Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 455

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Chapter 455: Appearance of the Pill Tribulation

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

Another three hours passed.

“Lord Gongyang, what are we to do?” someone asked Gongyang Tai Sun for guidance.

“What do you mean what are we to do? Certification as a Heaven Grade alchemist can last for three days and three nights; only six hours have passed by now and you’re asking me what we are to do? Could it be that you think that I will step out to stop him?” Gongyang Tai Sun huffed.

That person smiled sheepishly as he thought, ‘Doesn’t everyone already know that Ling Han had already failed? So what is the point of continuing to waste everyone’s feelings?’

“Let’s go, let’s go. There’s nothing much to see here.”

“That’s right. Let’s all just go back, embrace our wives, and sleep.”

“You speak as if you actually have a wife!”

“Pei, believe it or not, I’ll embrace your wife and sleep?”

The crowds quickly dispersed, and there were only a few servants left behind outside.

A spoilt young master like Tang Zu Ming naturally was short of patience; otherwise, with a great-grandfather that was a Heaven Grade alchemist, he might have already advanced into Earth Grade by now. He released a yawn and said,” Gao Feng, stand guard here; I’m going to go back and sleep. Look closely, you must definitely not allow this brat to escape. The moment three days have passed, I want to personally kill him!”

“Yes, Young Master!” Zhuo Gao Feng replied respectfully.

Tang Zu Ming once again snickered in Zhu Xuan Er’s direction. He was sure that this beauty would very soon concede to his will and obediently undress herself before pleasing him on the bed. He could not help but shudder in anticipation, feeling slightly impatient. In fact, he wanted very much to immediately force himself upon her right this very instant.

There was no need to rush; this beautiful creature was destined to be served up on his plate!

For Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators, as long as they had not engaged in fierce battle, it would be no problem for them to endure a wait that could last over ten days and all the way up to half a month. Thus, Zhu Xuan Er and Zhuo Gao Feng both stood guard outside the alchemy chamber. Aside from the two of them, Elder Shi and Gongyang Tai Sun were there as well, and together with a number of Earth Grade alchemists, there were in total about ten people still waiting.

One day passed, two days passed, and Ling Han was still endlessly embroiled in the pill concoction process; furthermore, more and more people had once again returned to the alchemy chamber.

Ling Han appeared not to have failed yet.

They could clearly see that while Ling Han was concocting the alchemical pills, he drew out multiple patterns from the alchemy furnace, and after making slight adjustments, shot them back onto the furnace.

Those were the patterns that belonged to the various ingredients within the alchemy furnace, and carried with them the essence of nature which formed natural patterns. Pill concoction involved merging these various patterns in a specific way and, ultimately, creating a shocking effect from them.

However, the manipulation of these patterns that belonged to the ingredients would only be used in the process of concocting a Heaven Grade alchemical pill. When they saw how these patterns fluttered, as well as Ling Han’s practiced, beautiful movements, all the alchemists felt their hair stand on ends in their extreme shock.

This youngster… was really concocting a Heaven Grade alchemical pill!


Furthermore, the furnace had not yet exploded even though two whole days had passed. Instead, the divinity and essence of the ingredients had been slowly extracted, and revealed the most intrinsic patterns. This showed that Ling Han was still proceeding smoothly and successfully up till this point.

This wss really too astonishing.

Could it be that he would really succeed?

All of them were unsure. In alchemy, the last part was the hardest to finish; no one could be sure whether it was successful if it was not the very last moment. If there was a mistake at any one stage, it could lead to a fatal failure.

Moreover, the manipulation of patterns in order to ensure that the ingredients could interact and resonate with one another was the very hardest step in this lengthy process. One mistake and the whole endeavor would be a loss.

However, in Ling Han’s case, he was extremely relaxed by this point.

He was the Alchemy Emperor; what level had he been at in his last life? Saint Grade! He had even concocted pseudo-Immortal Grade alchemical pills, so it would not be an exaggeration to consider him to be a pseudo-Immortal Grade alchemist. The only thing he lacked was the ability to raise the maximum heat level of his flames, and aside from this, there was naturally nothing else he had left to fear.

He moved confidently, his ten fingers moving as if he was strumming the strings of a qin 1 ; so relaxed and smooth were his movements.

One after another, patterns appeared, and he adjusted every single one of them before throwing them back into the alchemy furnace. The patterns corresponded to the changes in the medicinal effects of the contents of the alchemy furnace, and with his adjustment, they melded together and headed in the direction that he wanted them to go.

Sometimes, Ling Han would even close his eyes, as if he had once again returned to his last life.

Heaven Grade alchemical pills were a piece of cake, and Saint Grade alchemical pills were no big issue, either. Considering the level that Ling Han had grasped alchemy in his last life, as long as he was given real Immortal Grade alchemical pills, he might even be able to concoct Immortal Grade alchemical pills.

“Hey, hey, hey. Did I see wrongly? Why do I feel like I saw him close his eyes just now?”

“Yi, I saw that too!”

“F***, is this guy a freak or something? He can actually be so inattentive even in the midst of concocting a Heaven Grade alchemical pill?”

The spectators all erupted into a shocked clamor; they had really been astonished by Ling Han’s actions.

Ling Han’s movements became increasingly skilful; he knew every step like it was the back of his hand. His fingers seemed to have a spirit of their own and twisted the unique nature of each ingredient easily, moving in a relaxed and pleasurable manner.

As the time limit for the three days neared, more and more patterns steamed out of the alchemy furnace. Merely a glance was enough to turn the faces of the Earth Grade alchemists green, yet Ling Han was absolutely unconcerned. The movements of his hands sped up correspondingly in an organized, amazingly calm manner.

Tang Zu Ming had once again returned, and when he saw this scene, he could not help but wear a dark expression. Even if Ling Han failed in his next step, this kind of standard was really close to Heaven Grade.

An eighteen-year-old quasi-Heaven Grade alchemist; that was too horrifying!

Finally, Ling Han had forced back every single pattern into the alchemy furnace, and no other emerged. The time was also close to the end of the three-day-long process.

Hong , suddenly a dark cloud appeared in the middle of what had been clear skies. There had been absolutely no warning, and within the cloud, lightning flashed closely together, making a a loud crackling noise.

“It’s said that when a Heaven Grade alchemical pill has been successfully concocted, a thunder tribulation would befall it so as to prevent it from leaving the alchemy furnace.”

“This means that Ling Han has really concocted Heaven Grade alchemical pills? Otherwise, how could he have possibly drawn out a calamity of thunder?”

“However, this is also the very hardest step; if the alchemical pills concocted are not up to standard, then they would be turned to ash by this thunder tribulation! But if they were up to standard, they would absorb the power of Heaven’s Dao in it and truly come to possess Heaven Grade effects.”

“If a Deity Transformation Tier cultivator swallowed a Heaven Grade alchemical pill, even he would explode and die. There would be no way he could withstand the power of Heaven’s Dao.”

“But… will we be affected by the thunder tribulation too?”

All their expressions turned a bit dark; they had never before experienced it. They had never even witnessed one actually taking place; they had only heard of its occurrence through hearsay.

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“Retreat! Retreat!” Gongyang Tai Sun’s expression changed drastically. As an Earth Grade mid level alchemist, he was naturally aware that the moment a Heaven Grade alchemical pill left the alchemy furnace, a thunder tribulation would be drawn out. That was not something to play around with.

All of them hurriedly fled in all directions. Everyone was now sure by now that Ling Han was indeed concocting Heaven Grade alchemical pills. Otherwise, there was no way he would have drawn out a thunder tribulation; then as long as the alchemical pill withstood it, Ling Han would be a genuine Heaven Grade alchemist. Even if it did not manage to withstand the might of thunder, he was still qualified to be considered a quasi-Heaven Grade alchemist.

Elder Shi and Zhuo Gao Feng’s faces turned slightly green. Though one of them was in the Spiritual Infant Tier while the other was in Flower Blossom Tier, if they really opposed a Heaven Grade alchemist, at any instant, others could tear them apart into multiple pieces so small that not even bones remained.

…There was a great number of people who would beg a Heaven Grade alchemist to concoct alchemical pills for them, and there was no shortage of ultimate elites like those in the Heaven Tier and the Deity Transformation Tier. In front of these true elites, what could the Spiritual Infant Tier count as? Even if there was a restriction in place to stop them, and the Deity Transformation Tier cultivators would be greatly weakened if they made their way here, as long as Ling Han gave a holler, it was guaranteed that all the Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators in the whole north region would obey him!

He did not have to be a Heaven Grade alchemist; being a quasi-Heaven Grade alchemist was enough. That was because Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators had no need of Heaven Grade alchemical pills anyways, as Earth Grade alchemical pills would be more than enough!

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Chapter 455