Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 461

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Chapter 461: Punishment

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

With Ling Han’s former life’s Heaven Tier perception, there were very few people he couldn’t see through. Hu Niu was one of them.

Unknowingly, this little girl was already in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

So fast!

Wen Yi Jian only saw a blur before his eyes and Hu Niu’s small fist was already in front of him, giving him no chance to parry or dodge. However, he was a genius after all, and with a glare, two beams of light fired from his eyes, streaking towards Hu Niu’s small hand.

With a sound, the two sword beams hit Hu Niu’s fist; the power behind them wasn’t small, deflecting Hu Niu’s fist and scraping past her cheek.

Wen Yi Jian’s combat awareness was extremely strong; he immediately started counterattacking once the danger was resolved. With a finger as sword, he thrusted at Hu Niu.

Xiu , Hu Niu’s figure flashed, disappearing once again.

Wen Yi Jian cried out ‘Not good!’ in his thoughts. As expected, a wind blew against the back of his head as Hu Niu’s fired another punch. He hurriedly leaned forward, but all the black hair on his head was raised, as if turning into swords that stung at Hu Niu.

Peng , as the punch hit, several hundred strands of Wen Yi Jian’s hair instantly snapped, but traces of blood emerged on Hu Niu’s small hand from being stabbed by the hair swords.

Hu Nas infuriated, firing her small fists repeatedly.

Wen Yi Jian controlled the hair swords to resist as he turned and was finally face-to-face with Hu Niu. Pointing with a finger, instantly nine flashes of Sword Qi winnowed and martial intent spread, emitting a terrifying coercive presence.

At this moment, he was like an emperor of the path of the sword, no one daring to look directly at him.

Hu Niu, however, was unafraid, turning her fist into claws and waving at those attacks of Sword Qi.

Pu, pu, pu, pu , the Sword Qi was all destroyed, but Hu Niu’s attacks were also to no avail.

The few exchanges between the two were extremely fast, just like flashes of electricity, each move and style extremely critical. If either of them made a slight mistake, they would receive a heavy injury.

A hush fell over the crowd, even everyone’s breathing was involuntarily held back. Only after a good while could the sounds of long rough and long breathing be heard; everyone was shocked inside.

So it turned out these two people were strong to such a degree.

No matter who else took the field, faced with Hu Niu’s attacks, they’d definitely be hit, and in Hu Niu’s position, faced with Wen Yi Jian’s counterattacks, they’d definitely suffer ruthless aftershock. However, the two tied, truly frightening.

Wen Yi Jian’s was staring wide-eyed. This little girl was so young and she could already rival him. If they were the same age, then wouldn’t Hu Niu only need one hand to suppress him?

Hu Niu’s viciousness erupted as she kept attacking continuously; her petite figure leapt like lightning, making Wen Yi Jian weary with parrying. However, he was certainly strong—even under such circumstances, he still had power to return attacks, creating quite a bit of pressure for Hu Niu.

Ling Han was shocked as it was his first time seeing Hu Niu fight so strenuously. It was not that Hu Niu didn’t think of using her terrifying teeth to decide the victory with one attack, but that she had no chance unleash an attack so closely.

…Wen Yi Jian’s battle prowess was also not to be underestimated. If Hu Niu were to bite on Wen Yi Jian, she would definitely be struck by Wen Yi Jian’s Sword Qi; the result of that would truly be hard to tell.

“Hmph!” Hu Niu stopped; she had the absolute initiative, and the sugarcoated haw that was originally in Wen Yi Jian’s hand was snatched by her. At this moment, she peeled the sugarcoating and began eating it deliciously. “Ugly monster, you can take this ugly woman away.”

Wen Yi Jian laughed instead and said, “I really underestimated the people of the north region. Little girl, you can rival me, and after twenty years, I’ll wait for you to come challenge me.”

With that said, he turned to leave.

Hu NIu cried out in anger—how could there be a person that was so untrustworthy? She clearly said that if he couldn’t beat her, then he should take the ugly girl away! And yet he left just like that, too detestable!

“Hu Niu’s more impressive! She actually tied Wen Yi Jian in a fight.”

“Hehe, truly interesting. The first of the prodigy roll, Yang Jun Hao, was actually defeated in one move, but the third ranked Hu Niu could suppress Wen Yi Jian.”

“Wonder if Yang Jun Hao’s gone red yet?”

Everyone discussed spiritedly, Hu Niu didn’t disappoint them as expected. The stronger the opponent, the stronger she was, at last saving the face of north region’s martial artsts. Although there were many people who could suppress Wen Yi Jian at the scene, but if a Flower Blossom Tier warrior intervened, wouldn’t that truly be saying that there was no one else in the north region?

…If this Flower Blossom Tier martial artist was of the young generation, then it wouldn’t be a problem, proving the strength of north region’s martial arts; but, if only one from the older generation could suppress him, then it would truly be humiliating.

Ling Han looked at Zhu Xuan Er and said, “Follow me!”

The two entered the already set up tent, which blocked the crowd’s gaze, making the crowd feel itch on the inside; a man and a woman alone, would they do something embarrassing?

The tent was large, not only having chairs and tables, but also beds; no one lacked a spatial ring and could bring all they wanted.

Ling Han sat down and said, “When did I become your master?”

Zhu Xuan Er slowly fell to her knees and said, “Xuan Er wants to do some things for Master Han.”

Ling Han laughed and said, “Being a maidservant at a tavern and following by my side, that’s doing things for me?”

“Please instruct me Master Han, Xuan Er will definitely try hard,” Zhu Xuan Er said seriously.

Ling Han rolled his eyes, since when did this girl become endearingly silly? He shook his head and said, “This doesn’t feel good!” He pointed at the table and said, “Go lie over there.”

Zhu Xuan Er’s pretty face turned red and then white. Did this guy’s lust erupt, wanting to take her over here? She hurriedly said, “Master Ling, don’t misunderstand, Xuan Er truly wants to work for you!”

“I didn’t misunderstand, you misunderstood!” Ling Han took out a rattan. “I dislike those who don’t listen the most so I’m going to beat you!”

Zhu Xuan Er walked over obediently to the side of the table, prostrating, and sticking up her butt.

She couldn’t help but blush in this position, so embarrassing!

Ling Han laughed mischievously. After this whipping, this girl wouldn’t bother him anymore, right? Pa , he unhesitatingly lashed out, emitting a crisp sound, but this was only a normal rattan, so how could it possibly hurt Zhu Xuan Er who was a Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

Pa, pa, sounds were ceaseless; Zhu Xuan Er’s pretty face was getting more red and hot. She seemed to have understood something and couldn’t help but blush.

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She could imagine how she looked right now—her pert buttocks should be facing Ling Han, right?

Too embarrassing! Too shameful!

Her consciousness was somewhat blurry, and she felt that her face was shockingly hot, as if it were about to burn. A feeling never felt before breeding within, sprawling and rising.

Just when she was in a daze, she heard Hu Niu say, “Ling Han, you’re hitting too lightly, let Niu help you!”

Before she came back to her senses, her butt felt an unbearable pain, making her cry out involuntarily. She turned around abruptly and saw that Hu Niu was biting down on her butt.

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Chapter 461