Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: A Narrow Victory
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

One thousand and two hundred sword flashes!

This meant that Yao Hui Yue had shot out eleven flashes of Sword Qi; that was how the total number of sword flashes reached the high point of one thousand and two hundred. This was an extremely terrifying attack. A cultivator in the Flower Blossom Tier was capable of shooting out one thousand and two hundred sword flashes, and every flash was equivalent to Yao Hui Yue’s full-power attack. If these sword flashes crashed onto the Thunder Battle Armor, they were perfectly capable of crushing its Flower Blossom Tier-level defense.

They were too concentrated and too powerful!

Ling Han was also slightly surprised. He had foreseen that when the first two strikes of Yao Hui Yue produced no effect, he would definitely use the Mysterious Three Thousand in the third strike. The latter’s pride and self-esteem would not allow the words he had declared to fall empty.

However, he had never thought that Yao Hui Yue had indeed hidden his real ability. He had actually formed as many as eleven flashes of Sword Qi!

He was indeed a very ambitious man. He had already formed eleven flashes of Sword Qi, yet did not choose to consolidate them into Sword Ray. Was he planning to form twenty-nine flashes then?

The Rain Emperor was also greatly stirred. He had formed Fist Ray only after he had formed ten flashes of Qi, but he had never thought that ten flashes was not the limit at all! There was nothing to be done about that; due to the limits of the power structure, there was no way that the Rain Emperor’s understanding and knowledge about martial arts could compare with a disciple of Heaven’s Sword Sect.

This had nothing to do with personal talent, but was rather due to the gap between their respective legacies.

Ling Han moved and used the Shadow Wind Motion, and actually managed to weave around the one thousand and two hundred sword flashes. Extremely coincidentally and very amazingly, he avoided one sword flash after another, heading towards Yao Hui Yue in attack.

That was too inconceivable!

The Rain Emperor and Zhu Xuan’er could not help but gape; that was definitely Yao Hui Yue’s strongest attack. If it was them… even if Zhu Xuan’er broke through to the Flower Blossom Tier, she would only be able to stay on the defense against such an attack. Otherwise, she could only choose to retreat early on to avoid facing such power directly.

But soon after, they immediately shook their heads internally. That was one thousand and two hundred sword flashes; it was absolutely impossible to defend against. Unless they possessed an overwhelming advantage in cultivation level, that would be the only way they could parry what was equivalent to the fierce attack of a thousand and two hundred Tao Hui Yue.

The only option was to retreat and dodge.

This was the conclusion that the two of them had reached, yet Ling Han did the exact opposite; he actually went straight up against the thousand and two hundred sword flashes and charged towards Yao Hui Yue to attack.

But it seemed as if he could really succeed; he had already managed to dodge over seven hundred sword flashes.

How could this scene not stike the Rain Emperor and Zhu Xuan’er dumb? Meanwhile, Tong Zhi Ming was gritting his teeth as well, yet he felt as if the pain caused by the injury on his neck had increased slightly. Only Hu Niu kept clapping her hands, calling out in praise.

Eight hundred, nine hundred, one thousand, one thousand and one hundred, one thousand and two hundred!

Ling Han actually managed to pass all one thousand and two hundred sword flashes and arrived in front of Yao Hui Yue. His sword streaked past, and he used the Four Seasons Sword Technique; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter cycled.


Yao Hui Yue was struck and his figure was instantly flung backwards from the impact. However, multiple patterns lit up on his body, and when he touched the ground, there was only a very shallow wound on the left side of his face. Blood was seeping out, but it was as if it was mercury. It dripped slowly and exuded a silvery white light.

Ling Han withdrew his sword. He managed to turn tables around in the final attack because he, too, had cultivated the Mysterious Three Thousand. Moreover, he had formed nine flashes of Sword Qi himself, which was only two flashes of Sword Qi less than his opponent.

As a result, he naturally knew how these sword flashes circulated. Though the additional two hundred flashes did give him some trouble. However, he did have the divine sense of the Heaven Tier after all, and his opponent was only in the Flower Blossom Tier, so the additional two hundred sword flashes were not too much of a problem.

This was what led to a miracle—a cultivator of the ninth layer of Spiritual Pedestal Tier overcame the strongest killing move of his Flower Blossom Tier opponent and managed to land his own attack!

…Even if he had only left behind a very tiny wound on Yao Hui Yue’s face, which was completely superficial.

A hush fell all around them.

The Rain Emperor was astonished, Zhu Xuan’er’s beautiful eyes shone brightly, whereas Tong Zhi Ming trembled. Only Hu Niu was clapping her hands wildly and broke the silence with her applause.

Yao Hui Yue’s expression changed repeatedly, but finally returned to impassiveness. He exuded an absolutely relaxed air and even smiled. He said, “Not bad, not bad. In my whole life, this is the first time that I have been wounded by someone who is ten years younger than me.

“I’ve said before that I would only strike three times!

“Ling Han, there are still twenty months. Within these twenty months, even if I meet you once again, I will pretend that I have not seen you. However, twenty months later, no matter where you’re hiding, I will find you and kill you!

“I will step on your corpse and break through to the second level of my path of the sword!”

He had completely recovered his forceful manner and brimmed with confidence. He turned to Zhu Xuan’er and said, “Xuan’er, I’m sorry. I was not able to help you collect the Spiritual Herb, but please don’t worry. I will immediately return to the middle state and definitely help you get Spiritual Herb.”

After saying so, he nodded at Tong Zhi Ming, and the two of them turned around and left.

Ling Han’s eyes stayed on Yao Hui Yue’s figure. The next time they met, he would definitely not take advantage of the fact that he had an understanding of Mysterious Three Thousand; instead, he would use real battle prowess to defeat this second coming of the Sword Emperor!

‘Sword Emperor, it would be good if you had managed to enter the real of gods. I shall definitely seek you out in the future for a good battle!’

Ling Han’s confidence soared. He was certain that he would be able to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier in two years’ time.

“Grandmaster Ling, how much Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass do you need to use to concoct your alchemical pill? Please leave some for Xuan’er!” Zhu Xuan’er bowed to Ling Han. Whether it was because of his identity as an Earth Grade alchemist or because of the battle prowess he currently possessed, she dared not use forceful means.

Furthermore, she was most impressed by a genius of martial arts. Ling Han, with his cultivation of the ninth layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier—though he had temporarily raised his cultivation to the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—was capable of wounding an elite cultivator of the Flower Blossom Tier, especially when it was the kind of monster that Yao Hui Yue was. It naturally filled her with an endless respect for him.

Her beautiful eyes blazed, extremely enchanting.

Meanwhile, the Rain Emperor smiled slightly and said, “Ling Han, I will still stay for some time in this Dark Devil Forest, and when I reach the ninth layer of Flower Blossom Tier, I will enter the other regions to travel. Therefore, if you encounter any trouble during this time, you can come here and look for me.”

“Many thanks, Rain Emperor!” Ling Han raised his clasped hands in thanks.

There was a protective screen that separated all four great regions and the middle state. A weaker person could freely pass through, but the higher one’s cultivation, the harder it would be to pass through this barrier. For example, it was possible for a cultivator in the Spiritual Infant Tier to pass through, but their cultivation would be greatly decreased.

Thus, if one wanted to travel to the various regions and the middle state, the Flower Blossom Tier was the best cultivation level for it. One would still be strong enough to ensure his own safety yet would not be weakened in the process of passing through the barrier.

The Rain Emperor looked over Ling Han and Zhu Xuan’er a few times, laughed loudly, and leaped through the air and left.

Zhu Xuan’er’s face reddened from the way he was looking at them. Thankfully, she had a white veil to cover her face, so no one could see how she currently resembled a peach.

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“Grandmaster Ling…” She said to Ling Han shyly, her beautiful eyes clear and like honey, enough to make one’s heart drunk with the sweetness.

Ling Han thought for a moment, then said, “One month later, bring enough Origin Crystals or other ingredients. Formation techniques would be all right as well. I can sell the Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass to you.” If it was one month, there should be quite a few stalks of Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass in the Black Tower, so it would be fine to sell off one stalk.

“Really?” Zhu Xuan’er asked, extremely excited.

Ling Han revealed an impatient expression and countered, “I am an Earth Grade alchemist; do you think I would lie to a little girl like you?”

Instantly, the corner of Zhu Xuan’er’s mouth twitched, and she almost charged up to him to stab him with her sword.

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Chapter 424