Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 439

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Chapter 439: Big News

Translator: DarkAngel_ Editor: Kurisu

The Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms opened every hundred years, but this period of a hundred years was only an estimate. Sometimes it would be ninety-plus years, while at others, it could be a hundred-plus years; there was no specific date.

These were the Mystery Realms that belonged to the north region. There were uncountable previous cases when cultivators obtained great rewards from within which helped them to accomplish great ventures. It was rumored that the current four most powerful great sects had gained humongous rewards in the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms, which allowed them to stand out and claim great success out of a multitude of other sects and ascend to become the four most powerful sects.

Exactly what kind of rewards they had gained within, of course, the four great parties were not willing to divulge. This was, after all, their biggest secret.

Unlike the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, wherein individuals could enter, there were very strict entry restrictions for the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms. The first restriction was number, and the second restriction was the relative comparison of cultivation to age.

It was not a firm ban on the age limit of those who could enter. For example, a hundred-year-old Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator could enter, but a hundred-year-old Flower Blossom Tier cultivator could not. A thirty-year-old warrior in the Deity Transformation Tier could enter, but a thirty-year-old one in the Spiritual Ocean Tier could not.

To put it simply, only those that belonged to the “young” category of their respective cultivation levels could enter. This meant that they had great future potential.

Exactly how many could enter into the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms was not very clear, but the whole entry quota was held in the grasp of the various great sects of the north region. The bigger and more powerful the sect, the bigger entry quota they had, whereas weaker sects would had smaller quotas.

In case of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, they had a hundred entries quota, but they were a relaxed party that was established to do business, so what was the point of having them? Thus, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion decided to simply generously offer these entry quota to the hundred people on the Prodigy Roll, which could also be considered as an additional investment for the Prodigy Roll.

This time, the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms had opened slightly later than expected. One hundred and three years had passed since the last time they opened.

Ling Han was sullen. If he had known earlier, he should have gotten a ranking on the Prodigy Roll as well; that way, he’d be able to automatically obtain the qualification to enter into the Mystery Realms. Now, however, he would have to come up with some other way.

The Alchemist Society? Or the Winter Moon Sect?

If he changed his appearance and returned to the Winter Moon Sect as “Han Lin”, the Ao Clan would definitely stop him, so there was not much hope for that plan. Thus, he could only take a look at the Alchemist Society and give it a try.

Ling Han immediately headed to the North Pill Pavilion. He found Liu Ji Tong, but the latter told him that alchemists would focus all their energies on alchemy and their heads were completely filled with plans to improve their alchemy arts, so when would they have the time to waste inside any Mystery Realm?

Thus, even if the Alchemist Society possessed considerable power, it did not have a single quota.

So how should he get an entry then?

Ling Han returned home and saw that Zhu Xuan’er was there for a visit. Apparently, a month had passed, yet because she had been occupied with the battles in the Prodigy Tournament, she had not had the time to come. Now that the Prodigy Tournament was over, she naturally could bear it no longer and raced over.

Ling Han’s eyes lit up. He said, “Get me an entry place into the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms and I’ll give you a stalk of Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass.”

Zhu Xuan’er instantly looked troubled. She was only in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and did not yet have enough influence to affect her sect’s decision on the namelist for the entry into the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms. Moreover, entry into the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms could possibly change one’s fate, so who would be willing to easily give up the opportunity?

“Xuan’er will try her best,” she said.

Zhu Xuan’er immediately returned to the Half Moon Sect. For such an important thing like the entry place into the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms… she definitely had to return to convince the higher-ups of her sect, but she did not have the slightest bit of confidence that she could succeed.

If the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass was capable of completely healing her master, then the Half Moon Sect would naturally not mind using an entry place in exchange for the return of an elite Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator. But the problem here was that the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass was only a supplementary herb, and thinking of the few other Heaven Grade Spirit Grasses needed, the possibility of such a feat was only wishful thinking.

How could the Half Moon Sect be willing make a disinvestment like that?

Ling Han did not have much hope in this method in the first place. He was waiting. Who knows, there might be some party willing to place one or two entry places on auction; then he would only need to prepare a humongous amount of Origin Crystals.

…Liu Yu Tong and the others were of course willing to let Ling Han have this opportunity. Anyways, with the Black Tower, Ling Han could bring others in with in. The problem was, though, that their entry places could only be surrendered, and could not be handed to someone else.

A few days later, another shocking piece of news spread.

The Jiang Clan was seeking a son-in-law. The one they were marrying off was the beloved daughter of their clan, Young Mistress Jiang Le Xuan, a girl who was also well-known as one of the Three Beauties of Extreme Yang City.

It was very traditionally done, as they intended to hold a tournament for her hand in marriage.

This was considered something big as well?

Er, if it was merely a tournament for her hand in marriage, it was naturally not considered a big issue. However, if one managed to successfully win the hand of the beauty of the Jiang Clan, he would also be able to obtain a piece of her dowry. And it was precisely this piece of her dowry that caused a stir in the whole Extreme Yang City… no, the whole north region.

One of the Twelve Mystery Realms… the key to the Sagittarius Palace Hall!

As long as one possessed a key to open the Twelve Palace Halls, then there was no need for him to go through the entrance of the Mystery Realm. One would only have to be at a close enough distance, then use the key to directly enter the Mystery Realm.

Thus, the Jiang Clan’s quest for this son-in-law was equivalent to giving out a place of entry into the Mystery Realm as well as a secret treasure of the Sagittarius Palace Hall!

How could this piece of news not cause a commotion in the whole north region?

Within the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms, there was abundant Spiritual Qi. One day of cultivation within was equivalent to tens or even a hundred days of cultivation outside. Furthermore, after being cut off from the rest of the world for a hundred years, together with the abundant Spiritual Qi inside, how many Spirit Grasses would have grown inside?

Merely these two factors were incredibly attractive, what more when the key to open the Sagittarius Palace Hall was thrown in as well.

…According to legends, who knows how many years ago, a lucky man managed to open the Aries Palace Hall and obtained the inheritance contained within. He ultimately became an elite Heaven Tier cultivator, but because the environment and conditions were too poor at the time and it was impossible for any Shattering Void Tier ultimate cultivators to appear, he was stuck on Heaven Tier in the end—but only and only because of the two aforementioned reasons.

But now, martial arts was prospering; the middle state even had several Shattering Void Tier ultimate cultivators in their ranks. Then, if one obtained the inheritance inside the Sagittarius Palace Hall, he would definitely be able to enter the ranks of the Shattering Void Tier.

If one managed to step into the Shattering Void Tier, there was definitely hope that he could become a god.

The whole north region was stirred up. There were some that even considered the option of stealing it directly, but if one thought about it, there were now so many people who all wanted to get that key, so whoever made a move on it now was definitely going to be the target of everyone else for standing out.

Everyone wanted it, so the situation now became one wherein no one dared to make a move. After all, there was still the North Pill Pavilion and the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, two such colossal establishments, on standby in Extreme Yang City, so who would dare make trouble?

…If you managed to steal the key, then wouldn’t that make you the target of scorn and provoke all the others to gang up on you? Moreover, perhaps not even the Half Moon Sect and the Blood Flame Valley dared to get into a direct a confrontation with the Alchemist Society and the Spirit Treasures Pavilion.

Anyways, the Jiang Clan had taken out the key as part of their daughter’s dowry, so they’d all have to fight on the tournament stage.

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However, since it was a tournament for Jiang Le Xuan’s hand in marriage, there were naturally restrictions in place. The Jiang Clan had very clearly declared that challengers had to be at least below forty years old—the old grandfathers need not come join in on the excitement. Wouldn’t they feel embarrassed if they did?

The tournament would be held for three days consecutively. Three days later, at midnight, the Stage Master that was still standing on the tournament stage would be the ideal son-in-law of the Jiang Clan.

When Ling Han heard about this, his heart was naturally moved.

He had been worrying about where to get an entry place in the first place and now the chance was set in front of him—and there was even an additional key to the treasures in the Sagittarius Palace Hall in the bundle. What was the problem here, though, was that he did not have the slightest intention to marry Jiang Le Xuan.

He had thought of having Can Ye, or Zhu Wu Jiu go in his place, but with their ability… ai! Hu Niu was fierce enough, though, but the problem was, even if she was male, she’d be too little, wouldn’t she?

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Chapter 439