Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 466

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Chapter 466: Subduing the Rock Spirit

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

The massive golem went berserk—a puny being of the human race actually dared to provoke it time and time again? Especially when it had advanced to the Flower Blossom Tier, which was an increase on the level of life, surpassing Ling Han by countless times.

If its intelligence was normal, then it would definitely have scruples about the Black Tower that suddenly appeared; however, the rock spirit acted based on instincts. Its instinctively felt that the Black Tower was quite ordinary, so what did it have to fear?

Xiu , it immediately soared through the sky as a terrifying presence swirled by; even the ground was trembling. Ling Han’s face turned pale and his skin rippled.

This wasn’t as simple as mental oppression. The Flower Blossom Tier presence could be physicalized, especially the special type like the rock spirit, birthed by heaven and earth—the oppressive power of it was too strong.

Ling Han slowly retreated, arriving at the Black Tower’s entrance.

“Ang!” The massive golem soared over. With one punch, it was going to crush the human who dared to shatter its head and hands repeatedly.

Ling Han retreated once more, and xiu , his entire person entered the Black Tower.

The massive golem didn’t hesitate and charged right in. Seeing that Ling Han wasn’t far from it, its viciousness instantly erupted; it launched itself over, throwing a punch onto the top of Ling Han’s head.

It wanted to smash Ling Han into pulp.

“Freeze!” Ling Han said lightly, and the massive golem’s movements suddenly stopped.

In the Black Tower, he was the dictator.

At this time, Small Tower already turned Black Tower into a microscopic seed. Even unleashing the Black Tower and controlling the leaking of its the presence was a burden for Small Tower. It would consume Source Power, which it naturally didn’t want to waste.

The massive golem was a bit baffled—why could it suddenly not move? Its intelligence apparently wasn’t enough to figure it out as it shook its head abruptly, as if racking its brains.

Ling Han laughed loudly and swiped his finger, and the massive golem immediately turned upside down.

“Ang!” The massive golem opened its mouth to roar and a sound wave instantly stormed over.

“Freeze again!” Ling Han said lightly, and the sound wave stopped abruptly, freezing in midair as if time could be stopped. He walked over and casually kneaded the curved sound wave into a ball, and then pressed towards the massive golem.

Peng , the sound wave’s power erupted and instantly sent the golem flying, even blowing a dent in the massive being’s chest.

…Now that the golem advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, the power of the sound waves it released naturally increased, and it was also kneaded together, exploding on one point, which was even scarier.

Ling Han smiled slightly and said, “Blockhead, you convinced yet?”

The massive golem got up. The shattered rocks immediately flew towards its chest as if it was made of water, quickly recovering to as it was—not even an injury could be seen. It stared fiercely at Ling Han, and xiu , launched itself once again, attacking towards Ling Han.

Ling Han casually moved his fingers. This powerful opponent who could put up a fight against him at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier had no power to retaliate at all even though it advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier.

The massive golem was truly tough as nails; no matter how Ling Han tormented it, shattering it into thousands of pieces and stopping it from recovering, it wouldn’t surrender. Every time Ling Han released it, it would attack at Ling Han fiercely.

Ling Han couldn’t help but lose his patience—just how long would this continue for?

“Let me.” Small Tower appeared and swayed gently.


A scene that made Ling Han’s eyes drop out appeared. The massive golem actually knelt down facing the Small Tower; it was clearly a golem, but Ling Han actually saw the sincerity on its face.

What the heck!

If he’d known Small tower was so kick*ss, he’d have let it take the matter!

Ling Han knew that a being birthed by the earth like the rock spirit had absolutely no fear of death, and for them, death was only returning to heaven and earth. They were proud because they were birthed by heaven and earth, standing high above and looking down on the masses.

So no matter how Ling Han suppressed it, it would only incite the anger and unyieldingness of the rock spirit.

However, Small Tower’s level of life was far beyond the rock spirit’s, as if born a king, so the rock spirit could only kneel upon seeing Small Tower.

Small Tower trembled slightly and emitted wave after wave, while the Rock Spirit nodded repeatedly, as if the two were communicating.

After a while, the massive golem got up and walked obediently to Ling Han’s side, rubbing Ling Han’s shoulder with its head like a dog.

The corner of Ling Han’s mouth twitched, the wild and intractable large fellow earlier was obedient like a dog right now, making him somewhat unable to accept it.

“M-master!” The golem telepathically sent a divine sense message.

The rock spirit was the same as the fire spirit, unable to open its mouth to speak; but they didn’t need to, since they could inherently use telepathic thoughts, crossing the language barrier.

Ling Han laughed and said to Small Tower, “What did you say to it that made it so obedient?”

“I told it that you’re my master, so naturally its master too,” Small Tower said indifferently.

That easy!?

Ling Han sighed with all sorts of feelings. Black Tower was too kick*ss, subduing a Flower Blossom Tier rock spirit that easily! If it were someone else, even if a Shattering Void Tier warrior came, it would be useless; at most they could smash the rock spirit into bits and pieces, but not subdue it.

“Master, hungry, eat, stones!” The massive golem sent Ling Han another thought.

Crap, why’d he get another chowhound?

Ling Han palmed his forehead. This big fellow shouldn’t be as gluttonous as Hu Niu, and should be like Strange Fire; eating was a necessity to strengthen itself. Strange Fires could devour other Strange Fires to advance itself, while rock spirits devoured other rock spirits.

He immediately thought of Heavenly Luck Stone, which was also a rare stone birthed by heaven and earth, but he hurriedly shook his head. This thing could foster a genius, and giving it to the rock spirit to devour would be too much of a waste.

There were many rare stones in the world.

Ling Han nodded and said, “Follow a boss like me, there’ll definitely be rocks.”

The massive golem smiled simple-mindedly, foolish like a rash fellow.

Ling Han looked at the golem and suddenly had an idea. He hurriedly said, “You can change your body as you wish… Oh, right, first I’ll have to give you a name. There’s already Small Tower and Small Fire, you’ll be called Small Rock.”

The massive golem naturally wouldn’t be against it, simply nodding its head and sending a thought of approval.

Ling Han had it raise thirty-six pillars on top of its head; they were very short, only the length of a finger.

The massive golem didn’t know why, but simply did so obediently without asking. It was as if it had suddenly grown hair.

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‘It works!’

Ling Han sent it another thought, having it change the locations of the pillars, and forming a mysterious pattern.

It wasn’t that Ling Han was doing it for fun.

Earlier, he suddenly thought that since the rock spirit’s body was extremely solid, only a bit inferior to rare metals of the same tier, would it work if he carved the Heavenly Thunder Dipper Formation on it?

This was an endeavor, and if it worked, he would carve sixth tier formations and seventh tier formations on it in the future!

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Chapter 466