Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 452

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Chapter 452: The Descendant of A Disciple

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

The surname Tang, and an aristocratic clan of alchemists?

Ling Han was slightly startled. At first, he had not thought much about the surname Tang, but his heart was lightly moved when he heard ‘aristocratic clan of alchemists’. He asked, “Is there someone called Tang Xiu Yuan in your family line?”

“What Tang Xiu Yuan?” At first, the young man humphed, but then, an expression of astonishment immediately appeared on his face, and he asked, “How did you know the name of my clan’s founder?”

‘F***, he really was!’ Ling Han thought. In his last life, he had a total of four disciples—two studied martial arts under him, whereas the other two studied alchemy, and one of his two alchemy disciples was named Yun Yong Wang, whereas the other was called Tang Xiu Yuan.

This was a descendant of one of his disciples!

F***, this was really deceiving one’s master and eliminating one’s ancestor!

Ling Han humphed, and said, “That is not something you should bother with! On the basis of your ancestor, kneel down and apologize, then hand the Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma over, and I will not lower myself to your level and call you to accounts.”

“How dare you!” The young man was so furious, his nose was bent out of shape. “I, Tang Zu Ming, am already considerably arrogant, but compared with you, I find that I am actually quite modest! Gao Feng, kill him!”

The last few words were directed at the Flower Blossom Tier elite cultivator behind him. This man had the surname of Zhuo, with the given name of Gao Feng. There was naturally no shortage of powerful cultivators willing to follow a Heaven Grade alchemist. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was a barrier separating the middle state and the north region, he would have definitely brought a Deity Transformation Tier ultimate elite cultivator with him who would be able to sweep aside all opposition in the whole north region single-handedly; how awesome would that be?

“Young Master Tang, this person is an Earth Grade alchemist…” Zhuo Gao Feng was slightly hesitant. In the whole world, there were only two Heaven Grade alchemists, and as a result, Earth Grade alchemists were already very impressive. Furthermore, Ling Han was still so young, and in future, who knows, he might be able to become a Great Boss of alchemy whose mighty reputation could suppress the whole world.

“What are you afraid of? My Great-grandfather is a Heaven Grade alchemist!” Tang Zu Ming declared arrogantly.

Zhuo Gao Feng was no longer hesitant. Heaven Grade alchemist was the most awesome existence in this world that could stand on equal footing with Shattering Void Tier cultivators, and they could be claimed to be the leaders of all the alchemists of this world. In that case, so what if he killed an Earth Grade alchemist?

He would not need to ask another alchemist to concoct alchemical pills for him, and there was absolutely no need for him to take anyone else into account!

“Die!” He immediately struck and delivered an attack in Ling Han’s direction.

“Stop!” Zhu Xuan Er was extremely shocked. She had originally intended to speak with Ling Han deliberately and put up a pretense of intimacy between the two of them so that Tang Zu Ming would leave on his own initiative. She had never thought that this Tang Zu Ming was really a typical profligate young master—arrogant and unreasonable—that would actually attempt to have Ling Han killed.

The cause of this trouble was her, and she immediately leaped out to stand between Ling Han and Zhuo Gao Feng.

However, in front of a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator, what use would her paltry power be?

Zhuo Gao Feng merely crooked his fingers slightly, and Zhu Xuan Er was gently pushed to one side and also had her cultivation sealed. This attack from Zhuo Gao Feng meanwhile continued on its path with practically no hindrance towards Ling Han.


Ling Han was instantly sent flying. He actually tore a hole into seven consecutive walls as he flew before finally stopping.

“Not dead yet?” Zhuo Gao Feng looked surprised. Right before the power of his attack impacted him, this brat actually had a defensive armor which exuded the divine light of thunder, and it was this that blocked the majority of his attack.

And it was precisely because of this that Ling Han was only sent flying, and possibly had a few bones broken, spat out several mouthfuls of blood, but was adamantly not dead.

This was extremely shocking. A grand elite cultivator of the Flower Blossom Tier moved, and was actually unable to kill a mere junior in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier with a single strike.

“Who dares to make trouble in our North Pill Pavilion?” A cold humph was heard. Previously, Ling Han and the others were only engaged in a verbal battle, and the North Pill Pavilion would naturally not take this into account. However, now that they had broken out into a fight, and actually caused some damage to the Pill Pavilion, this would of course lure out the elite cultivators in the North Pill Pavilion.

“Young Master Tang?” Zhuo Gao Feng turned around and looked at Tang Zu Ming in question.

“Continue!” Tang Zu Ming commanded coldly, and then called out loudly, “I am Tang Zu Ming, and my Great-grandfather is a Heaven Grade alchemist from the middle state, Grandmaster Tang Zi Shi. Whoever dares to interfere would be standing on opposite sides of our Tang Clan!”

He drew out a token. An ordinary person would naturally not recognize what it was, but every Earth Grade alchemist would be very familiar with it. That was a token that indeed belonged to Grandmaster Tang Zi Shi.

All of a sudden, it was as if all the powerful cultivators in the North Pill Pavilion had been frozen as a whole. In fact, no one actually dared to voice out anything anymore, what more to step out and make a move to stop them.

Tang Zi Shi, Grandmaster Tang, that was one of the two great pillars of support of the Alchemist Society. For the alchemists in the Alchemist Society or martial artists, this was a god that stood high up on a pedestal that they could only kneel down and look up to in reverence.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhuo Gao Feng continued to pursue Ling Han with much satisfaction, feeling extremely pleased with himself.

Though he was in the Flower Blossom Tier, he was definitely not considered one of the elite cultivators in the middle state. At most, he could only be considered one of the more powerful cultivators, but here, he was definitely a top-tier elite cultivator. Furthermore, with the golden badge of protection of a Heaven Grade alchemist shielding him, absolutely no one dared to stop him. In the north region, he could do as he desired.

This feeling gave him extremely great pleasure.

Zhu Xuan Er’s cultivation was sealed, but this did not stop her from speaking. She called out loudly, “The one being pursued is Ling Han, Grandmaster Ling, an Earth Grade low level alchemist!”

“What!?” This time, quite a number of those who chose to remain silent wavered.

On the basis of a Heaven Grade alchemist’s backing, you, Zhuo Gao Feng, could commit a crime, and they would be unable to do anything but bear with it. But if you wanted to kill an alchemist, then the significance would be completely different.

Why was the Alchemist Society established? It was precisely to protect the rights and benefits of alchemists, to form a colossal alliance that would make no martial artist dare to treat them lightly! And it was exactly this reason that allowed alchemists to have a detached status above others.

But to pursue and attempt to kill an alchemist in the Alchemist Society, what kind of preposterous matter was that?

…If it was Tang Zi Shi personally acting, then naturally no one would dare to convince him to do otherwise. But now, a mere Flower Blossom Tier cultivator actually dared to attempt to kill an alchemist, what more when the latter was an Earth Grade alchemist? This naturally aroused public indignation!

Today, you could make an attempt to kill Ling Han, then tomorrow, wouldn’t you also be able to attempt killing me as well?

Immediately, a terrifying aura spread out and forcefully suppressed Zhuo Gao Feng. The one who acted was a consecrated person of the North Pill Pavilion. He was an elite cultivator of the Spiritual Infant Tier and had the surname of Shi. Not many knew his real name, and others all addressed him as Elder Shi.

“You dare! You dare!” Yet Tang Zu Ming erupted into a thunderous rage. “You actually dare to stop me from killing someone I want to kill; are you not afraid that I will fly into a rage and have this place demolished in my fury?”

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Ling Han strode back, his face filled with fury. He had seen a considerable number of profligate spoilt young masters, but to be willful to such an extreme extent, Tang Zu Ming should be the only one. Just because his ancestor was a Heaven Grade alchemist, he was actually arrogant to such an exaggerated level!

“Heng, the North Pill Pavilion is not a place for you to do as you like, get lost!” Elder Shi humphed.

Tang Zu Ming’s eyes turned, and he suddenly said, “Old man, you have already been stuck in the Spiritual Infant Tier for a great many years, haven’t you? Let my guess, firstly, you do not have a Level Eight martial arts technique, and secondly, you are not strong enough to accumulate enough power and are thus unable to batter through the barrier into the Deity Transformation Tier.

However, if you help me kill this brat, I can gift you with a Level Eight martial arts technique, as well as a Heaven’s Heart Void Pill to help you strengthen your foundations and bank up your Origin Power to accumulate enough energy to break through.”

“What!?” Elder Shi instantly exclaimed in a trembling voice. His interest had been aroused.

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Chapter 452