaned, feeling an unbearable splitting headache.

Receiving a Flower Blossom Tier martial intent’s assault, they naturally got no good out of it. Ling Han was fine, possessing a sliver of a Heaven Tier divine sense—only a Heaven Tier martial intent could threaten his divine sense.

Under this attack, half of the several hundred people at the scene were done for, with only fifty to sixty people alive!

“It’s hopeless, it’s hopeless, we’re going to die!” Yue Kai Yu said grimacingly.

Ling Han laughed instead and said, “Brother Yue, could your esteemed father not have given you any spirit talismans or law decrees of sorts before letting you leave? It’s only a Flower Blossom Tier beast, not enough to kill us, right?”

Even Feng Yan could obtain a Spiritual Infant Tiers law decree, let alone Yue Kai Yu who was a grandson?

The great beast oppressed them with its presence right off the bat, making people terrified, and then suddenly unleashing an ultimate attack, killing most and leaving no chance for others to use their trump cards.

Yue Kai Yu smiled mischievously and said, “With Master Ling by my side, my belongings aren’t worth mentioning, and would only embarrass me!”

Ling Han shook his head and said, “Want to have a taste of a Flower Blossom Tier king tier great beast’s deliciousness?”

Yue Kia Yu was shocked, revealing a dumbstruck expression. “Master Ling, you’re actually confident in annihilating this beast? Wait, this is actually a great beast at king tier?”

He certainly had Spiritual Infant Tier’s law decrees with him. Using to suppress Spiritual Pedestal Tier beings was naturally as easy as the turn of a palm. However, the effect of it decreased greatly against those of king tier quality, and it was almost useless against a Flower Blossom Tier one.

The beast before him was not only in the Flower Blossom Tier, but even a king tier, and could almost be seen as half a Spiritual Infant Tier one. The Spiritual Infant Tier law decree’s oppressive might would definitely have no effect at all and would have to be expended for him to escape.

It could only help him escape, yet Ling Han actually wanted to annihilate this great beast—that was a complete joke!

“I’m not kidding,” Ling Han said smilingly.

Yue Kai Yu didn’t believe him and said, “Even if you also have a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree, the law decree’s might is limited, and could perhaps fend off a normal Flower Blossom Tier creature, but against a king tier, that’s definitely not going to work.”

He paused, and then continued, “Let’s hurry up and run.”

Ling Han said smilingly, “Cooperate with me later. When I tell you to use a law decree, use it.”

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t you get self-involved like that!” Yue Kai Yu hurriedly shouted, but Ling Han didn’t listen to him at all, making him extremely gloomy and giving him a familiar feeling as if he’d experienced this situation somewhere.

Ling Han obviously wasn’t personally going to fight against this great beast. Although he was freakish, no matter what, he couldn’t cross over the mortal boundary. He summoned the massive golem and said, “Small Rock, go!”

“A puppet!” Yue Kai Yu blurted out.

Spirits of the five elements were too rare and living beings couldn’t be stored into spatial rings—this was “common sense.” Besides, the golem was way too different form normal spirits. Therefore, Yue Kai Yu subconsciously thought of it as a puppet created by formation masters.

From a certain perspective, a puppet was a corpse soldier, neither fearing death nor knowing pain.

Ling Han didn’t explain; this older cousin was too big-mouthed, and once he drank, it was guaranteed everything would be spilled out, so whatever secrets there were had to be kept from him.

The massive golem immediately shot into the sky, attacking towards the great beast.

Flower Blossom Tier against Flower Blossom Tier, a king tier against a king tier!


The golem and the beast collided. A range of chilling Qi filled the air, turning the entire area into a world of ice and snow. The people who withstood the first wave of attack hurriedly unleashed their trump cards one after another, some of which were Spirit Tools, while others were Spirit Talismans, and even Spiritual Infant Tier law decrees.

The people that were able to enter this place all carried the hopes of some sect. If they could obtain some ancient art, they might be able to rise up powerfully, overtaking the other three regions and even challenging the noble sects of the middle state.

Therefore, everyone more or less had some treasures to defend themselves, and the quality of the treasures varied as status varied.

“Such a powerful puppet!” Yue Kai Yu muttered. It could actually fight a king tier Flower Blossom Tier beast—it was truly powerful.

The golem had just entered the Flower Blossom Tier, but the great beast had long advanced into this tier, reaching the seventh layer. Theoretically, the rock spirit was definitely no match for the great beast; a king tier against a king tier was naturally decided by whose tier was the higher.

However, the massive golem wasn’t a normal king tier, but a spirit of the five elements!

It was not only tough and thick-skinned, but also boasted surprising recovery power. Even if it were shattered into a hideous mess, its body could still quickly recover, something Ling Han had already experienced himself. Back then, when he took the upper hand, he still couldn’t annihilate those small golems; it could be imagined just how terrifying the rock spirit’s recovery power was.

It was the same now as the great beast certainly claimed the absolute advantage, easily shattering and crippling the rock spirit with the flap of its wings or by opening its mouth, but the massive golem quickly recovered as if it were perfectly fine.

However, the rock spirit’s recovery power wasn’t endless as it became slower and slower, while the great beast’s battle prowess naturally had its limit as well—it was a match of stamina.

Ling Han naturally wouldn’t wait for the rock spirit to be exhausted before intervening, hurriedly saying to Yue Kai Yue, “Time to use the law decree!”

Yue Kai Yu nodded. He originally didn’t have any hopes, but this puppet was truly fierce, resisting even a king tier great beast of the Flower Blossom Tier! As expected of a puppet, as long as its core wasn’t damaged and formation patterns weren’t broken, it could be used without end.

He took out a law decree and opened it. Instantly, golden light overflowed, spreading an infinitely powerful oppressive might.

How could a Spiritual Infant Tier law decree be ordinary?

However, the oppressive might alone was useless. The Flower Blossom Tier great beast didn’t fear it at all, so Yue Kai Yu threw the law decree after locking on to the great beast. “Suppress!”

Hong , the law decree actually began to burn with raging flames, from which a pair of golden fists about the size of a millstone surged out, firing towards the great beast.

This was a Spiritual Infant Tier level attack, even the great beast didn’t dare to oppose its power, hurriedly evading. However, the massive golem charged at it, grasping it tightly.

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The great beast was shocked and furious. Although the Spiritual Infant Tier attack might be strong, it only had to flap its wings to break away, but now it was clasped by the golem, and the heavy force made it unable to fly!

Even it couldn’t resist bearing a Spiritual Infant Tier’s attack head on; if it weren’t killed, it’d still be heavily injured.

From its point of view, the golem was hopelessly stupid. All living beings should place survival first and risking one’s own life shouldn’t even exist in this world! It never would’ve thought that the rock spirit would do such a thing, and now it could only stare blankly at the pair golden fist firing over.


With a loud noise, the sky was filled with flying rubble. The great beast was also heavily injured, falling down with a broken wing.

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Chapter 472