Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 468

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Chapter 468: Bone Patterns

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The old Vicious Mongoose appeared extremely furious. These two humans not only snatched its juniors, but also wanted to eat it, truly having no idea of death!

It was a king amongst beasts!

Ling Han didn’t want to waste time and exploded with all his strength right away, unleashing the Demon Birth Sword and thrusting it at the old Vicious Mongoose.

The old Vicious Mongoose was extremely intrepid; a king tier meant standing at the peak of this tier and represented invincibility! The vein-like lines on its forehead lit up as it leapt out extremely quickly, and in a flash appeared before Ling Han’s chest, opening its mouth and biting at Ling Han’s throat.

“Certainly quite fast.” Ling Han smiled slightly and raised his hand, blocking the old Vicious Mongoose’s sharp teeth.

In terms of speed, the old Vicious Mongoose was fast, but it wasn’t at all comparable to Hu Niu.

With a snap, the old Vicious Mongoose bit Ling Han’s palm, wanting to bite off this human’s arm. However, as it bit down, only countless sparks burst forth.

It couldn’t help but be shocked—was this guy actually a human, how come his palm was so solid? It clearly didn’t feel the fluctuations of Origin Power, so it was simply the defense of Ling Han’s flesh.

What the f-ck, its teeth were even loosened!

Ling Han countered with a punch, and the old Vicious Mongoose was instantly sent flying. He was slightly startled as he said, “It actually didn’t die?”

As expected of a king tier beast, taking Ling Han’s punch right on without dying!

The old Vicious Mongoose burst into anger—what did king tier represent? It was invincible in this tier! And when a king encountered another king, then victory depended on whose tier was higher; Ling Han was only at the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, while it was ninth tier, obviously having the absolute advantage.

However, it lost, which made it extremely out of sorts. Moreover, Ling Han actually wanted to kill it with one punch, feeling sour from not killing it in an instant?

Sh.t, it was regarded with such contempt!

The old Vicious Mongoose attacked again and opened its mouth, spitting out nine flashes of air-blades that swept towards Ling Han.

“As expected of a king amongst beasts, cultivating nine flashes of Qi!” Ling Han complemented. A king amongst beasts originally had surprising battle prowess, and on top of the Qi that only kings amongst martial artists could form, its battle prowess was naturally even more frightening.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, nine flashes of air-blades flew in unison, violently slashing at Ling Han. Each air-blade had complex vein-like patterns winnowing, emitting an ancient and grand presence.

Ling Han was slightly startled; these vein-like patterns made even him feel nervous, showing that it was no trivial thing.

He didn’t dare to be careless and pushed out the Demon Birth Sword, greeting the air-blades. With a slash of a sword, nine flashes of Sword Qi also flew in unison.

When the Sword Qi met the air-blades, both were annihilated.

Ling Han was shocked again by the terrifying martial intent. The Sword Qi he used the Demon Birth Sword to fire out only tied with the air-blades his opponent spat out—was this the true strength of a king amongst beasts?

“Haha, come fight!” Ling Han’s fighting spirit soared. Earlier, he knew that the old Vicious Mongoose was a king amongst beasts and was still absent-minded, seeing it as a minion, but after this attack, he finally took it seriously.

He waved the sword and used a new sword technique—Thunder Fire Sword Technique.

This was an Earth Grade technique that could only be cultivated at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, replacing the phasing out Four Seasons Sword Technique. After so many days, he had already grasped this sword technique proficiently, and as the long sword was swung, sounds of thunderstorm rumbled and raging flames burned.

He had a Five Elements Spirit Base, and his Origin Power could be converted into any of the five elements, so there was naturally fire in this sword technique; however, he didn’t cultivate thunder type arts, so he could only rely on sword intent to accumulate the thunder element within heaven and earth to form the thunderstorm—the power of it naturally decreased a bit.

Earth Grade techniques were powerful; compounded with the sharpness of a tenth tier Spirit Tool, Ling Han naturally took the high ground. He gave a long holler and the tenth flash of Sword Qi shot out, instantly increasing his might sharply.

Ten flashes of Sword Qi versus nine flashes—this was an inherent difference in quality.

Against such might, the old Vicious Mongoose naturally retreated one step after another. It certainly was a powerful king, but unfortunately, it encountered someone even more freakish, so it could only swallow the bitter fruit of defeat. After a hundred more moves, Ling Han killed the old Vicious Mongoose.

He hurriedly took the old Vicious Mongoose’s corpse inside the Black Tower. This was a king amongst beasts, wasting even a drop of blood was a huge loss.

Ling Han processed it skillfully, peeling off its skin and breaking its bones ever so swiftly. Before, he was definitely not so practiced, but after picking up the chowhound Hu Niu, he became quite agile in sorting out food.


He found a unusual spot on the old Vicious Mongoose’s cranium; there was a flower pattern on it, extremely complex.

“This is very similar to the vein-like patterns on the air-blade it’s fired out.” Ling Han recalled as he said, “Precisely because it was blessed by such martial intent, the air-blades were able to rival the Sword Qi fired out by Demon Birth Sword. Could it possibly be due to this piece of its skull?”

He was a Heaven Tier elite in his former life anyhow, and in the depths of historic sites, he encountered quite a few powerful beasts, lacking opponents that were king tier; however, he’d never discovered one with bone patterns on its bones.

He looked closely again and his spirit was instantly attracted by the pattern on the bones. The static patterns seemed to come alive, wriggling and changing as if expounding the Dao of heaven and earth.

“Got a real treasure!” Ling Han felt a rush of excitement. He was certain that additional power of the old Vicious Mongoose’s air-blades came from the bone patterns. If he could thoroughly grasp it, then the Qi he fired out would increase drastically in quality.

“Uh, almost forgot Guang Yuan!” He flashed out of the Black Tower and saw that Guang Yuan was still battling fiercely with the other Vicious Mongooses. He was injured at least in a dozen places, but on the side lay several Mongooses—not dead, but unconscious.

If it weren’t so, being able to kill his opponents, Guang Yuan definitely wouldn’t be so in such a tight corner. However, to capture an opponent alive and to kill an opponent were two tasks definitely on different levels of difficulty.

Ling Han nodded inwardly. Guang Yuan’s battle prowess increased a lot, cultivating the Spiritual Ocean Tier again wasn’t a bad thing for him—before, he broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier in a rush and his foundation wasn’t particularly firm.

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Walking the old route again, he had the experience to correct previous mistakes, and secondly, he wasn’t in a rush to charge into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and could firmly solidify his foundation.

In another half hour or so, Guang Yuan finally seized the remaining Vicious Mongooses, and then let out a bright laughter. “Master Han, thankfully, I accomplished the mission!”

Ling Han nodded and said, “Go recover Origin Power. After you adjust to your peak state, charge at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. The Spiritual Qi here is extremely abundant and will be of great help in breaking through. I’ll refine out the blood and flesh essence from the old Vicious Mongoose to aid you in your final accumulation.”

“Thank you, Master Han, for your help,” Guang Yuan said gratefully; if he followed another person, who would be willing to spend a king tier’s beast’s blood and flesh essence on a subordinate?

Just from this point, he was willing to plunge into raging fire and boiling water for Ling Han.

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Chapter 468