Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 470

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Chapter 470: Killing Spree

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

In a short while, Ling Han revealed a smile as his right hand shook, immediately pulling back Blood Sucking Origin Gold. Shua , a large fish was pulled out of the water, two feet long and still whipping its tail vigorously.

Compared to other people’s baits, the hundred-year-old ginseng’s attractiveness was naturally far greater, and other people’s fishing lines couldn’t extend to the lake’s center; only Ling Han’s could, so it was a large one right off the bat.

Ling Han suddenly had an idea and said to Small Tower, “The growth of spirit grasses can be sped up inside the Black Tower… then can these fish that require harsh environments be raised?” If so, he wouldn’t eat them. Raising all these fish inside would be equivalent to another treasure.

“No!” Small Tower immediately said.

Ling Han couldn’t help but be disappointed. He would have to fish up as much as possible, and the ones he couldn’t finish would be made into dried fish—all of it would be taken away!

He changed to another ginseng and threw the line into the lake’s center. In a short while, there was a harvest again.

Because the bait was outstanding, even Guang Yuan and LI Si Chan frequently had gains; however, since they fished by the lakeside, the fish that were caught weren’t large, about a foot long and incomparable to what Ling Han caught.

Even so, the other martial artists fishing by the lakeside already had gazes full of desire, wishing they could steal some. However, facing a Heaven Grade alchemist, who dared to act recklessly? If there wasn’t anyone else here though, it would be alright—who would know if they were killed?

There was another problem; Ling Han’s battle prowess was extremely astonishing, and although he didn’t take the field in the prodigy battle, how terrifying was twenty stars Spiritual Infant Tier battle prowess? Even if it were with the assistance of a Spirit Tool, one had to have a roughly similar Spirit Tool to resist, right?

Therefore, they could only drool secretly by the side.

However, there were always those who were restless—if I can’t steal from you, and can’t get more than you… who doesn’t know how to cause trouble? The lake rippled as several people were throwing stones inside the lake, instantly startling the school of fish into running towards the lakebed.

Ling Han instantly frowned and said to Guang Yuan, “Drive those people away!”

“Yes, Master Han!” Guang Yuan immediately stood up, out for a kill. Returning to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, he was just itching to fight.

He took large strides over, killing intent overflowing.

The expression of the nearest troublemaker instantly changed as he yelled towards Guang Yuan, “What’re you trying to do?”

“Making you piss off!” Guang Yuan attacked, firing a punch. Five War Elephants surged out, firing at the person.

“Damn it!” The person hurriedly parried whilst shouting loudly, “Master Ling, you’re too high-handed, this lake isn’t yours, why are you letting your subordinate assault me? You’re trying to take the place all for yourself?”

“Quite right, too high-handed! Worldly treasures naturally belong to the people of the world, what are you trying to do?” someone chimed in, naturally being one of the other troublemakers.

“Driving people away at every turn, that’s too much!” More trouble makers leapt out and approached Guang Yuan.

They naturally didn’t dare to do anything to Ling Han who was a Heaven Grade alchemist, but Guang Yuan was different, only a dog of a Heaven Grade alchemist. A dog, well, slaughtering it was no big deal, because they were all came from large sects and had the self-assurance.

Just like Yao Hui Yue not caring about Earth Grade alchemist, although these people weren’t wild to that degree, the possibility of the them needing to request a Heaven Grade alchemist was almost zero, so why should they give him face?

Mainly, they were still young and arrogant, while Ling Han was too young, making them envious.

They gave Ling Han a great unwarranted burden. First standing firm with reason, even if Ling Han looked for trouble at their sects in the future, they could be justified and confident. After all, in the north region, what difference was there between a Heaven Grade alchemist and an earth Grade one?

Sects respected high tier alchemists, but definitely wouldn’t take them at their word.

Guang Yuan’s battle prowess was very strong, but he only just entered the Spiritual Pedestal Tier after all. The breakthrough this time was returning to Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and couldn’t bring him the benefits from the Heavenly Luck Stone, so his battle prowess was about four stars. Faced with the elite disciples of these large sects, one or two was alright, but any more, he could no longer resist.

Under the surrounded attacks of six people, Guang Yuan was in imminent danger.

The non-troublemakers watched the show by the side. Ling Han was too young, yet they had to pay respects to such a youngster and call him master; they were naturally annoyed on the inside, only too glad to enjoy the show.

Ling Han’s gaze turned cold as he stood up abruptly, walking towards the fray.

“Master Ling, are you going to personally intervene?” a troublemaker said in a mocking tone. He wasn’t a figure on the prodigy roll, but was extremely conceited and didn’t believe that Ling Han once fired out battle prowess of twenty stars Spiritual Infant Tier, thinking that someone intentionally lied in order to praise Ling Han.

Ling Han revealed a cold smile and said, “Since you guys aren’t willing to get lost, then you can all stay here!”

His right hand shook and the Demon Birth Sword was unleashed. With a slash, the troublemaker’s head immediately flew.  Pu , blood started spilling violently out of the neck, rushing to a foot high before falling back down.

Pa , the head fell on the ground with an expression of disbelief still on the face, its owner never expecting that Ling Han would suddenly kill him!

He was a disciple of the Blood Flame Valley, the strongest sect from the north region, and all those who attacked him had to think before they acted.

The gory slaughter instantly intimidated everyone. Killing a disciple of the Blood Flame Valley without hesitation, this meant that Ling Han had no qualms at all! Hiss, Could a Heaven Grade alchemist really be so willful?

Ling Han walked towards Guang Yuan. His killing intent overflowed, making the six troublemakers feel pressure all at once as they retreated involuntarily. However, it was too late as Ling Han struck, six flashes of Sword Qi slashing towards the six people.

Pu, pu, pu, pu, the six people had no power to resist at all and were instantly sliced into two. The severed limbs and heads spilled over, blood everywhere.

Everyone was terrified.

The status of alchemists was beyond the norm, and a large part of that reason was because they didn’t take part in dispute of interests with martial artists, so they could stay beyond the norm; otherwise, with contention came conflict—how would could they be beyond the norm?

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It was unheard of for an alchemist to take part in competing for treasures, because alchemists knew why their status was beyond the norm—they isolated themselves from contention of benefits.

However, Ling Han was without restraint, not only entering the mystery realm, but also killing resolutely and mercilessly, making people frightened!

The seven troublemakers were executed. Ling Han sheathed his sword and stared coldly at the surrounding people before returning to the original position, continuing to fish.

He could pretend nothing happened, but the other people couldn’t. Those seven corpses with severed heads and heads still lay there—who could pretend not to see. Some people began to shiver in fear that Ling Han’s murderous side would erupt, killing them all to do away with witnesses.

These people left quietly, but some people were unwilling to give up on the Absolute Cold Ice Fish, still fishing.

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Chapter 470