Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 451

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Chapter 451: A Noble from the Middle State

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu

On the way back to Extreme Yang City, Ling Han removed his disguise. Thus, when he reached Extreme Yang City, he had naturally regained his identity as the owner of both Forget Not and Alchemist King Pavilion.

He had disappeared for ten days, and Liu Yu Tong and the others were all very worried. Thankfully, he had finally returned, which relieved their worries.

Ling Han went to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion again, thinking that Yin Hong must have finally managed to get the Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma for him by now, right?

“I’m really sorry.” The moment Yin Hong saw him, she hurriedly apologized, which gave Ling Han a feeling of foreboding. Indeed, he heard her continue to say, “That Spirit Herb that you wanted has been intercepted by another.”

“Who did it?” Ling Han’s killing intent soared. This Spirit Herb involved the crucial matter of whether Ling Dong Xing would be able to cultivate again, and for this reason, he would not hesitate to commit murder.

“The details are not very clear yet. They only mentioned that they sold it to someone by the surname of Tang, and coincidentally, according to my investigation, he has also come to Extreme Yang City, and is currently in the North Pill Pavilion,” Yin Hong said.

“I’m really sorry. I had originally come to an agreement with the seller, but this person with the surname Tang should have a very prominent background. That must be why the seller did not hesitate in offending me and still adamantly sold the Spirit Herb to another.”

“I had been intending to communicate with that person with the surname Tang and see if he would be willing to resell it to me. However, before I even began communicating, you have already rushed here,” Yin Hong continued.

Ling Han nodded, and said, “Still, thank you.” At least, he now knew the rough location of the Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma.

“You need to take care. This man was able to make the seller refuse to give me face. Either he boasts incredible ability and skill, or has an extremely prominent background,” Yin Hong said seriously.

“I know.” Ling Han stood up and left.

As Yin Hong watched Ling Han’s figure gradually disappear at the main doors to the courtyard, she could not help but support her chin and murmur, “That’s odd; is there any great person by the surname of Tang in the north region?”


Ling Han headed directly to the North Pill Pavilion.

Though he was already an Earth Grade alchemist, and had already been in Extreme Yang City for a great many days, there were not really that many times that he had ventured here. At most, he had come to select and buy some seeds of Spirit Herbs to enrich the space in the Black Tower.

He made some queries about the person with the surname Tang among the staff in the Pill Pavilion, but every single one of them simply shook their heads, expressing that they did not know, either.

When he recalled that this person with the surname Tang could have come from a very prominent background, and that it was probably normal that these people at the lower ranks did not know of him, Ling Han decided to find some higher-ranked person and ask. But how could an ordinary person enter into the important areas of the Northern Pill Pavilion?

He was just about to reveal his identity as an Earth Grade alchemist when he saw three people walk in from outside. Two of them walked slightly ahead, whereas the third walked a bit further behind.

One of the two people walking ahead was fully dressed in a simple, elegant white robe, with luxuriant black hair, and a white silken veil hiding her face. Though there might be uncountable numbers of women who dressed in this way in the world, there was only one person whose mere vague image could make one fantasize endlessly.

…Zhu Xuan Er.

There was a young man by her side who looked to be in his mid-twenties and was in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. A man with this kind of cultivation level could be considered as one of the top elite prodigies in Extreme Yang City. However, there was an elite cultivator of the Flower Blossom Tier following behind the both of them. He wore an expression of utmost seriousness and followed them closely.

From the looks of his attitude, this elite cultivato of the Flower Blossom Tier actually seemed the be the servant of the two people walking ahead!

Ling Han knew that Zhu Xuan Er definitely did not have that kind of extravagance; then, that elite cultivator of the Flower Blossom Tier had to be the underling of that young man.

However, even in the case of the Winter Moon Sect and the Beast Emperor Sect, what sect could allow their disciples to make use of a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator as a mere bodyguard-cum-servant? Flower Blossom Tier cultivators were definitely a pillar of support for any sect, and it was highly possible that this kind of person could become an ultimate elite cultivator of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

This young man appeared to come from an extremely prominent background!

When he remembered what Yin Hong had said previously, Ling Han was practically sure that this young man was that person with the surname Tang.

“Grandmaster Ling!” When Zhu Xuan Er saw Ling Han, it was as if she had seen her savior. Her beautiful eyes instantly lit up, and she walked delicately over to him. “If you have time, Xuan Er has something that I would like Grandmaster Ling’s help on.”

“Grandmaster?” When the young man heard this address, he instantly looked disdainful, and said, “Xuan Er, if you want to learn about alchemy, you can ask me as much as you like. As a Black Grade high level alchemist, I naturally would be able to answer all your questions.”

This young man was actually a Black Grade high level alchemist? Tsk, tsk, tsk, that was really exceptional; no wonder he was so arrogant. However, if he was merely a Black Grade high level alchemist, he probably was still not qualified to have an elite cultivator of the Flower Blossom Tier act as his guard, right?

Ling Han turned towards that young man and asked, “And who are you?”

“How dare you, you actually dare to speak to Young Master Tang in such a tone!?” that Flower Blossom Tier elite cultivator immediately rebuked angrily, his eyes sharp and piercing, filled with killing intent.

For a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator that had cast off their mortal shell, an angry rebuke accompanied with a fierce glare was naturally filled with power, and capable of scaring a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator to their knees.

It was naturally a deliberate move on his part.

…His young master was currently in the process of pursuing Zhu Xuan Er, but from the looks of things now, Zhu Xuan Er seemed to bear affection for Ling Han. Then, he naturally had to greatly embarrass the latter in front of Zhu Xuan Er and humiliate him in front of her.

But who was Ling Han? He had a sliver of divine sense left from the Heaven Tier, and furthermore, was a ruler who had formed nine flashes of Qi, so how could he be suppressed by someone else’s imposing attitude? He merely picked at his ear and said, “Why are you so vigorously shouting? Your own ears may not be working, so do you think that others are all deaf as well?”

“Insolence!” The Flower Blossom Tier cultivator flew into a powerful rage at his words. A mere Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator actually dared to be insolent in front of him; was he ignorant of the hierarchy of martial arts? How could that be acceptable?

Zhu Xuan Er hurriedly stopped them and said with absolute seriousness, “This Ling Han, Grandmaster Ling, is an Earth Grade low level alchemist!”


That Flower Blossom Tier cultivator immediately stared with extremely wide eyes. No matter how he looked at it, Ling Han was only about eighteen or nineteen years old, and he was already an Earth Grade alchemist? One had to know that even for a genius like Young Master Tang, he was only a Black Grade high level alchemist.

Though there was only the gap of a single level between Black Grade high level and Earth Grade low level, this gap was enough to make one lose all hope for his entire lifetime as it was a gap he could forever be unable to breach.

“So what if you are an Earth Grade alchemist!” The young man merely sneered coldly. “In front of me, even an Earth Grade high level alchemist is not enough! Brat, get out of here immediately; otherwise, I will have you die!”

Ling Han did not get angry, but rather smiled and asked calmly, “I don’t think I have offended you in any way, have I?”

“You spoke to Xuan Er without getting permission from me, and that is your sin!” the young man said coldly.

Yet Zhu Xuan Er was irritated and asked, “What relation is there with you whomever I speak to?”

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“Of course there’s relation!” The young man laughed lightly. “I have my eye on you. And since you’re my woman, then naturally, no other man is allowed to speak to you. If they did, then they would merely be seeking death!”

“Don’t you speak nonsense!” Zhu Xuan Er rebuked furiously.

However, the young man merely laughed loudly and said, “I heard that Yao Hui Yue also has his eye on you, and it was because I heard that that I deliberately raced all the way here from the middle state. I wanted to take a look for myself what kind of magnificent beauty was capable of moving the heart of that sword maniac. That bastard is always against me, and though I can’t compare to him in terms of martial arts, I can snatch away the woman that he admires. Hahahaha, I really want to see his expression when he finds out.”

“Dream on!” Zhu Xuan Er humphed icily.

“Is it?” A contemplative smile played about the young man’s lips. “Didn’t you want to concoct a Heaven Grade alchemical pill? There are only two Heaven Grade alchemists in the whole of the middle state, and one of them is my great-grandfather! On what basis do you intend to have a Heaven Grade alchemist concoct alchemical pills for you? In the case of our Tang Clan, we have concocted alchemical pills for multiple generations, and the amount of wealth we have accumulated over the years is incredibly terrifying, so what kind of bargaining chip can you offer that would make my great-grandfather interested…? Unless you become my woman, and I will beg my great-grandfather to concoct an alchemical pill on your behalf!”

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Chapter 451