Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 469

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Chapter 469: Fishing

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Ling Han boiled the old Vicious Mongoose and let Guang Yuan have the majority of the essence, while he and Li Si Chan ate a small portion.

Afterwards, Guang Yuan immediately cultivated in seclusion again to charge at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, while Ling Han and LI Si Chan also received a good deal of benefits as they began to charge at the barrier of a small tier each.

The higher the tier, the more solid the barrier of a small tier was, not easily broken through. It was alright below the Flower Blossom Tier, but later, each small tier would be as hard to break through as if a large tier, needing the support of worldly treasures and medicinal pills.

It could be said that before the Flower Blossom Tier, the effect of medicinal pills was to help martial artists quickly complete the accumulation of Origin Power, and from the Flower Blossom Tier onwards, the importance of medicinal pills further increased, having the effect of helping one break through the shackles of a tier.

The blood and flesh of a king-tier beast could be seen as a treasured medicine of the same tier, so the effect naturally worked like a charm, helping the three accumulate Origin Power to charge into a higher tier.

After two hours, Ling Han was the first to complete a breakthrough, advancing into the second layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Following him was Li Si Chan, who reached the third layer of the Gushing Spring Tier; although that wasn’t high, with her talent in martial arts, cultivation, and age, she could be counted as a genius back in Rain Country.

Taking advantage of the time while Guang Yuan was breaking past the threshold, Ling Han took out the piece of bone branded with the pattern.

It was clearly just a bone pattern, which seemed to be formed naturally, but it gave Ling Han a profound feeling, as if it was some sort of extremely advanced art shown in the form of a pattern.

He diligently tried to figure it out. The bone pattern evolved continuously within his consciousness extremely complexly.

“I have to grasp it, this’ll raise my battle prowess by a great deal!” Ling Han said.

Saying so was easy, but doing it was too hard.

Other than Indestructible Heaven Scroll, it was the first time Ling Han encountered an art that he couldn’t immediately comprehend, making him both surprised and even more interested.

The old Vicious Mongoose was only at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, yet it could grasp the bone patterns, so was he inferior to a beast?

Two days passed. Guang Yuan finally came out of seclusion and returned to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

“Congrats, Big Brother Guang!” Li Si Chan saidy sweetly. Her indifference was only aimed at outsiders.

Guang Yuan was overcome with joy; he never would’ve thought that only after half a year, he would return to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and be even more powerful! If he encountered Duan Zheng Zhi again, he was certain that he could kill the other with his own abilities.

“Thank you, Young Master Han, for your help,” he said to Ling Han, half kneeling.

Ling Han nodded and stored away the old Vicious Mongoose’s skull. In two day’s time, he couldn’t comprehend the bone patterns, so his mood soured.

They set out. An indistinct pillar of light soaring into the sky could be seen in the distance, as if guiding their path. Since none of them knew where to go, they decided they might as well walk towards that direction.

After half a day, a lake appeared in front of them. Even without approaching it, a terrifying chill assaulted them, making their blood feel like it was being frozen. At least a hundred people surrounded the side of the lake—they were actually fishing.

These people came in not long ago and were definitely not natives of this world… it was unheard of that there would be locals here.

Ling Han’s gaze swept by and saw his older cousin Yue Kai Yu. This guy was taking a massive net and waving it towards the lake, then drawing it up. His upper body was bare to the waist, revealing sturdy muscles… was he perhaps showing off?

There were so many people fishing, which meant…

The fish here were definitely not ordinary!

Ling Han walked over and set off Origin Power, resisting the chill. Fortunately, although the chill was thorough to the bones, it was still resistible as long as one reached the Element Gathering Tier. Apparently, the chill came from the lake, but the surface of the water was marked with ripples but no sign of freezing over, appearing extremely strange.

“Master Ling!”

“My respects to Master Ling!”

Ling Han walked over. Quite a few people paid respects to him, and of course, there was a minority that ignored him, thinking that they had no requests for Ling Han to refine pills, so was it worthwhile to bootlick?

It was still mainly because Ling Han was too young, making people envious. Otherwise, if he looked like an eighty or ninety years old man, it was guaranteed that the youngsters here would give him face.

It couldn’t be helped that youngsters were proud and arrogant and could only accept lowering their heads to the older generation. Ling Han was so young, even younger than most of the people here, naturally making people envious and unconvinced.

Ling Han wasn’t so idle as to make everyone be sincerely convinced about him. He smiled and nodded, asking someone, “What fish are you catching here?”

“Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish!” the person said, then suddenly started, and pulled on the bamboo pole, fishing up a foot long white fish. Its stomach was transparent white and its insides could clearly be seen, as if layers of ice.

The person was exulted, and said while smiling, “Master Ling is truly naturally lucky. Once you came, I fished up this one. This is also the first Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish I fished up in three days!”

Inside Ling Han’s mind, the information on Absolute Cold Ice Fish was immediately brought up. It was known as a treasured medicine amongst fish, greatly tonic especially for martial artists, because it could recover Qi and blood, increase Origin Power, and was more effective than most medicinal pills.

Because this was a naturally formed being, eating it wouldn’t cause one to develop any drug resistance nor did it hold any medicinal pill poison of sorts—it could be eaten as much as one wanted. At most, for one with a high tier, it would simply take more Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish to have an apparent effect.

No one went into the water to fish because the water temperature was too cold. Even if Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors went into the water, it wouldn’t take much time for them to be frozen into a block of ice.

Ling Han was instantly enthused as he said to Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan, “Let’s also fish!”

There were almost all kinds of materials inside the Black Tower, and very soon, the three of them all had a fishing kit. The fishing line that Ling Han used was formed by Blood Sucking Origin Gold, and he then took out a bunch of ginsengs from the Black Tower—this was bait.

The Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish itself was a super tonic medicine, so it also loved to eat spirit medicine—this would be the best bait. However, spirit medicine was extremely precious, so how many people here could take out a second tier or third tier spirit medicine—anything higher they probably didn’t have, and even if they did, how much would they have?

Precisely so, everyone’s gains were so little. The bait wasn’t very effective, so why would the Absolute Cold Ice Heart Fish take the bait?

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What Ling Han lacked least was spirit medicine, and he definitely didn’t lack those below the fifth tier.

He took out hundred years old ginsengs, and all were at least hundred-year-old; it wasn’t that he didn’t have thousand-year-old ones, but that it was too wasteful to use it for fishing.

Ling Han threw some ginseng to Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan while everyone looked at these stalks of ginsengs, which were thick as an arm, being thrown around like carrots—their faces involuntarily twitched.

Oh, envy and hate—he was too wealthy!

Ling Han coiled the ginseng with Blood Sucking Origin Gold, flung it casually, and it landed at the center of the lake, causing slight ripples.

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