Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 453

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Chapter 453: A Heaven Grade Alchemist, So What?
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Elder Shi was an assigned protector of the North Pill Pavilion, and had been protecting this place for close to a hundred years. Because he had not ventured to the middle state in his youth, by the time he was old, it was even less possible for him to go there. The transfer barrier would not only weaken his cultivation, it could even shake the very essence of his life.

He no longer had any grand ambitions or lofty aspirations, and only desired to spend the rest of his life here in peace.

Yet Tang Zu Ming’s words caused his heart to throb wildly.

A Level Eight martial arts technique, the Heaven Heart Void to strengthen his foundations and help him cultivate Origin Power—this allowed him to see hope that he could break through to the Deity Transformation Tier. If he could break through to the Deity Transformation Tier, then he would gain another two hundred years of life.

Who did not want to live for a few more years, what more when it was a whole two hundred? That was more than double the lifetime of an ordinary person!

“Old Shi, your heart has been thrown into disorder!” A calm voice rang out. It sounded very clear, but when one heard closely, it was filled with age.

This was the real Big Boss of the North Pill Pavilion, Earth Grade mid level alchemist, Gongyang Tai Sun, who was also a powerful cultivator of the Spiritulal Infant Tier. He actually had hopes of attempting to break through to the Deity Transformation Tier; unfortunately, he had spent too much of his energy on alchemy. As a result, his energy reserves were all dried up, and he no longer had the energy left to make an attempt to break through to a higher cultivation level.

Elder Shi gave a humph and declared, “Brother Gongyang, you have devoted yourself entirely to alchemy, and I am very impressed with your dedication. However, this could possibly be the one and only hope I have to break through, so I would kindly request you not to stop me!”

“Hoho, Old Shi, you are a protector of our North Pill Pavilion. You’ve received money from our Alchemist Society, yet intend to turn around and hunt down one of our alchemists. Nothing so wonderful exists in this world.” Gongyang Tai Sun’s voice rang out again.

“Then, Brother Gongyang, I shall resign from the position of protector of the North Pill Pavilion!” Elder Shi declared bluntly. How could a man who had managed to cultivate all the way to the Spiritual Infant Tier be one who would worry incessantly about personal gains and losses?

Gongyang Tai Sun sighed, and said, “They are mere empty words, and you would simply trust his word like this?”

“Heng, there is no way that he would dare to deceive me!” Elder Shi said very confidently.

“Is that right?” Gongyang Tai Sun shook his head. “Old Shi, even the wisest can have a momentary lapse in judgement! With the barrier separating our respective regions, do you think you’d be able to chase him all the way to the middle state? Furthermore, Spiritual Infant Tier cultivators could only be considered as one of the elite in the middle state, but definitely not as one of the top elite.”

Elder Shi could not help but be rendered speechless. In the north region, there was indeed no one who would dare deceive him, but what if this Tang brat ran all the way back to the middle state and did not return? Furthermore, he was the descendant and junior of a Heaven Grade alchemist, so if he really intended to hide, would Elder Shi even dare to race to his residence and demand repayment for the favor that he had done for the former?

“Please don’t worry, Elder Shi. I, Tang Zu Ming, hereby swear that I will definitely fulfil my promise. Otherwise, may lightning strike me dead where I stand!” Tang Zu Ming quickly declared.

He was a spoilt young master, he was arrogant, he was also overbearing, but he was definitely no idiot. Even if his cultivation level could be increased with the use of alchemical pills, his status as a Black Grade high level alchemist was something that he had obtained with genuine ability after all.

Elder Shi cackled wildly, and declared, “Brother Gongyang, I don’t want to become your enemy, so I would also like to ask you not to oppose me!”

“Ha! Ha! Do you all think that you surely have an upper hand over me?” Ling Han spoke up. He strode over, the Thunder Battle Armor he was wearing exuding multiple rings of lightning, making him appear extremely mighty.

“You are definitely going to die today!” Tang Zu Ming declared coldly. His greatest strength was making use of his own identity, and throwing the various resources he possessed at others. Beautiful women would willingly undress for him, prodigies would bow their heads in respect, and enemies… would naturally have a tragic end.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “Don’t you just have a Heaven Grade alchemist as an ancestor, and what’s so awesome about that! Brother Gongyang, please help me make preparations; I want to test as a Heaven Grade alchemist!”

When they heard Ling Han address Gongyang Tai Sun as brother, a great number of people gaped. Was this young man really unafraid of death? Did he not know that the only person who could stop Elder Shi in the entire North Pill Pavilion was Gongyang Tai Sun?

A little Earth Grade low level alchemist like you was on a completely different plane from an Earth Grade mid level alchemist, and this gap could possibly be breached only after several dozens of years, or it could even be completely hopeless for him to breach this gap in this lifetime, and he actually dared to address Gongyang Tai Sun as brother; this was a show of absolute disrespect to his seniors! However, when they heard his last few words, everyone instanty turned to stone.

This guy actually wanted to be certified as a Heaven Grade alchemist?


This was an absolutely impossible thing. Putting aside whether Ling Han had that kind of skill or not, only the middle state had Heaven Grade ingredients. Thus, even if Tang Zi Shi came, it would be completely useless. At most, even he could only be certified as an Earth Grade high level alchemist here.

“Don’t worry, I have my own ingredients,” Ling Han stated calmly.

In the Alchemist Society, it was absolutely not allowed for anyone to stand in the way of a man attempting to be certified as a high level alchemist; even a Heaven Grade alchemist was no exception. As a result, Gongyang Tai Sun only stared blankly for a moment, then said, “Prepare an alchemy chamber!”

Elder Shi also looked slightly surprised, and hesitant as well. However, as long as Gongyang Tai Sun was insistent on shielding Ling Han, then he would definitely not be able to do anything to Ling Han in the North Pill Pavilion. That was because this Pill Pavilion had a magnificent Great Array in place, and once fully activated, it could even display might equivalent to a Deity Transformation Tier cultivator’s.

This was also one of the reasons why the Alchemist Society remained strong and steady. In the Northern region, the strongest level was merely Spiritual Infant Tier, and would they be able to stand against a Great Array at the level of Deity Transformation Tier?

Thankfully, Elder Shi was familiar with the workings of this Great Array. Thus, he was certain that he could escape alive from this Great Array… but to also kill Ling Han under such conditions? That was merely a fantasy. Thus, he merely engaged in a verbal argument with Gongyang Tai Sun, hoping that the latter would make concessions.

“Haha, I’m really going to laugh myself to death, a mere Earth Grade low level alchemist, and you actually want to certify as a Heaven Grade alchemist!” Tang Zu Ming laughed uproariously. However, the other people all disliked his arrogance and obnoxious behavior, so only Zhuo Gao Feng have him some face and laughed with him.

“All right. Follow me.” Gongyang Tai Sun cast a deep, meaningful look at Ling Han. This young man was really much too young. At the time, when the request for certification came from the Star Brilliance Palace Hall, he was in absolute disbelief. As a result, Ling Han had left a very deep impression on him.

By now, he had naturally accepted the reality that Ling Han was an Earth Grade alchemist, but when he heard Ling Han say he wanted to be certified as a Heaven Grade alchemist at this moment, ten thousand profanities still streaked through his mind.

You are merely an Earth Grade low level alchemist; how far was the gap from Earth Grade low level to Heaven Grade alchemist?

It was not three levels, but rather an endless chasm!

Similarly to how Black Grade high level alchemists had a 99% chance of never being able to advance to Earth Grade alchemists in their lifetime, Earth Grade high level alchemists also had a 99.999% chance of never being able to break through to Heaven Grade.

There were only two Heaven Grade alchemists in this whole world, okay!?

Ling Han obviously only declared his intention to certify as a Heaven Grade alchemist because he was provoked. No matter how he looked at it, Ling Han was merely being rash, so how could he possibly succeed?

To concoct Heaven Grade alchemical pills, without any sort of exaggeration, even Tang Zi Shi and Nong Bo Xin had to concentrate and calm their hearts, as well as fast for three or four days before finally starting to concoct Heaven Grade alchemical pills; how could they be successfully concocted if the alchemist was in a state of agitation?

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He really wanted to stop Ling Han so that he would not waste his Heaven Grade ingredients. But there was no way he could do so. Every single alchemist had the right to be certified as a higher level alchemist, and not even he was allowed to take that right away.

The alchemy chamber was prepared, and as Ling Han strode over to it, a great commotion arose in the North Pill Pavilion.

Someone was going to be certified as a Heaven Grade alchemist!

This was an absolutely inconceivable feat in the north region. Because even though there have been Heaven Grade alchemists from the north region in the past, every single one of them succeeded in breaking through and was certified in the middle state, and never once returned to the north region afterwards.

Now there was actually someone who intended to certify as a Heaven Grade alchemist in the north region? F***, they definitely had to go and see that!

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Chapter 453