Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 432

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Chapter 432: Results of the Special Training

Translator: DarkAngel_ Editor: Kurisu

“Big Brother Qi Yuan…” Zhu Long Xing began weakly. ‘You spat two times consecutively at me, and every time was so extraordinarily accurate, hitting my face directly; you did it on purpose, didn’t you?’

Liu Qi Yuan’s expression became serious. He warned, “Don’t you ever trifle with that guy!”

“Yi, Big Brother Qi Yuan, why is it that even you are scared of that guy?” Zhu Long Xing asked strangely.

“Not only you and I should not trifle with that guy; even if your elder sister was here and my grandfather moved personally, they would be able to do nothing against him, either!” Liu Qi Yuan said, shaking his head.

“How could that be possible!” Zhu Long Xing exclaimed in shock.

“He is an Earth Grade alchemist!” Liu Qi Yuan revealed the secret.


Zhu Long Xing spat out his mouthful of tea, and very coincidentally, it was right onto Liu Qi Yuan’s whole face. He suddenly erupted into a long bout of coughing. Earth Grade alchemist? A young man who was not even twenty years old yet? That was really too shocking.

Liu Qi Yuan could not help but wear a bitter expression. ‘You did it on purpose, didn’t you? Smearing my whole face in revenge, right?’ But it was he who had first spat at Zhu Long Xing, so it would not be appropriate for him to say anything in rebuke. There was naturally a beautiful female attendant who delivered a wet towel for him to wipe his face.

“Really?” Zhu Long Xing finally spoke.

Liu Qi Yuan sighed, thinking, ‘Am I that kind of fellow who would be willing to be spat on just for the sake of a lie?’ He nodded and said, “Listen to my advice, and don’t trifle with that guy. Previously, I offended him, and was almost beaten to death by grandpa.”

Hiss, so ruthless!

Zhu Long Xing was extremely shocked and exclaimed, “Big Brother Qi Yuan, you’re the only descendant of the Liu Clan!”

“There’s nothing to be done. Just think, how old is that guy now, but yet he’s already an Earth Grade alchemist. It’s very possible for him to become a Heaven Grade alchemist in future. So do you think that my Grandpa should give him face or not?” Liu Qi Yuan shook his head.

Zhu Long Xing’s face was also filled with astonishment. When he thought that his elder sister was currently looking for Heaven Grade alchemists, and if Ling Han became a Heaven Grade alchemist, then with his sister who had a request to make of him, how would he be able to measure up to Ling Han? Perhaps, this guy might even possibly become his brother-in-law!

Yi, brother-in-law? That didn’t sound too bad. With an Earth Grade alchemist, or even a Heaven Grade alchemist as his brother-in-law, how awesome was that?

“Thank you, Big Brother Qi Yuan. I almost caused a big mess!” He breathed out a breath of relief.

As the day of the Prodigy Tournament grew increasingly closer, there were also more and more young elite cultivators appearing in Extreme Yang City. It was inevitable that young people would be impetuous, and fights and trouble were unavoidable. However, no other fight happened in “Forget Not”.

There was nothing to be done. Two elites on the Prodigy Roll worked here for about ten days, and they were both about the twentieth place. This made all those ranked below twenty think of this restaurant as some place sacred.

If you want to make trouble here, no matter what, you should be more powerful than Shui Gu Cheng and Ji De Rong.

Moreover, even Zhu Xuan’er’s younger brother met with a defeat here yet there was no sign of Zhu Xuan’er coming here to stand up for her brother, which showed how strong the background the restaurant’s owner had!

It wasn’t that no one had borne any devious schemes, but with two such shocking situations there, who would dare attempt sponging off of Forget Not?

Another twenty days passed. The Prodigy Tournament would begin officially tomorrow.

Within the Black Tower, Ling Han finally ceased the special training for Liu Yu Tong and the others. Today would be for them to take a good rest, and from the next day onwards, it would a real battle. When they came out from the Black Tower, all of them exuded a terrifying aura.

…After this one month’s of hell training, they were practically able to kill anyone in their way, whether it was a human or a ghost!

Can Ye’s cultivation was the highest; he had reached the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Guang Yuan had returned to the ninth layer as well, whereas Liu Yu Tong was at the eighth layer. Zhu Wu Jiu was the weakest, but even he had reached the seventh layer. The reason why they had managed to improve so quickly was because Ling Han had used Golden Needle Ferrying Acupuncture Points on them to stimulate their hidden potential. That was how they managed to improve so much in a mere month’s time.

But this was squeezing out their inner potential. It meant sacrificing their future rate of cultivation as a price, but to obtain a good ranking in the Prodigy Tournament, they couldn’t care about it anymore.

A single person could only use this kind of secret art in their whole lifetimes. If they used it a second time, their power would still increase greatly, but the problem was that their power would continue to increase uncontrollably until their physical body could no longer contain it. Their bodies would then explode and they would die.

Furthermore, this was only useful before the Flower Blossom Tier. After breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier, the cultivator would have cast off his mortal shell, and this kind of technique to stimulate one’s hidden potential would no longer be effective.

Golden Needle Ferrying Acupuncture Points, combined with the hell training session, was what allowed them to possess the current shocking cultivation rate.

Ling Han and Hu Niu, on the other hand, were still at the peak of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Ling Han possessed two Spiritual Oceans. One turned clockwise and the other counterclockwise, as if they were two millstones. Thus, when his cultivation increased, his Origin Power was only polished to become ever sturdy, but his cultivation rate was still a bit too fast and he still needed some more time to reach perfection.

It would happen within these few days; he would be able to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

After a night of rest, all the young people gathered at the Great Arena of Extreme Yang City; this was the property of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion. And with the enormous amount of wealth in their possession, this Great Arena had been constructed for the purpose of the Prodigy Tournament that would happen every three years. Thus, this place appeared to be very majestic and grand, and could accommodate 200,000 spectators at any one time. The circular and high spectators stands looked as if they were mountains.

The first step was naturally to register.

The preliminary condition for registration was to be below thirty years old; there was no other restriction.

The second step was to test battle prowess.

There was a stone plaque used to test one’s battle prowess at the registration area. It was created by a great person in ancient times. After one shot out a full-power attack at it, it would show the corresponding number of Battle Stars. Everyone could be ranked according to Battle Stars, but exactly how many would be able to make it to the actual tournament?

That would depend on how many people had left the Prodigy Roll from the last round.

Subtracting those who had left due to age, as well as those that had not managed to make it in time or might even have died, the remaining people would automatically qualify for the actual tournament. There was a total of fifty-six this time round.

Thus, a total of one hundred and forty-four people out of all those who came to register would be able to qualify for the actual tournament.

These two hundred people would draw lots based on the concept of everyone on the rankings would encounter one another and enter into a knockout battle. The last hundred remaining would be the elites of the new Prodigy Roll of the Northern region. As for how the remaining would be ranked, that was simple. They would simply battle. Every person would have a battle with the other ninety-nine competitors, and their final rank would be calculated based on the number of their losses and victories.

“Then, let’s go first test our battle prowess.” Ling Han’s group headed towards the location of the Testing Stone Plaque. Because there was only two hundred people who could qualify for the actual tournament, those ranked below two hundred were naturally automatically eliminated, and there was no need for them to register.

“Hey, hey, hey. Did you all see that? A monster appeared just now. He is in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but his battle prowess is as high as twenty Stars; he can almost surge up to Spiritual Pedestal Tier!”

“I know, that guy’s name is Qu Xiu Zhu, but no one knows where he came from. He’s very mysterious.”

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“This guy can almost stand equal to Shen Zhong Cheng from the previous round.”

“He should be slightly inferior to Shen Zhong Cheng. The White-Robed Sword King is one that could defeat opponents in Spiritual Pedestal Tier.”

“Shen Zhong Cheng, too, had reached the ninth layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier just slightly over a year ago, and he has continuously polished himself since. That was why he could slice a Spiritual Pedestal Tier opponent with his sword, and this Qu Xiu Zhu may not be inferior.”

“That’s right. Qu Xiu Zhu is only nineteen years old.”

They had just reached the place when they already heard the crowds embroiled in heated discussions. There would appear a few monsters with every Prodigy Roll. The last round could deserve the name of the Golden Roll, whereupon such extreme geniuses like Zhu Xuan’er, Zuo Yu Da, Lu Yang, and Shen Zhong Cheng. It was yet unknown how this round would be.

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Chapter 432