Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 459

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Chapter 459: East Region’s Prodigy

Translator: Reverie_  Editor: Kurisu

This person was like a god spirit that descended to earth, his presence shocking. He was clearly only a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior, but as his martial intent spread, its deterrence power was almost equal to that of the Flower Blossom Tier.

Behind him, several beautiful female martial artists held their cheeks, their gazes full of stars as they couldn’t help but scream, appearing infatuated.

He took large strides arriving before Zhu Xuan Er. The corner of his mouth quirked up, revealing a smile that would drive people crazy as he said, “Zhu Xuan Er, take off the veil, let me see if you’re qualified to be my bride!”

“So handsome!”

“So assertive!”
“Wen Yi Jian, marry me, I”m willing to be your bride!”

Quite a few female martial artists screamed, extremely fanatical.

Zhu Xuan Er’s pretty face turned cold. As her gaze swept by Ling Han, she said indifferently, “Xuan Er already regards Ling Han as master; as long as Young Master Han agrees, Xuan Er will naturally take off the veil.” In other words, it meant that if Ling Han disagreed, then you can take a hike.


As those words were said, everyone was stirred up. The girls were naturally indignant that Zhu Xuan Er actually rejected such a super handsome man, and the men’s eyes were red with envy. “Regards Ling Han as master,” what did that mean—did you offer both your body and mind?

In that moment, countless gazes that wished to kill all targeted Ling Han. If gazes were like swords, Ling Han would definitely have been slashed into shreds, and if gazes were like fire, Ling Han would definitely have been burned into ashes.

“Haha, you’re that Young Master Ling?” The godlike youngster’s gaze focused on Ling Han as he revealed a smile of disdain. “I’m called Wen Yi Jian, and the future world’s number one sword! Haha, middle state has some idiot self-proclaimed world’s second sword. Luckily, he didn’t call himself the first sword, or else I’ll definitely let him know what’s called the way of the sword!”

“So handsome!” Hearing those bold words, many girls were smitten once again.

Ling Han smiled indifferently and said, “Yao Hui Yue certainly has the right to be called the world’s second sword in the future, but as for you, I only see lowliness, and whether or not you can become the world’s lowliest, that’ll depend on how hard you try.”

Wen Yi Jian’s expression immediately turned grim. He said, “You dare insult me?”

“Insult you? I don’t think so, I’ve only told truth as it is.” Ling Han shrugged his shoulders.

Wen Yi Jian laughed boisterously facing the sky, and said, “In this world, no one can insult me!”

“Oh, you really think you’re something?” Ling Han said with disdain. He originally had no interest in paying attention to such a person with exploding confidence, but Wen Yi Jian asked for trouble.

“Apologize to me. If I’m satisfied, I’ll just cripple one of your arms,” Wen Yi Jian said loftily.

Ling Han uttered an oh and said, “Judging by your tone, you don’t seem to be from the north region?”

“No kidding, how could north region possibly have such a genius like me. I am east region’s number one genius in the way of the sword!” Wen Yi Jian said without a shred of modesty. As his gaze swept by, seeing many men reveal infuriated expressions, he couldn’t help but sneer. “What, not convinced? Then bring it on, I can beat you till you guys are convinced, starting from you!”

As he said the last words, he stared at Ling Han again.

“You don’t even have the right to fight with Master Ling!” A white-clothed figure came in a flash; it was Shen Zhong Cheng. “I’ll defeat you!”

“White-Robed Sword King!”

“The eight place on the prodigy roll!”

“White-Robed Sword King, mess up that asshole from the east region!”

Many men began shouting, as Wen Yi Jian’s arrogance already incited the public’s anger. Of course, another person also became the public enemy, which obviously referred to Ling Han. However, quite a few people had already heard that Ling Han became a Heaven Grade alchemist, and at least on the surface, who dared to pick a fight with one?

Wen Yi Jian was somewhat astounded, looking at Ling Han as he said, “You’re also some master?”

“Don’t you get frightened when I tell you.” Ling Han smiled slightly.

“Haha, what master could frighten me?” Wen Yi Jian said with disdain. “You’re at most a high-level Earth Grade alchemist. Although in terms of your age segment, this is already very impressive.”

“Hahahaha!” The entire place was instantly filled with laughter.

Wen Yi Jian was baffled by the laughs and said balefully, “Were my words that funny?”

“Idiot, Young Master Ling is a Heaven Grade alchemist!” Zhu Wu Jiu yelled out.

“Hahahaha!” This time, Wen Yi Jian burst into laughter, almost laughing to the point of tears. Wasn’t this funny? Who didn’t know that there were only two Heaven Grade alchemists in the all of the vast lands? But these two have diligently studied alchemy for countless years, so how could it possibly be the immature youngster before him became one as well?

However, after he laughed for a while, he found that no one joined him, and all glanced at him as if looking at a fool… except for a few of the beauties that still had fanaticism in their gaze.

“Master Ling certainly is a Heaven Grade alchemist, which the entire world reveres.” An old man opened up. He was Utmost Imperial Sect’s Flower Blossom Tier elite, who specially escorted the sect’s disciples in entering the mystery realm.

Great Sorrow Sect’s Flower Blossom Tier elite also said, “That’s right, Master Ling is north region’s most distinguished genius, like no other!”

“Respects to Master Ling!” The Flower Blossom Tier warriors at the scene paid obeisance to Ling Han one after another. Alchemy and martial arts were not the same domain but were linked in countless ways. If not for Ling Han’s low cultivation, these Flower Blossom Tier warriors would have to kneel to pay their respects.

Ling Han simply raised his hand, appearing composed. He’d seen these occasions many times in his previous life, so he naturally wouldn’t be flustered.

Wen Yi Jian was finally greatly chocked. One Flower Blossom Tier warrior could be muddleheaded, but it was definitely impossible that several hundreds of Flower Blossom Tier martial artists all had strokes. Hiss, the youngster before him was truly a Heaven Grade alchemist?

Holy sh!t, that was way too young!

Alchemists had status beyond the norm, and even if you had no requests for one, you definitely couldn’t offend them. Because offending an alchemist, especially a high tier alchemist, meant many people would volunteer to stick up for the alchemist without the latter even asking.

If word got out that he, Wen Yi Jian, was so frivolous towards a Heaven Grade alchemist, then would there still be a place for him in the entire world?

Wen Yi Jian was proud but not stupid, so he immediately lowered his arrogant head and said, “This lowly one didn’t recognize Master Ling. I beg your pardon Master Ling.”

Ling Han smiled slightly and said, “I’m actually not some Heaven Grade alchemist, just a small martial artist. Weren’t you going to teach me a lesson? Come, come, come, let’s fight to our heart’s content!”

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Like hell, you think I’m stupid!

No way Wen Yi Jian would believe that several hundred Flower Blossom Tier warriors would cooperate in acting with Ling Han who was a mere Spiritual Pedestal Tier—was that possible? He laughed dryly and said, “Master Ling sure knows how to joke!”

He was also an extremely slick person, not stumped at all by Ling Han’s words.

“Wen Yi Jian, come fight!” Shen Zhong Cheng, however, was full of fighting spirit. He was also a sword user, and seeing a sword expert, he couldn’t help but want to spar a bit.

Wen Yi Jian just kicked an iron plate and was very embarrassed, so he naturally would want to regain face. Snorting at once, he said, “Since you want to be defeated so badly, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

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Chapter 459