Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: Not Foolish
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The demonic ape waved its arms, sweeping out flashes of momentous Qi filled with unstoppable destructive power unrestrainedly with its ten fingers. At least it was almost invincible in the Flower Blossom Tier.

Zhi! Chi!

The Flower Blossom Tier elites unleashed their Spirit Tools to parry, but even sixth tier Spirit Tools were left with graze marks. Seeing this, they gasped in astonishment. If the Spirit Tools were to be scratched by the demonic ape’s claws, then wouldn’t they be cut in half immediately?

And if their bodies were scratched, would it be of use… even fi they used Origin Power to defend?

As this thought arose, even the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier elites didn’t dare to directly oppose the ape’s attacks and restrained it in the surroundings. With no one daring to take the vanguard, the demonic ape naturally came and went freely, displaying fully its vicious might.

Although its physique was massive, its movements were extremely agile and deceitfully quick. Suddenly left, then suddenly right, suddenly in the front, then suddenly from the back, so strange that it disgusted people—it was completely like an agility type beast.

However, when the Flower Blossom Tier elites really thought that it was an agility type, the demonic ape launched a violent assault, targeting only one person. That person was at the second layer of the Flower Blossom Tier; his face turned green as his strength was so vastly different compared to the demonic ape.

Everyone hurriedly tried to rescue him, but the demonic ape’s physique was overbearing. The Sword Qi, Saber Qi, and the like unleashed by Spirit Tools couldn’t harm it at all from this distance, not even able to cut off a single hair.

There was no way to succeed like that, so they had to charge over one after another. The demonic ape targeted that Flower Blossom Tier warrior anyways, which was equivalent to restraining it at the front, thus they didn’t fear close combat.

“Kill! Kill!” The demonic ape suddenly turned its head and attacked the crowd.

Everyone knew that the Dark Demon Forest was filled with a weird presence, and the longer one stayed, no matter beast or human, all would go crazy and bloodthirsty. It no doubt increased destructive power, but also effected intelligence.

The honest saying that losing one’s wit, the limit of battle power unleashed would be limited no matter how strong one was was true.

This was the main reason why the crowd dared to attack the demonic ape on all sides.

But who would’ve thought that such a large group of people would be tricked by the demonic ape, diverting their attention and then unleashing its power—was this really a vicious creature that only knew slaughter?

“Not good!” The Flower Blossom Tier elites’ expressions turned green; although they won in numbers, could they really block a king of beasts at the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier fighting head-on? After all, they only had three elites at the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier.

At this moment, the three warriors at the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier were the first to retreat—then those at the eighth layer, and those at the seventh layer. The higher their tier, the more control they naturally had over their own power.

The demonic ape let out an odd laugh. Pa, pa , its arms spread out, easily capturing a Flower Blossom Tier elite each.

The ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier against the fifth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, and the ape was king tier—it was an obvious result. Why were their heads only filled with thoughts of running?

“Save me! Save me!”

The two Flower Blossom Tier elites that were seized yelled loudly as they desperately struggled and spread their martial intent. On the surface of their bodies, endless vein-like lines spread out, covered by astonishing brilliance. Each vein-like line firing down would be enough to exterminate a field of Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors, but they just couldn’t get free now from the demonic ape’s control.

The might of a king tier beast wa fully displayed!

Pa! Pa!

The demonic ape applied force in both hands, causing the two to explode. Hong , a terrifying power shock wave resonated through heaven and earth.

A martial artist’s cultivation was equivalent to taking oneself as a furnace, improving oneself. Especially after advancing into the Flower Blossom Tier, the power contained inside the body was earthshaking and extremely terrifying. Now that it was crushed, that terrifying power going out of control was naturally shocking.

The demonic ape wasn’t the least bit afraid and instead opened its mouth, throwing the two Flower Blossom Tier warriors into its mouth, munching a few times, and swallowing them whole.


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Seeing this, everyone drew a cold breath.

Between humans and beasts, there was really just a relationship of devouring each other because both parties contained flesh that was of great benefit to the other, so eating back and forth was quite normal. However, standing in the position of the humans, seeing one of their own being eaten still had a great impact.

Besides, those were two Flower Blossom Tier elites; no matter which party they belonged to, it was an insufferable loss!

After eating two Flower Blossom Tier warriors, the demonic ape’s red eyes were even brighter, just like two small suns. It stared at everyone again with earthshaking killing intent.

Ling Han shook his head inwardly. If human martial artists kept harboring their own intentions, then they would only be destroyed separately by the demonic ape. Moreover, the demonic ape was already at the peak stage of the Flower Blossom Tier, and if it ate ten more Flower Blossom Tier martial artists, it might be able to advance!

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Chapter 410