Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 426

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Chapter 426: Tiandu Thunder Star Array
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han did not coerce her, either; having Li Si Chan refine the Heavenly Luck Stone was indeed a bit of a waste. Since she did not need it, then they’d just put it aside for now. Anyways, no matter when, this kind of priceless treasure would be able to fetch an astronomical price.

He headed to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and asked if there was any news about the Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma. The result of his queries brought him much unexpected joy. Yin Hong had already gotten some news about the Nine Leaf Black Ganoderma, and would be able to obtain it in another one or two months’ time.

There was nothing to be done about that. A Level Seven Spiritual Herb was extremely valuable, and Yin Hong was only the beloved daughter of the Pavilion Master of the north region branch of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, so she had limited means at her disposal. Most importantly, being the Pavilion Master of a branch of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion did not mean one had absolute authority. After all, the Spirit Treasures Pavilion was a very, very large party.

It was just another one or two months’ wait; Ling Han was still willing to wait. Moreover, about a month later, the Prodigy Roll of the north region would once again open up, and though Ling Han was not interested to participate, he might as well see how strong the prodigies of this era were.

“Right, do you still have any other array techniques? I can take out some cultivation or martial arts techniques to exchange for them,” Ling Han said.

Yin Hong rolled her eyes and replied, “Don’t talk to me in the tone that you use to speak with kids!”

“Just take a look at the goods!” Ling Han waved his right hand, and instantly, ten books with martial arts techniques appeared on the table, every one of them Earth Grade.

Yin Hong flipped through them and could not help but look shocked. She asked, “Where did you steal so many martial arts techniques from?”

“Don’t you worry about that. Are you willing to trade?” Ling Han said, smiling.

Yin Hong could not help but be moved, but said, “Didn’t I give you a Little Tianyuan Spirit Snake Array previously?”

“I already learnt that,” Ling Han said very casually.


Yin Hong instantly spat out a mouthful of tea; already learnt? What kind of joke was he playing here? That was a Level Four Array Technique, and you already learnt it in a few months’ time? One had to understand that array techniques could not be learnt overnight; one had to first learn Level One array patterns, followed by Level Two, Level Three, then Level Four.

Ordinarily, one or two months would be enough to learn Level One array patterns, but Level Two would at least need one or two years, Level Three would require four to five years, and Level Four would at least need over ten years to be learnt successfully. It would be easy in the beginning, but the further one advanced, the slower the rate of improvement.

Thus, array techniques were only support techniques, and no one would actually only cultivate array techniques.

Yin Hong could also be considered a genius of array techniques, yet even she had spent three whole months to fully grasp the Little Tianyuan Spirit Snake Array, and this was still based on the fact that she had already grasped a large amount of Level Four array patterns.

“You’re bluffing!” She did not believe him.

Ling Han smiled slightly and spread out his right hand. Seven golden patterned rods appeared, and the Little Tianyuan Spirit Snake Array appeared in his consciousness. Instantly, the power of nature gushed forth, and a white snake suddenly appeared.

“What?!” Yin Hong stood up abruptly, her beautiful eyes wide. “You, you, you are practically a monster!”

“Hey, even if we know each other well, I will still get angry if you insult me like that,” Ling Han said, smiling.

Yin Hong still looked dumbfounded and said, “I thought that I was a genius of array techniques, but when compared with you, I feel like I’m an idiot.”

“True, I am a genius.” Ling Han nodded.

Yin Hong could not help but sigh. “Can’t you be a little modest?”

“This is the truth. If I act modest, that would be being pretentious. Acting pretentious is something that only bastards would do,” Ling Han said in mock seriousness.

Yin Hong instantly broke out in laughter, and as she laughed, her beautiful body shook with her peals of laughter, without worrying if she would ignite Ling Han with her voluptuous movements or that he would be overcome by lust and push her down. After a while, she said seriously, “With your level in array techniques, perhaps you may be even more impressive than I am a year later, and can take my place as the main force in the array techniques competition.”

“Then you’d have to increase my pay!” Ling Han said seriously.

Yin Hong rolled her lovely eyes at him and said, “Just a few words of praise and you’re over the moon already? However, be it for array technique, alchemy, or martial arts, every region can send three people, and the one who has achieved the best result will be used in the judgement. The higher your achievements in array techniques, the higher the possibility of us getting higher marks in array techniques. All right, I’ll trade with you!”

She drew out an ancient book and placed it in front of Ling Han.

“Tiandu Thunder Star Array.” Ling Han cast a glance over it; these words were written on the book’s cover.

“A Level Five Array Technique!” Yin Hong declared, her expression somber. “However, this is the highest level of array technique that I can obtain. In the case of Level Six Array Tehcniques, I am not yet qualified to learn. But even if I have, I could not possibly teach you, either. There are very strict rules about that.”

Yet Ling Han was pleased. The might of a Level Five Array Technique was equivalent to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and he was only a hair’s breadth away from breaking through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Level Four Array Techniques, on the other hand, were not of much help, as very soon, they would not be useful to him anymore.

“Deal.” He grabbed the book of array techniques and left.

Yin Hong could not help but grit her teeth. She was, in any case, a great beauty, and was naturally charming in disposition. Was this brat blind?

The reason why Ling Han was able to advance so fast on the path of array techniques naturally was related to the fact that he had a sliver of the divine sense left behind from the Heaven Tier. Furthermore, he had entered into various ancient historical sites in his last life, so had studied much about array techniques. Thus, he had not begun from absolute zero.

He flipped through the book. This Tiandu Thunder Star Array could induce the attack of lightning, and it was divided into two versions. One version was the main array, which needed one to lay out one hundred and thirty-six array stones. Even a Level Five Array Master was not able to control it freely, and could only set it up as a dead array.

A so-called dead array was similar to the Mountain Protection Great Array; it could only be set up in a certain location, and would only be activated when an intruder entered into the bounds of the array. The advantage was that it was completely automatic and possessed great force; there were also a lot of disadvantages, however. Firstly, it could not be moved, so once it was set up somewhere, it would stay there. Secondly, it could not differentiate between enemies and friends, so one wrong step, and he could still activate the array to attack him.

“I could set up one here. It could block any enemies at the level of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier,” Ling Han mumbled. However, there were one hundred and thirty-six array stones needed. How many materials would that need? He was definitely unable to set it up for the time being.

There was another version which was a supplementary array. The power of this array was much smaller, but it only needed thirty-six array stones. It could be considered as the compact version of the main array. The advantage of this array was that it could be actively controlled completely by the array master and he could command it to attack as he desired, just like the Little Tianyuan Spirit Snake Array.

“Looks like I’m going to have to spend a lot! Thankfully, three Bone Forming Pills had been auctioned off for seven thousand Two Star Origin Crystals, as well as a dozen over thousand One Star Origin Crystals, which would be enough to buy them.” Ling Han huffed out a breath of air. Looking at things, array techniques were also extremely costly, and were not that much better than alchemy.

However, though array masters could also earn money by helping another to set up a great array, once the array was set up, it could be used for more than a hundred, or even a thousand, ten thousand and more years. It was not a consumable item like alchemical pills. As a result, array masters most probably did not earn as much money as alchemists.

“Thankfully, I am the Alchemy Emperor. Otherwise, if I want to cultivate martial arts and have to refine array stones as well, how else would I earn so much money to burn!”

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Ling Han shook his head. As he walked on the streets, he could clearly see that there were considerably more cultivators around him. The Northern Region Prodigy Tournament was about to begin, which would naturally attract cultivators to come. Some were here to participate in the tournament, whereas some were here to watch the excitement.

“Shui Gu Cheng, battle with me!” A large shout was heard from somewhere ahead of him.

“You maniac, this is a busy street in the city. If we battle here, how many people would die? Both of us would be chased out of Extreme Yang City!” an angry voice yelled back.

“Now that my battle spirit has arisen, I don’t care about so much; come battle!” A figure leaped up high. The figure was quite small in build, yet was wielding a heavy hammer that was much taller than him. Merely the hammer was taller and wider than his body.

“Idiot!” Another person leaped up and jumped onto the roof of a building, then left quickly.

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Chapter 426