Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 409

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Chapter 409: Golden Blood Demonic Ape
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This was a team of Heavenly Silkworm Court, but only that old man truly belonged to the Heavenly Silkworm Court. His name was Zuo Yu Dao. The others were like Ling Han, recruited along the way.

Needless to say, they were completely a cannon fodder party. If they encountered a great battle, they would simply be putting out their lives.

Some had anxiety in their eyes, evidently seeing the truth, but others were filled with joy—earning two pieces of Origin Crystal per day, where else would one find such a good job?

However, if a great battle broke out between the large forces, the people here would probably all die, so why would the Heavenly Silkworm Sect need to pay dead people Origin Crystal?

Ling Han was calm and collected. He had the Black Tower in hand and was filled with confidence, having the thought of fishing in troubled waters. He and Hu Niu were ringers; seeing that they were just a youngster and a little girl, how could everyone else be on guard?

After eating, the party headed southwest. With half a day’s effort, a mountain valley appeared before them. A vast crowd was outside the valley, as if convening a general meeting.

Ling Han’s gaze swept by. He saw that the place was divided into circles of the many forces, each simply surrounding a small area of tents. Most of the forces also planted their flags; for example, Heavenly Silkworm Court’s was a purple-colored beast silkworm, Devour Bone Court’s was a skull, and Cold Water Sect’s was an ice river.

“The Cold Water Sect also came, huh.” Ling Han smiled mischievously. When he was at the Fallen Moon Gorge, he annihilated one of Cold Water Sect’s disciples. If he were to reveal his identity now, would the elites of the Cold Water Sect come and make him pay?

If they met on a narrow path, then they might, but under the eyes of the crowd, who dared to lay their hands on an alchemist? Unless this alchemist did something that truly would cause the wrath of god and the resentment of men and gave rise to public indignation, they definitely had to consider the leviathan that was the Alchemist Society.

Besides, Ling Han was now an Earth Grade alchemist—would they offend an Earth Grade alchemist deeply for a mere Spiritual Ocean Tier disciple?

Ling Han looked around; all the forces he knew came—except one.

…The Blood Light House.

It was rumored that the original master of the Blood Light House was defeated by a man who called himself “Fist Emperor,” yielding the position of house master. The successor really had restraint, not even making a move for the Heavenly Luck Stone.

Even if this thing wasn’t used for oneself, throwing it to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and auctioning it off would definitely get a sky-high price.

Ling Han was extremely low-key, hiding within the cannon fodder of the Heavenly Silkworm Court. He cultivated every day, fathoming the way of the sword and formations. All the paths of the heaven and world were interlinked and he gained comprehension by analogy, forming the eight flash of Sword Qi. Becoming aware of such benefits naturally made him full of confidence.

Yao Hui Yue was just twenty-four to twenty-five, and yet he formed nine flashes of Sword Qi—possibly even more—giving Ling Han immense pressure.

The older generation had all arrived, and the youngsters on the prodigy roll could no longer garner attention. However, Zhu Xuan Er was still like a bright moon and would set off a commotion no matter where she walked, always surrounded by countless people.

Inside the mountain valley was the Heavenly Luck Stone, but inside the mountain cave, a beast kept watch and blocked the path; till this day, no one dared to venture on.

Because this beast was the Golden Blood Demonic Ape, a king amongst beasts!

Being at the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier and a king amongst beasts determined the beast’s amazing strength. Furthermore, the mentality of the beasts here was affected by chaos intent—each and every one only knew of slaughter, making the Golden Blood Demonic Ape even scarier.

Although there were quite a few Flower Blossom Tier elites present, there weren’t many that reached the ninth layer. Not to mention that even if ten or even twenty of them joined hands, they might not even rival that demonic ape.

Therefore, everyone was waiting; fighting with such a vicious thing carried an extremely high chance of dying, so the more certain they were, the better.

However, this wouldn’t last for long, because the Demonic Qi influenced the minds of living creatures, driving people insane—something that no one wanted to happen to themselves.

Now these powerful people were negotiating: who would take the Heavenly Luck Stone, and what benefits would the recipient take out to settle with the others? Moreover, the Golden Blood Demonic Ape was king tier, so its blood, flesh, skin, fur, and bones all had immense value, so how would that be distributed?

These days were just about arguing back and forth, as if during an auction. Each force wanted to pay the smallest price to receive the greatest benefit, but once there were too many people, it naturally became an endless conference.

However, after two days, the Golden Blood Demonic Ape initiated the attack.

It was over thirty feet tall and fully covered in red fur that reached two feet, gently swaying under the mountain breeze. Its claws were appallingly long, each one reaching three feet and as if a sharp spear—the gleaming look of it alone would scare people.

This was beast of the king tier as strong as the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier, emitting an extremely terrifying presence that could rival the first layer of the Spiritual Infant Tier. Even the lot of Flower Blossom Tier elites didn’t dare to easily start a battle.

Pa, pa, pa, the people below Flower Blossom Tier all went soft at the soles of their feet, almost falling to the ground—the presence of it was too terrifying. When Feng Yan took out a magical decree, it stunned all Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites, and now this demonic ape had about the same strength.

However, a few people were the exception, such as Zhu Xuan Er and Shen Zhong Cheng, and a few youngsters that Ling Han didn’t recognize—they actually resisted the presence.

These youngsters were kings amongst the humans. Although they were still young and immature, a young king was still a king, so how could they kneel or lower their heads towards another king?

Lign Han didn’t want to stand out and pulled on Hu Niu to sit down on the ground. Everyone sat anyways and there was no need to worry about people blocking their vision. Moreover, this demonic ape was over thirty feet tall—the target was way too obvious.

“Kill… kill…” The demonic ape actually slobbered the words of man, its red eyes filled with ruthlessness as it immediately began its massacre. Waving its demonic claws, shua , five flashes of momentous Qi shot out, turning into a thirty thousand feet long attacks. Pu, pu, pu, pu, the momentous Qi swept over and those who lay, sat, or knelt on the ground were undoubtedly split into two.


With its one attack, these Flower Blossom Tier elites could sit no longer, and attacked the ape one after another. There wasn’t only cannon fodder here, but also their disciples, and if all of them died here, the loss would be too great.

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One, two, three, four, five… Ling Han counted a total of 34 Flower Blossom Tier warriors. Of those, three reached the ninth layer, five the eighth layer, nine the seventh layer… those below seventh layer actually held little significance. Against a king tier, they could at most impede it, and had no ability to fight it head-on at all.

Just like Ling Han—even if one hundred ninth layer Spiritual Ocean Tier elites came, wouldn’t they all still be easily killed instantly?

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The great battle began, and although the demonic ape was fighting against the masses alone, it still had the initiative. As it waved its demonic claws, every claw lashed out with momentous Qi, impossible to overcome, forcing these Flower Blossom Tier elites to dodge all over the place.

A king amongst beasts was truly powerful!

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Chapter 409