Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: Rock Spirit

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

This was a golem. It shrunk its body earlier, as if an inanimate stone, but now it suddenly rioted, smashing a delicate flower-like beauty into pulp; the scene was a somewhat tragic.

The golem wasn’t huge, only a meter or so tall. Its head and limps wormed out of its jagged body, which were also made of accumulated by pieces of rocks.

“Rock Spirit,” Ling Han said lightly.

Heaven and earth had spiritual power that could birth all kinds of living creatures, and several of which weren’t completely made of flesh and blood.

For example, Ents, a race that was formed after plants possessed wisdom. For example, Strange Fire, another type of living creature that, at its pinnacle, could turn into the shape of a human, such that even normal martial artists wouldn’t be able to tell it was different from a true human.

The one he faced now was a rock spirit.

The living spirits of the five elements had some things in common; they felt no pain like normal living creatures and were very very hard to kill.

Strange Fire didn’t have a physical body and couldn’t be hurt by gravity; only water type arts could restrain it. The special trait of a rock spirit was its scary defensive power, like Ling Han’s Rock Cliff Body. Although it was incomparable to rare metals of the same tier, it was still extremely tough.

After mushing the girl, the rock spirit turned to face Ling Han. Despite having no facial features, it still gave Ling Han a feeling of being stared at.

“This place may be a holy land for cultivation, but its also a dangerous place!” Ling Han muttered. “However, if I can subdue a few rocks spirits, then I could ‘spread beans into soldiers,’ surely enough to give people a great surprise.”

The Thousand Corpse Sect thirsted for the “spatial Spirit Tool” in his hand that could accommodate living things for the purpose of hiding a large army inside—when they launched an surprise attack, the effect of it would definitely be shocking.

In the time he was lost in thought, the golem charged over and fired a punch, momentous and heavy, breaking through the speed of sound; a visible void instantly formed behind the fist, with chaotic burst of the sonic boom.

Ling Han laughed, also greeting with a punch, and said, “Think I’m scared of you, let’s see whose fist is harder!”


The two fists clashed as a shock wave instantly burst forth. The golem was sent flying, its right arm shattered.

Ling Han was astounded. He didn’t hold back in this punch, simply not using arts or Fist Qi, but it only shattered one of the golem’s arm yet not made the the golem explode completely. It could be seen how powerful the golem was and how tough its physique was.

Against the golem, there was no need to hold back.


The golem’s shattered arm turned into infinitely small rocks that fell on the ground, but immediately began rolling as if it had its own life. When the rocks gathered underneath the golem’s feet, the rocks fluttered and connected to the severed arm.

In an instant, the golem’s arm returned to how it was.

Strange Fire didn’t have a physical body and wasn’t hurt by brute force; on the other hand, the golem had a tough physique on top of its terrifying recovery power.

“Ang!” The golem’s head opened, as if cracking open a large mouth, unleashing a furious roar; it had never suffered such a great loss, having its arm shattered by someone else.

Teng, teng, teng, teng, it charged at Ling Han in large strides, and with each step, the ground trembled slightly, showing its terrifying mass.

It fired another punch.

“Can’t beat you into submission?” Ling Han smiled and also fired a punch. Peng, the golem’s right arm was shattered again, and this time, Ling Han didn’t wait for it to recover, charging up and firing a flurry of punches.

The golem’s body was very hard, not much different from rare metals of the same tier, but it still couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath after all; otherwise, it’d be iron man and not golem.

…The rock spirit was somewhat lacking in defense when compared with the gold spirit, but its recovery power was strong.

After receiving a dozen punches, the golem was completely shattered into bits and pieces, spreading all over the ground. However, these small pieces of rock immediately began rolling and recombining. Ling Han didn’t stop it, but when it was about to finish reconstructing, he fired a punch and shattered it into bits and pieces again.

The golem began to reconstruct, but every time it was about to finish, Ling Han would break it up. After five consecutive times, it finally stopped reconstructing, and the several hundred pieces of shattered rocks began to wriggled one after another, turning into several hundred small golems!

“Ang!” These golems synchronized and roared in anger. Instantly, the pieces of rocks that lay on the desolate field all “stood” up.

They were all golems!

“Sh!t!” Ling Han was somewhat surprised that he actually landed in the den of golems—was this luck extremely terrible or extremely good?

“Ang!” All the golems roared towards the sky, echoing one another.

“Haha!” Ling Han laughed loudly. With this many golems, he could organize a powerful army. He waved his hand and said, “Quickly come in to the bowl.”

Peng, peng, peng , there were at least a hundred large golems charging towards Ling Han, and the shattered golem took advantage to reconstruct. The life force and recovery power of these type of spirits were truly a bit overbearing.

Ling Han greeted them by firing punches wildly at these golems. His battle prowess was too terrifying, sending a golem flying with each punch, but these golems were unharmed, immediately charging right back.

Hard to take care of!

Just the right time to polish his fist techniques.

Ling Han launched the War Elephant Fist, and seven flashes of momentous Qi surged, evolving into eight ancient war elephants that rammed into those golems. He pulled no punches as his battle prowess immediately rocketed and the war elephants dominated, crushing into pieces any golem that was touched.

However, this only suppressed the golems and couldn’t destroy the golems’ strong recovery power. They still reconstructed, entering the fray again.

Ling Han considered storing them into the Black Tower, but every golem had its own consciousness. It would be the same after shattering their consciousness—he’d be unable to store them in the Black Tower no matter what.

It seemed like they needed a taste of power before they learned a lesson.

Ling Han unleashed the Demon Birth Sword. With the destructive power of a tenth tier Spirit Tool, would these golems still be able to recover after a strike of the sword?

Once Demon Birth Sword was unleashed, the tenth tier Spirit Tool’s vicious presence overflowed the area instantly. The golems lost some of their viciousness, beginning to hesitate. They were extremely vicious and merciless a moment ago, having no scruples at all, but now…

“Haha, you guys also know fear?” Ling Han said, laughing.

However, these golems were naturally vicious after all. They immediately regained their vicious attitude, rushing towards Ling Han.

Ling Han swung Demon Birth Sword, and instantly nine flashes of Sword Qi surged, sweeping towards those golems.

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The golems weren’t highly intelligent, but they had instincts; each one of them avoided the Demon Birth Sword’s blade. However, they couldn’t completely avoid the Sword Qi. Pu, pu, pu,  many golems were instantly struck by the Sword Qi and sliced into two.

This time, the golems reconstructed much slower. The Sword Qi was slashed out by a tenth tier Spirit Tool, possessing terrifying destructive power—even with the golems’ recovery speed, they couldn’t reconstruct immediately.

Ling Han suppressed all the golems once again with his own might, showing his invincibility in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

“Ang!” These golems retreated one after another and gathered together, piling up into a ‘human’ pyramid.

Seeing these golems continuously drilling into each other’s bodies, Ling Han couldn’t help but be astounded, blurting out, “Could it be that these golems were all broken up from a huge golem?”

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Chapter 463