Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 431

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Ling Han smiled and said, “Really, thanks a lot!”

That Young Master Long looked very pleased with himself, but he had just barely completed the thought when he felt his vision darken. With a bang, his face was already crashed onto the table. With such a huge impact, the whole table split apart into multiple pieces, and his face was covered in soup.

“How dare you!” the four servants yelled furiously and moved to grab Ling Han.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. Ling Han instantly shot out four punches; the four servants gripped their chests tightly, their faces pale. They fell seated on the ground, feeling as if they had a breath of air that was stuck in their air pipes. It was too horrible a feeling for mere words to describe.

“F***, who asked you to be arrogant!” Ji De Rong rushed forwards and gave the four of them a round of punches and kicks.

His cultivation had been sealed, and he had served dishes a bit too slowly. Furthermore, he was an elite cultivator on the Prodigy Roll, so it was inevitable that he would have his own pride. As a result, that young man ordered his lackeys to give him a few harsh kicks. If it was not for the fact that he had the Origin Power of Spiritual Pedestal Tier to refine his physical body, he would definitely have been severely wounded by now.

As the saying went, when a tiger leaves the mountains and reached the plains, it’d be bullied by a dog; how could he not feel resentful? Shui Gu Cheng’s expression was not much better than his own. However, he was not as rash as Ji De Rong, and furthermore, did not want to fall to the same level as those servants.

Ling Han thought for a moment, stretched out his hand and, with a brush, unsealed the cultivation of both Ji De Rong and Shui Gu Cheng. He said, “Because the two of you have performed acceptably these ten days, I’ll consider the debt paid.”

Shui Gu Cheng and Ji De Rong were a bit disbelieving—until they felt the Origin Power gushing forth within their bodies. That was when they felt they had woken up from a dream. They were both extremely rueful. In these ten days when their cultivation was sealed, they lived like normal people, which allowed them to have a taste of a different life than their own. It seemed like they had unexpectedly obtained a deeper comprehension in martial arts as a result.

“Bastard, you actually dare to injure me?” Young Master Long got to his feet. There was still a piece of carrot dangling about the corner of his lips, and his whole face was covered in soup. His expression was one filled with absolute fury. “Do you know who I am?”

“Hearing such a familiar line, I can probably guess that you have a very awesome elder brother, or perhaps father?” Ling Han asked, smiling.

“Wrong, I have an incredibly awesome elder sister!” Young Master Long exclaimed proudly.

Pa , he was once again knocked down onto the ground by a smack from Ling Han.

“Really an idiot that doesn’t learn!” Ling Han shook his head.

Ji De Rong looked at the young man and said fiercely, “Han, just hand over this brat to Ji, no, to me to deal with, okay?” He licked his lips, fire in his eyes.

This young man was only in the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, yet he was actually thrashed by such a minor character; if he did not repay this favor, how could he still be considered human? In comparison, he was more convinced by Ling Han’s power. The latter was indeed very strong, and he could not defeat him.

“You all dare!” Young Master Long shouted loudly, “My elder sister is Zhu Xuan’er!”


Ji De Rong and Shui Gu Cheng both exclaimed in surprise. Zhu Xuan’er, not only was she a well-known beauty of the north region, she was also well on the path to become the strongest of the younger generation of the north region. Her future accomplishment might possibly even exceed the Spiritual Infant Tier.

They could offend anyone—except for Zhu Xuan’er, because she had too much influence. She needed only to call out, and how many young geniuses were willing to go through water and tread on fire for her sake?

Peng , Young Master Long was once again smacked onto the ground by Ling Han’s hand.

“What are you shouting for? Pay compensation!” Ling Han said fiercely.

“Pay compensation? Pay what compensation?” Young Master Long looked very surprised. He was the obvious victim here, wasn’t he?

“You broke a table in my restaurant, so shouldn’t you pay for it?” Ling Han asked fiercely.

“It was obviously you who smacked my head onto the table!” Young Master Long said weakly.

With a bang, he was once again smacked onto the floor tiles, and created a hole in the floor.

“How dare you, you actually broke the floor tiles in my restaurant!” Ling Han exclaimed darkly.

Young Master Long felt very wronged. He was obviously being thrashed by Ling, so why was he the one being blamed? However, after being smacked consecutively for a few times, he finally realized how things were. Ling Han was even more arrogant and forceful than he was, and was unreasonable too.

A person like him was usually arrogant, but was most afraid of encountering someone fiercer than them. Now, after being unreasonably beaten by Ling Han a few times, he was finally afraid.

“I’ll pay!” He asked obediently, “How much?”

Ling Han snatched the Spatial Ring that he was wearing, directly erased the divine sense that he had left on it, and swept his own divine sense within. There were actually a few thousand Origin Crystals inside. He could not help but smile and said, “I’ll just take this sum, I won’t bear a grudge for it being too little.”

“You are practically committing robbery here!” Young Master Long complained.

“En?” Ling Han tossed him a glare.

Young Master Long hurriedly shook his head and said, “Of course! Of course!”

“You can get lost now.” With a casual toss of his hand, Ling Han had thrown Young Master Long out, and did the same with his four servants.

“Just you wait and see, I will definitely come back!” After Young Master Long had raced off a certain distance, he cast out a line that fit the situation, then broke out into a mad run again.

Ling Han could not help but laugh loudly. Profligate young masters were really profligate young masters; they only knew how to use their powerful connections as an intimidation tactic.

“Ling Han, twenty days later, I shall see you at the Prodigy Tournament. By then, I will definitely not lose to you!” Shui Gu Cheng declared coldly.

Ling Han had heard about the rules of the Prodigy Tournament before. In this kind of battle, it was not allowed to use any kind of alchemical pill or Spirit Tool to prevent an unjust battle. However, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion would prepare a great amount of weapons which were all forged from Level Five materials. Thought they were not Spirit Tools, they were extremely sturdy, and could sustain the powerful attacks of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

In Shui Gu Cheng’s eyes, Ling Han had been able to defeat him merely because he had the Demon Birth Sword. Thus, since the Prodigy Tournament did not allow the use of Spirit Tools, he naturally had a high chance of victory.

Ling Han was too lazy to explain. He only waved him off. He’d just have Hu Niu ravage Shui Gu Cheng by then.

Ji De Rong broke into a run and fled as well. After being tortured by Ling Han for ten days, he was filled with wariness of the former, and so naturally wanted to maintain a big distance from this demon.

Young Master Long, whose real name was Zhu Long Xing, was indeed Zhu Xuan’er’s younger brother. In truth, his martial arts talent was not too bad, either, but compared with Zhu Xuan’er, there was a very big gap. Furthermore, he did not have the heated drive to pursue martial arts. As a result, since he only liked to have fun and play around, he was currently only in the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier.

How could he bear to swallow such a huge loss by himself? He immediately raced off to look for help, and his first choice was someone who had just recently addressed him as brother and mingled with closely—Liu Qi Yuan.

When he arrived at Listen to the Rain Pavilion, Liu Qi Yuan received him warmly. Good wine and good food, and there were beauties and singers to accompany him as well, fully giving him face.

“Big Brother Qi Yuan, I was bullied by someone today.” After drinking a few cups of wine, Zhu Long Xing could no longer hold back and began to grumble about his grievances to Liu Qi Yuan.

“What, there is actually someone who dares to bully a brother of Liu Qi Yuan, me, in this Extreme Yang City? Tell me, who is so bold? I shall go and cut off his head for you!” Liu Qi Yuan immediately declared, patting his chest.

“Thank you, Big Brother Qi Yuan!” Zhu Long Xing quickly offered his thanks, “I’ve made my queries, that guy’s name is Ling Han.”


Liu Qi Yuan suddenly spat out a mouthful of wine directly onto Zhu Long Xing. This made Zhu Long Xing very confused. They were having a nice conversation, so what do you mean by suddenly spitting wine in my face?

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“Ke! Ke! Ke!” Liu Qi Yuan coughed unstoppably. He hurriedly drank some tea to calm himself, and with hope that things were not like what he had thought, said, “It can’t be Ling Han from Forget Not, right?”

“It’s indeed that guy!”

Pu , Liu Qi Yuan spat again. Extraordinarily accurately, it was Zhu Long Xing’s face again.

Zhu Long Xing: “…”

Ten thousand curse words flew through his mind. F***, I’ll forget about you spitting at me once, but twice? Do I have some kind of enmity with you?

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Chapter 431