Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 471

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Chapter 471: A Great Beast Appears

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

With one forenoon, Ling Han already fished up over a hundred Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish. On top of Li Si Chan and Guang Yuan’s gains, their total reached one hundred and fifty, which was more than the total gain of everyone at the scene.

This was precisely the principle of good tools being necessary for the successful execution of a job.

When it was afternoon, Ling Han raised a bonfire and began to boil these treasured fish.

Four were roasted, and four were made into soup. Ling Han also added several spirit medicines. As it was boiling, the alluring fragrance spread out, making people drool. Moreover, this wasn’t just the fragrance, because in the furnace appeared flashes of brilliance that soared into the sky, an amazing sight.

It was the greatly tonic food that attracted the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth, forming a distinct sight.

Everyone looked on enviously and hurriedly began boiling for themselves. However, they didn’t have any spirit medicine to add in, so the soup they made was only light soup and couldn’t be compared to Ling Han’s pot at all.

Ling Han looked at Yue Kai Yu and suddenly said, “Brother Yue, join us for a meal?”

Yue Kai Yu was startled, never thinking that Ling Han would actually open up to invite him. After being startled momentarily, he pointed at himself and said, “Me?”

“What, Brother Yue won’t give me face?” Ling Han said smilingly. “I hear you and Old Brother Guang have had a friendly relationship.”

Yue Kai Yu naturally recognized Guang Yuan. Back then, the three of them entered the subsect of the Thousand Corpse Sect in Sea Flow City, forming a friendship through battle. However, back then the other person was “Han Lin,” and not Ling Han, so Yue Kai Yu didn’t dare to approach—Ling Han was a Heaven Grade alchemist after all.

“Hahaha, receiving Master Ling’s invitation, how could I dare not give face?” He took large strides over, and sat on the ground.

The four of them each took a corner.

Ling Han took out plates; it was exactly one grilled fish and a bowl of fish soup for each person. Inside the fish soup, neither the fish nor the spirit medicine could be seen, all stewed as the essence all entered the soup, which now appeared snow-white.

Yue Kai Yu’s expression was somewhat strange. Four roasted fish, could Ling Han already have had the idea of inviting him?

“Here, don’t be a stranger!” Ling Han grabbed a roasted fish and started to eat.

Li Si Chan and Guang Yuan naturally wouldn’t hesitate. Those who have eaten with Hu Niu naturally formed the habit of eating quickly, or else there definitely would be no food to eat—this was a hard-learned lesson.

Yue Kai Yu was bold an uninhibited in character, immediately tossing away formalities as he began to gobble down.

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!” he immediately praised greatly. “Big fish are quite different, not only the texture of the meat is more succulent, and the essence of the treasured medicine is also richer. I guess if I ate a dozen, I could improve by one small tier!”

Guang Yuan also nodded; this was of immense help to him.

Li Si Chan couldn’t speak at all, as multi-colored light surged out endlessly form her exquisite body; the meat and treasured medicine had already come into effect and were in the process of drastically increasing her cultivation—her breakthrough was imminent.

It was mainly because her tier was too low—Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors needed dozen fishes to advance, but for a Gushing Spring Tier, it was truly one bite for a small tier.

Ling Han was extremely pleased. He was going to save some dried fish for Ling Dong Xing. Once Ling Dong Xing’s spirit base was repaired, it could be imagined that his cultivation would have a shockingly explosive growth—reaching the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier in three years definitely wasn’t a dream.

Li Si Chan couldn’t even eat a second bite, and immediately sat on the ground to adjust, preparing to charge towards the fourth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier.

Yue Kai Yu felt it strange. Only young geniuses could enter, and young was in terms of tier to age; a hundred-year-old Spiritual Infant Tier definitely belonged under the young.

However, Li Si Chan was only at the Gushing Spring Tier, and her age was roughly twenty. Such a “genius” could be seen anywhere, so how did she qualify to enter the mystery realm?

However, as he drank the fish soup and ate the roasted fish, he soon forgot this topic. After he finished eating, he immediately sat cross-legged to adjust so as to refine the benefits inside his body as quickly as possible for it to truly be absorbed by the body.

Guang Yuan also did the same. He had just broken through and needed the nourishment of such treasures.

Only Ling Han was depressed. His Spiritual Pedestal was built too large, so while Guang Yuan and Yue Kai Yu only needed a dozen fish to advance one layer, he probably needed several hundred.

Moreover, this was only the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; when it was fifth layer, or after the eight layer, who knew how much this amount would increase by.

So, all he had to do was fish some more.

Ling Han continued to boil Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish. He prepared to turn himself into a chowhound, angling whilst eating fish.

The fish here were definitely stupid. With no one fishing for hundreds of years, they kept coming one after another even after several hundreds of their pals disappeared, complying with an old saying: humans died in pursuit of wealth, and birds died in pursuit of food.

At night, Ling Han already fished up over three hundred Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish, and after slaughtering them, he stored them inside the Black Tower, making sure to lock the essence component and prevent it from running off.

A night passed, and Ling Han continued to fish on the second day, but after a day, his harvest was much less compared to the previous day’s—only two hundred or so. It was unclear whether these fish got smarter, or there was a shortage of the entire population.

Another day passed, Ling Han’s harvests further decreased on the third day, with only a little over one hundred.

Everyone shook their heads. This lake might be small, but the amount of Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish it could support was limited—there was just about that much.

Hong, long, long, a whirlpool suddenly formed at the lake’s center.

Originally, quite a few people already planned to leave, but as they saw this scene, they couldn’t help but be surprised—was some treasure about to come into the world?

This wasn’t impossible; could a place where Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish could live be an ordinary place?

The whirlpool spun fiercely and grew larger and larger. Hong , a surprising scene appeared as a strange creature emerged from the whirlpool. It had the head of a lion, but the body of a crocodile. It also had six legs and grew a pair of eagle wings on its back; its entire body’s length was about three feet or so.

Now, this monster fluttered its eagle wings and flew towards the shore. Opening its wings, it emitted a terrifying presence.

Everyone was terrified; this was a Flower Blossom Tier beast!

It was over; there were no Flower Blossom Tier martial artists here, so how could they resist such a monster?

Ling Han, however, revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. This beast emitted a presence far beyond normal Flower Blossom Tier beasts, being no weaker than the Gold-Blooded Demonic Ape in the Dark Demon Forest.

A king tier creature!

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As expected of a mystery realm. He’d only entered for a few days and already encountered two king tier beasts! King tier beasts were equivalent to treasured medicine of the same tier—those of the highest quality at that. Now, they appeared one after another—was it not a pleasant surprise?

Besides, the rock spirit could also be considered to be of the king tier, and even stronger than normal king tier beasts because it was spirit of the five elements, birthed by heaven and earth.

“Run!” It was unknown who first yelled out the word as everyone fled in disarray. Spiritual Ocean Tier and Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators encountered a Flower Blossom Tier being—other than running, what else could they do?

The beast fluttered its wings lightly, and instantly, a chilling wind formed ice-blades, slashing towards everyone. The was the attack of a Flower Blossom Tier king tier beast, so the power of it was naturally terrifying. Shua, shua, shua, the ice-blades struck; as long as they were close, without even hitting people, they latter’d be frozen into a rod, and those who were directly hit ended up much worse—first frozen, then annihilated into pieces, no part of the corpse intact.

So strong!

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Chapter 471