Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: Ling Han’s Battle Prowess

Translator: DarkAngel_ Editor: Kurisu

“Please come, please come here to fill in your information,” the person in charge of registration said in a shaking voice. He couldn’t even speak clearly anymore, and kept biting his tongue as he spoke.

Hu Niu shook her head, and replied, “Niu wait for Ling Han!”

The staff personnel turned and looked questioningly at Ling Han.

Ling Han stepped out, smiled and said, “Then I’ll give it a try.”

So many of them had already had their turn, and he also wanted to see how many Stars of Spiritual Pedestal Tier of battle prowess he had.

Ling Han drew a long sword and gave it a casual wave. Seven golden rods were laid out immediately. Weng , a white snake appeared out of thin air before quickly surging into his body.

“Array Master?”

“This Prodigy Tournament would definitely be even more monstrous than the last one; all these monsters have come out.”

“That’s right. The last tournament has been known as the most glorious one in history, in which over twenty extremely powerful rookies appeared. Though there did not appear so many in this one, but in terms of quality, in terms of monstrosity, this Tournament has far surpassed the last one.”

The spectators have all come back to themselves slightly. At first, there appeared a little girl whose bite had the power of twenty Stars of the Flower Blossom Tier, followed by the appearance of an Array Master. Really, this was becoming the land of monsters.

“What, Ling Han is actually an Array Master as well?” After Gu Feng Hua and the others had finished the test for their age, they raced back to see how Ling Han and his group were doing, and in the end, this was the scene they witnessed.

“Martial arts, alchemy, array arts, an expert in all arts. Does such a perfect person actually exist in this world?”

Lin Xiang Qin, meanwhile, was lovestruck. With her hands pressing down on her breast, she declared, “This man, I am definitely going to make him mine!”

Ling Han faced the Testing Stone Plaque. Preparation for the Mysterious Three Thousand was complete, and strike!

Xiu, xiu, xiu . Nine flashes of Sword Qi surged forth, and together with the blade itself, they altogether gave rise to a thousand sword flashes in an earth-shattering display that slashed towards the Testing Stone Plaque.

The letters on the fifth row immediately lit up. Instantly, there were eight, before gradullay lighting up, and merely stopped when eleven letters had lit up.

Eleven Stars of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier of battle prowess!

Hiss, everyone began to hiss in shock. That was because Ling Han was only in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier! There had never been anyone in the ninth layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier that could manage to deliver an attack worth eleven Stars of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; how many Stars had that surpassed?

Although they saw Hu Niu’s bite had the power of twenty Stars of the Flower Blossom Tier, but biting could still not be considered as an actual battle technique, could it?

Yet Ling Han shook his head. In terms of destructive power, 10000 Techniques Return to One far surpassed Mysterious Three Thousand. That technique was equivalent to fusing 10,000 sword flashes into a single flash, and its destructive power was a hundredfold, or perhaps even a thousandfold stronger!

Because if one punch had ten pounds of power behind it, then even a thousand punches would not kill a man. But what if one could actually deliver 10,000 pounds of power in a single punch?

Unfortunately, he had not yet managed to form Sword Ray, and was not able to use 10,000 Techniques Return to One yet. Even if he used it forcibly now, he would only be able to deliver a strike that was fused from ten plus slashes of his sword, and that was still inferior to Mysterious Three Thousand.

“P-Pass,” the staff member was stuttering again.

Ling Han thought for a while, then said, “Let me try again.” He abandoned the sword and withdrew the Little Tianyuan Spirit Snake Array. He walked to stand in front of the stone plaque and pressed his left hand down on it. Nobody saw when a variety of black-colored demonic patterns lit up on his palm.

This had come from refining the Demonic Qi and originated from the Asura Demon Emperor, who was an elite from the realm of gods. Ling Han merely knew that the demonic patterns possessed tremendous destructive power, but exactly how powerful it was, he did not have a clear idea.

This would be a good chance for him to give it a test.

He pressed down. Weng , the letters on the seventh row immediately lit up.

Ten, fiteen, twenty!

And no more after that. This Testing Stone Plaque only had a total of seven rows of letters, and the last three rows were already degraded. After all, it has been millenia, or even tens of millenia of time, so it was not complete any more.

What kind of concept was the seventh row?

Battle prowess of the Spiritual Infant Tier!

Twenty Stars of the Spiritual Infant Tier!


Everyone was once again frozen into stone. One could deliver a bite worth twenty Stars of Flower Blossoming Tier, which was already shocking enough to make one’s hair stand on end and feet grow cold. Yet a casual press of the hand from Ling Han was worth twenty Stars of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. What was going on here?

Had something gone wrong with the Testing Stone Plaque?

Ling Han withdrew his hand and could not help but shake his head, feeling slightly regretful. He still had not managed to test out the true destructive power of the demonic patterns. True, this belonged to an elite from the realm of the gods. It might be the most powerful killing move on this plane.

When he faced Asura Demon Emperor in future, he must definitely not allow the latter to clap a hand on him, or the results would be terrible. However, this should not have surpassed the limitation of a Level Ten Spirit Tool, because the Demon Birth Sword was obviously capable of resisting the might of the demonic pattern.

Its limit might perhaps be Heaven Tier or Deity Transformation Tier.

Or so Ling Han thought.

“S-Sir, p-p-please come here to r-register,” that staff member was completely weak.

“Oh?” Ling Han smiled, and said, “I just used a Spirit Tool just now, so it cannot be counted. Moreover, I have no plans to take part in the Prodigy Tournament. I’m only here to accompany this little girl to prevent her from causing trouble.”

So that was the might of a Spirit Tool.

All of them exhaled in relief. Whether that was true or not, they were willing to believe that it was the truth. Otherwise, if a young man in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier had the battle prowess of twenty Stars of Spiritual Infant Tier, who would be able to accept that reality?

Still, if you’re not participating, why did you come here to give everyone a scare?

Some of them suddenly recalled that though the battle prowess of twenty Stars of the Spiritual Infant Tier was definitely not completely true, Ling Han’s previous strike did have the battle prowess of eleven Stars of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. In case of one with cultivation at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, that kind of talent was practically logic-defying.

Once he broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, what other cultivator of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier could be on par with him? Even Yu Kun Lun would have to admit defeat, right?

When he heard the quiet murmurs of those around him, Yu Kun Lun’s expression looked a little ugly.

As for Diao Wen De, he was already shivering, and had completely lost all power of speech. All he wanted to do now was to dig a hole to bury himself in.

Ling Han walked over and picked Hu Niu up before filling in the information for the little girl.

“Name: Hu Niu, age: estimated six years old, birth place: not really sure.” Looking at that kind of information, the faces of the staff twitched uncontrollably. Were you picked up from somewhere? Why is that your name, age, and birthplace is all so weird?

“Niu was picked up, Ling Han picked up!” Hu Niu giggled, lying in Ling Han’s arms, absolutely carefree.

She was picked up and she was still so happy? They really admired her for her carefree nature!

However, everyone looked at Ling Han in envy. They, too, wanted to pick up a little monster like her and raise her.

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Afterwards was naturally the test of age, to prevent the situation whereupon someone would deliberately use disguise techniques to make themselves look young. The fairness of this tournament had to be ensured.

Hu Niu naturally passed the test of age successfully. Actually, with her appearance, there was absolutely no need to test her age. No matter how one disguised themselves, there was absolutely no way they could disguise themselves to look like her, right?

And now, when this day was over, the strongest one hundred and forty-four people would, together with the remaining elite cutlivators on the Prodigy Roll, form a total of two hundred people before proceeding with a series of knockout battles.

For rookies, they were only a mere step away from victory. As long as they won the next day, they would successfully enter into the ranks of the Prodigy Roll, and could at least stay on the Roll for three years!

And there was another significance to entering into the Prodigy Roll, and that was the fact that there has never been anyone who was ranked on the Prodigy Roll that did not manage to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier.

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Chapter 436