Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: The Origins of Yan Tian Zhao

Translator: _Dark_Angel_  Editor: Kurisu


The sword flash struck, all of it delivered onto the Three Lives Corpse Casket. This was a Level Ten Spirit Tool, and very easily managed to block all the damage from Ling Han’s strike. Thankfully, the Demon Birth Sword was also a Level Ten Spirit Tool. As a result, it did not evoke a counterattack from the Three Lives Corpse Casket.

But the Three Lives Corpse Casket was already making a move to cover Rong Huan Xuan. As long as Rong Huan Xuan hid back inside, then he would once again be “invincible”.

“Ling Han, you can’t do anything to me!” Rong Huan Xuan sneered. Since he had seen Hu Niu, how could he not be certain of Ling Han’s identity? Hold on; where was that little girl? He had just seen her just now; why was there no sign of her now?

“Ah!” he suddenly screamed. He turned to take a look, and Hu Niu’s little head had actually appeared in the green net. Furthermore, the corner of her mouth was still bloody. She had actually bitten off two of his fingers, and one of them was wearing his Spatial Ring.

“No…!” he immediately shouted loudly. The Spatial Ring was not worth much, but the problem was that it contained all his possessions, which included the key that he had snatched from the Jiang Clan.

“Hehe!” Hu Niu bared her mouth in a grin. She and Ling Han had coordinated very well; one of them would attack head on to attract attention, whereas the other would deliver a sneak attack from the side. She forcefully bit through the green net with her bite that had the power of twenty Stars of Flower Blossom Tier behind it, and while she was at it, bit off two of Rong Huan Xuan’s fingers as well.

She retreated quickly.

Peng , the Three Lives Corpse Casket closed up, and swallowed Rong Huan Xuan inside.

“Kill them! Kill all of them!” Rong Huan Xuan’s muffled voice was heard from inside. Losing two fingers was no issue. As long as his heart was unscathed, Corpse Qi could regrow all organs and limbs, but the Spatial Ring had to be snatched back.

Immediately, the Corpse Soldier turned its focus to Ling Han.

Yan Tian Zhao too; with a wave of his right hand, he took back his green net. His eyes turned to Ling Han, filled with frost, and said coldly, “Hand over the key and I can spare your life.”

Ling Han casually erased the divine sense that Rong Huan Xuan had left on the Spatial Ring. With a sweep of his own divine sense, sure enough, he found that there was a silver key inside. It was made of some kind of unknown material, and was as thick as a child’s arm.

He smiled faintly, and simply stored the Spatial Ring into the Black Tower. Then, he quickly dodged in a flash, not intending to come into a straight confrontation with the Corpse Soldier; that was absolutely meaningless. “Oh, in the first place, the victor in the battle between you and I has not been decided, and I was precisely planning to have a good, fun battle!”

“If you force me to give it my all, the only path for you is death!” Yan Tian Zhao declared coldly. With a wave of his right hand, a flash of green light shot out, which actually transformed into a wing. The wing was exceedingly thin, and like an exceptional heavenly blade, slashed towards Ling Han.

Ling Han drew his sword. Ding , when the long sword clashed onto the wing, fierce sparks of fire actually flickered. Upon a closer look, those weren’t ordinary sparks, but rather a multitude of patterened designs.

What a terrifying Yan Tian Zhao; the martial intent that he delivered was actually on par with a Level Ten Spirit Tool!

But it was right at this moment that the Corpse Soldier waved a claw at Yan Tian Zhao. The command it had received was to kill everyone, and that naturally included Yan Tian Zhao. At first, Yan Tian Zhao was further away from it, so it naturally attacked Ling Han who was closer first. However, now that Yan Tian Zhao had all of a sudden rushed so close to it, it naturally did not mind attacking him as well.

“F***!” Yan Tian Zhao cursed. No matter how glorious his “last life” had been, he now only had the cultivation level of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. There was absolutely no way he could ignore a Corpse Soldier with Flower Blossom Tier cultivation level, even if it had not been completely refined.

He once again shot another attack, but this one was headed towards the Corpse Soldier.

Ling Han rushed forwards, and with a wave of the Demon Birth Sword, ten flashes of Sword Qi appeared. The Four Seasons Sword Technique was already in use, the various concepts moving in a wave like the passage of time.

This time, it was now he and the Corpse Soldier combining forces against Yan Tian Zhao.

Yan Tian Zhao was suspected to have been taken over by the spirit of a god; his battle prowess was astonishingly and terrifyingly powerful, and he easily managed to disperse the combined attacks of Ling Han and the Corpse Soldier. However, the moment Ling Han came near, the Corpse Soldier turned the focus of its attacks onto Ling Han, making the situation extremely chaotic.

The three sides were embroiled in a chaotic battle, and Ling Han, as the person who had obtained the key, naturally became the priority target of attack, but the Corpse Soldier was a standard “double-faced” character. If it was able to attack Ling Han, then it would, but if Ling Han was further away from it, it wouldn’t just stand idly, either. It would accordingly head to attack Yan Tian Zhao, making Yan Tian Zhao feel very gloomy. This “ally” was really too unreliable.

As Hu Niu watched from the side, she kept clapping her hands in excitement. She was absolutely confident in Ling Han.

After a period of time to accumulate power, Ling Han struck, and the Mysterious Three Thousand technique was out in full glory.

A thousand sword flashes!

The Four Seasons Sword Technique was only a Black Grade high level martial arts technique, but the Spiritual Pedestal Tier could already use Earth Grade martial arts techniques, and the Mysterious Three Thousand was a martial arts technique which had a grade surpassing Heaven Grade, its power only limited by the comprehension that the wielder had about sword arts.

In the instant that Ling Han leaped from Black Grade all the way to surpassing Heaven Grade, the power of his sword attack naturally soared like crazy!

Xiu, xiu, xiu . The thousand sword flashes were tightly condensed together, and every single sword flash was equivalent to Ling Han’s full power attack; and how shockingly powerful was that? Furthermore, this was an attack that had been delivered with a Level Ten Spirit Tool!

Yan Tian Zhao immediately gave a muffled humph, and stretching out both arms, made multiple green threads spread out. This time, they did not form a net, but were far more tightly woven than a net. They actually formed two wings that were comprised of patterned designs that shielded him within.

The Corpse Soldier, meanwhile, continued to rush forwards dumbly, and also suffered a major part of the might of the sword flashes.


The sword flashes shattered, which created a large explosion, making for a very terrifying display.

When the sword flashes had completely disappeared, the Corpse Soldier was visibly riddled with holes; its left arm had been sliced off as well. However, it continued to pounce at Ling Han, possessing absolutely no fear of death. Meanwhile, Yan Tian Zhao was far better off. The wings of light that had protected him had only lost a few feathers, whereas he was completely unscathed. This naturally was also because the majority of the attack had been sustained by the Corpse Soldier.

He had to admit, in terms of the toughness of physique, the Corpse Soldier was absolutely on par with precious metal, and could compare to the Body of Iron Sheet. Furthermore, this was also because this Corpse Soldier had not been refined completely, and could only be considered as slightly above the level of a Level Two Silver-Armored Corpse Soldier, and had yet to reach the stage of Level Three. Otherwise, even Mysterious Three Thousand would not be able to inflict any damage to it. After all, this was a technique meant to attack a whole group, whereas 10,000 Techniques was the real devastating attack.

“This is a sword technique from the Heaven’s Sword Palace!” Yan Tian Zhao exclaimed in surprise, his brow slightly frowning. “That’s not right. There is a Heaven’s Sword Sect here. Could it be that you are a disciple of that place? No, you came from the Rain Country, so there should be no relation between you and the Heaven’s Sword Sect.”

“Could it be that you are the reincarnation of some powerful character from the Heaven’s Sword Palace?

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His first words were actually spoken to himself, but his last few words were a question directed at Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “I don’t have any relation with the Heaven’s Sword Palace. On the other hand, you, who know of the existence of the Heaven’s Sword Palace—I assume that you are someone from the realm of gods, then?”

“Realm of gods?” Yan Tian Zhao suddenly laughed loudly after a moment of being stunned. With an expression filled with disdain, he said, “Ignorant fool of the lower realm, you are ignorant beyond compare! To tell you the truth, I am indeed Yan Tian Zhao. However, when I was young, I accidentally triggered a device which contained the memories of a god, and was thus slightly affected.”

Ling Han finally understood. Memories were something that should not be trifled with carelessly; why was he unwilling to use the art of searching another’s soul? That was because after he touched the memories of another, they would merge with his own memories. And once there was a large amount of such memories, he would not be able to differentiate which memories were his own, and which belonged to another. It would definitely affect him, and there might even be a great, dramatic change in his character.

At that time, Yan Tian Zhao was only five years old, and his personal characteristic had yet to be fully formed. How could he then withstand a whole lifetime of memories of a god? As a result, his character naturally changed dramatically. He was practically the carbon copy of that god, and had become incredibly evil. That was why he had been sealed away.

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Chapter 449