Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 407

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Chapter 407: Battling Ding Yuan Xin
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“I actually didn’t kill him?” Ling Han was startled, then shook his head, loosening his grip as the twig turned into fine powder.

That was jut a normal twig and couldn’t possibly endure his sword intent. Once the Origin Power dispersed, it naturally crumbled.

Luo Da looked overwhelmed with shock at Ling Han—was this youngster a monster? He was only at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but his battle prowess was stronger than Shen Zhong Cheng’s, almost annihilating him with a twig used as a sword.

Ling Han stroked his chin and said, “What to do, I said to use a twig, but I couldn’t kill the man… now that’s awkward.”

Luo Da’s teeth chattered, but his expression was resolute as he said, “Kill me if you want, don’t humiliate me!”

Ling Han laughed mischievously and said, “Surely a figure of the prodigy roll, at least you have some guts. Alright, if you want to die so badly, I’ll have to fulfill your wish.”

Luo Da’s face twitched involuntarily. Could Ling Han have had the thought of letting him go, but was his unyieldingness going to make him lose his life? The price of this unyieldingness was too great.

Ling Han’s expression suddenly turned stern. Lifting his head and looking at the sky, he said, “Since lordship has come, there’s no need to keep stay hidden.”

“Hehe, just passing by and watching the fun.” A middle-aged man in his thirties leapt off the top of a tree, his body lanky, but still emitting a charming demeanor even in his thirties.

The ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!

Ling Han evaluated him in his mind; if he were unarmed, his battle prowess would be about two stars Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Using the Mysterious Three Thousand could upgrade his battle prowess to three stars, and on top of the two Spirit Tools, he could reach seven stars, and then with addition of the formation, his limit could match Spiritual Pedestal Tier’s nine stars.

This was extremely shocking, as he was now only at the seventh layer Spiritual Ocean Tier!

Battle prowess that crossed an entire large tier… this was truly going to be nature-defying.

Of course, taking Black Tower’s power boost into account… Never mind, this wasn’t normal battle prowess and could only be used once every tier.

However, he was freakish, but his opponent could also be freakish. A ninth layer Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite didn’t necessarily only have nine stars battle prowess. It could be ten stars, and maybe fifteen stars, or even twenty stars, who knew?

“What is your lordship called?” Ling Han said smilingly.

“Surnamed Ding, and named Yuan Xin,” the middle-aged man said smilingly. As his gaze swept by Ling Han, a baleful presence was emitted.

Ding Yuan Xin? Ding Gao Yang’s older brother, a figure on the last last term’s prodigy roll, and not ranked low at all.

Now, Ling Han was immediately certain that the opponent’s battle prowess was definitely not just nine stars. Without the ability to fight beyond one’s tier, could one ascend onto the prodigy roll? No way, one had to have at least battle prowess surpassing five stars.

Ling Han let out an oh and said, “I might’ve heard of one called Ding Gao Yang, you know him?”

“That’s my brother,” Ding Yuan Xin said.

“Then I’m truly sorry, I butchered him.” Ling Han shrugged his shoulders.

“I know, so I’ve come to kill you!” Ding Yuan Xin said calmly, but his tone emitted an extreme coldness.

Ling Han stroked his chin and said, “You sure you can kill me?”

“You certainly are extraordinary, being only at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier but having battle prowess that broke through Spiritual Ocean Tier’s limit, reaching Spiritual Pedestal Tier two stars, and even three stars. But that’s all that it is. I am at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and my battle prowess can reach fifteen stars, how can you resist?” Ding Yuan Xin said indifferently, appearing extremely calm.

“So what are you waiting for? Let me test out fifteen stars Spiritual Pedestal Tier battle prowess!” Ling Han laughed loudly.

“As you wish!” Ding Yuan Xin snorted. His figure flashed and already cut to the front of Ling Han. A palm swatted towards Ling Han’s forehead, and before the palm hit, Origin Power had already struck overwhelmingly, filled with terrifying destructive power.

Ling Han’s figure shot backwards. Weng , the Thunder Battle Armor was already activated, forming a lightning barrier. The Demon Birth Sword also appeared in his hand, and as he lit up two vein-like lines, he sliced with his sword and seven flashes of Sword Qi waved.


Under this attack, he was still sent flying. His palm, neck, and other areas revealed cracked skin and traces of blood. The Spiritual Pedestal Tier fifteen stars battle prowess was too terrifying, and he hadn’t activated Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation, so he was even less of a match.

Ding Yuan Xin, however, revealed an astounded expression. Although he didn’t give it his all in this attack, with his strength, a casual attack was at least ten stars battle prowess. Yet it only shocked and cracked open Ling Han’s skin… this was too ridiculous.

Ling Han neglected it on the inside. If it weren’t for the fact that he was still at the Rock Cliff Body and hadn’t yet advanced into the Iron Sheet Body, the shock from such power wouldn’t even be able to crack his skin.

Only Luo Da was frightened to the point of sweating bile. Ling Han was actually strong to such a degree, and he actually wanted to kill Ling Han… he truly had an exaggerated opinion his own abilities.

The problem was, how could Ling Han be so strong?

“What Spirit Tool is that?” Ding Yuan Xin stared at Demon Birth Sword in Ling Han’s hand. Just now, if he weren’t intimidated by the sword, making his battle prowess drop by a whole lot, Ling Han definitely wouldn’t have simply been sent flying.

It wasn’t only this sword, but the battle armor also had surprising defense. The two together gave Ling Han battle prowess that could match Spiritual Pedestal Tier ten stars battle prowess.

“You guess,” Ling Han said smilingly.

“No matter if you don’t say, after I seize it from you, it’ll be mine!” Ding Yuan said, filled with confidence. His battle prowess was as high as fifteen stars, and Ling Han had difficulty in receiving a casual attack of his, so how could Ling Han fend against him at his full strength?

Ling Han clapped and said smilingly, “Your imagination is quite rich.”

“Whether it’s imagination or reality, you’ll know very soon.” A hint of greed was revealed Ding Yuan Xin’s eyes; the two Spirit Tools made his eyes red with desire.

Whether it was to avenge his brother or to seize the two spirit tools, he had to annihilate Ling Han.

Hong , he attacked, a palm striking out, moving the wind and clouds.

The ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was the limit that mortals could reach, so the might was naturally terrifying. His palm struck out as vein-like lines lit up one after another, and with a hong , boundless flames sprayed outwards, turning the surroundings into a sea of flames.

“Ah!” Luo Da screamed tragically, hurriedly trying to frantically escape. He was only at the first layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so how could he defend against the might of the flames?

On the Thunder Battle Armor, vein-like lines wove closely and emitted ceaseless light of lightning, convolving around Ling Han and blocking the might of the flames. However, this was quite unbearabl;, his tier was still somewhat low and the power of lightning activated wasn’t strong enough, unable to match the might of the flames.

Ling Han struck with his sword, and as seven flashes of Sword Qi danced, he circled around Ding Yuan Xin.

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“Not enough!” Ding Yuan Xin sneered. The advantage in his cultivation was too great, the difference couldn’t be changed no matter what methods Ling Han used.

Ling Han didn’t respond and simply fought on. His left hand shook, unleashing the Purple Golden Patterned rods, laying out Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation. Instantly, a spirit snake appeared and entered his body, increasing his battle prowess further more.

“Huh, formations?” Ding Yuan Xin revealed a shocked expression. “Never would’ve thought you’re also a formation master! However, even if you’ve set a formation, you’re still not my opponent at all!”

Peng, peng, peng, the two battled fiercely, but without a doubt, it was one-sided. Ding Yuan Xin had the complete upper hand, and with only a few moves, signs of danger already surrounded Ling Han.

This was also because he had the Thunder Battle Armor, or else, he would’ve already died several times. Nevertheless, he was still riddled with scars, and in some places even wounded to the bone, affecting his battle prowess greatly.

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Chapter 407