Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: Rock Spirit Advances
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“Hey, hey, hey, no way. Is it really good to play this way?” Ling Han sighed, he’d finally had the complete advantage and cultivated out the tenth flash of Sword Qi—all was perfect…

But suddenly his opponent cheated, and no longer fought him on the same tier, rising to the Flower Blossom Tier—how could he handle this?

Ling Han was very freakish, currently only at the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but his battle prowess was already halfway into the Flower Blossom Tier. Even if he advanced into the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, his battle prowess would merely become just a stronger halfway into the Flower Blossom Tier.

How could the boundary of mortals be so easily surpassed?

Even Rain Emperor relied on the power of the nation to forcefully push halfway into the Flower Blossom Tier level strength to the full Flower Blossom Tier. The power of the nation—just how many people and martial artists did Rain Country have?

Earlier, when the massive golem split into infinite small golems, it lay on the ground like an inanimate stone, probably absorbing the power of the earth and making its final efforts in breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier. Therefore, when he and the girl came, the golem was immediately alarmed because it was in the middle of a crucial period.

The girl didn’t notice and stepped on the rock, naturally making the golem feel danger and offhandedly smacking her to death…. If someone were to poke the nose of a martial artist cultivating in seclusion, wouldn’t the martial artist be infuriated to the point of wanting to kill someone?

Currently, the massive golem couldn’t beat Ling Han, and could only forcefully begin its breakthrough. Once it advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier, killing Ling Han would be as easy as the turn of a palm. This wasn’t just about revenge, but also its survival; it had to take the chance.

Ling Han wanted to stop the golem from taking this step, but after a bit of thought, he gave up on this thought.

He intended to subdue this massive golem, so the stronger it was, the better.

The golem could cheat, but so could he!

“Small Tower, can you intervene?” Ling Han asked. This was a mystery realm and was its own small world.

Small Tower immediately said, “Although this is a small world and I’ve absorbed some Source Power, it’s still not enough to conceal the power fluctuations when intervening.”

Ling Han was instantly disappointed. After all that, Small Tower still couldn’t be used. It seemed like he could only stop the massive golem from breaking through or turn around to run.

“However, if the Black Tower was unleashed and if its power isn’t used, I can still suppress such presence fluctuations,” Small Tower continued.

“Oh?” Ling Han was moved; if the Black Tower was unleashed and the massive golem was lured in, then inside the Black Tower, wouldn’t this golem have to listen obediently even if it was a Shattering Void Tier creature, let alone a Flower Blossom Tier one?

He immediately made up his mind, allowing the massive golem to break through, thereby subduing a Flower Blossom Tier rock spirit.

Spirits of the five elements, each one possessed unusual abilities.

The Strange Fire could support him in pill refinement; the rock spirit could nourish the land; the gold spirit could make weapons sharper and tougher; the wood spirit was the source of life and had surprising effects of healing; the water spirit could summon clouds and winds, relieving droughts.

Ling Han waited silently for the massive golem’s breakthrough. Since there was nothing to do, he summoned Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan out of the Black Tower and the three began cultivating together.

The Spiritual Qi was too dense in here, forming Spirit Qi like mist; cultivating one day could equal cultivating ten days on the outside.

Ling Han and Guang Yuan were martial arts maniacs and immediately went in the zone. Though Li Si Chan focused on pill refining, it was necessary to cultivate. She didn’t have a Strange Fire, and the level of alchemy was restricted by martial arts.

Therefore, she very soon began to cultivate as well.

They all took a medicinal pill supportive to cultivation, furthering the cultivation speed.

Only when they used up their soul power did they stop, and at this time, the massive golem was still breaking through. Rocks broke into pieces all over its body as its body was actually shrinking.

Ling Han could clearly see that it wasn’t that the massive golem failed, but conversely, the golem was walking down the path firmly.

Flower Blossom Tier creatures transcended the mortal body, and for the rock spirit, it was the same; it condensed the essence within its body and cast off useless rocks, developing towards a higher level of life.

“What’s that large guy?” Li Si Chan finally had the time to ask.

“Rock spirit, a rare rock of the world that attained wisdom and turned into a living being,” Ling Han said simplistically.

“It seems to be undergoing some sort of change,” Guang Yuan said.

“Yes.” Ling Han nodded. “Its charging into the Flower Blossom Tier. I’m waiting for it to successfully break through, and then to subdue it.”


Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan spurted out at the same time, feeling that Ling Han had gone crazy.

The Flower Blossom Tier!

Weren’t those three words enough? Below the Flower Blossom Tier, all were powerless ants, and no matter how freakish Ling Han was, he couldn’t possibly compare with a Flower Blossom Tier being! Unless he rose to the throne, allocating the power of the nation like the Rain Emperor did.

Would the rock spirit show mercy because he was a Heaven Grade alchemist?

Obviously not.

“Young Master Han?” Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan looked nervous all across their faces.

“No matter.” Ling Han smiled slightly; he possessed the Black Tower, which was his greatest trump card.

Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan obviously thought of it; although they didn’t know what exactly the Black Tower was, they simply knew that Ling Han could hide in that place of absolute safety in a desperate situation.

After they finished cultivating, Guang Yuan and Li Si Chan returned to the Black Tower. The massive golem could finish its breakthrough at any time, so they didn’t want to be flustered when that time came.

As expected, after another two hours passed, the massive golem suddenly let out an explosive roar. The sound waves soared into the sky, ripping into the clouds with terrifyingly shocking momentum.

Its height shrunk to a little over thirty centimeters, but it was still much taller than normal people. However, compared to its previous height of ten feet, it could be called a shrunken version.

The Flower Blossom Tier!

This rock spirit already cast off its mortal body and advanced into the tier that all living beings dreamed of.

It was different, completely different. This massive golem’s presence was like the ocean and a pattern appeared on its torso. It seemed like a character, and also a bit like a pattern, impossible to differentiate; it was old and rustic, as if an ancient language that existed in the primitive times.

The massive golem looked at Ling Han in a lofty manner. Although it didn’t evolve eyes, its feet slowly left the ground, floating in midair.

The Flower Blossom Tier beings could fly!

A chubby golem floating in midair, this scene was a bit funny.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, “Blockhead, come hit me!” At the same time, he sent a thought to Small Tower. “You can begin!”

Small Tower didn’t respond and just directly unleashed the Black Tower.

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A pitch-black tower appeared, only a few meters big at first, but it immediately enlarged, reaching several hundred meters in size. A door opened at the bottom and revealed an indistinct entrance; looking from outside was a blur of chaos, nothing could be clearly seen.

The Black Tower was extremely plain, neither having the gold words of Indestructible Golden Scroll floating, nor raising an ancient and primitive presence; it was ordinary as ordinary could be.

Ling Han knew that Small Tower controlled the circulation of Black Tower’s presence, or else, if it leaked out, it would attract the attention of powerful beings from the higher realm, directly breaking into this realm to seize the Black Tower.

“Blockhead, come into the bowl… come into the tower!”

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Chapter 465