Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 405

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Chapter 405: Attracting Hatred Again
Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han no longer made formation eyes; carving formation patterns consumed a surprising amount of soul power; even if he was now at the late stage of Spiritual Ocean Tier, he still felt there wasn’t enough soul power to use.

He exited the Black Tower, strolling and continuing to search for the whereabouts of the Heavenly Luck Stone. He waited until his mental spirit recovered fully, and then continued to make the second formation’s eye.

In this way, he spent a whole another seven days to create all seven formation’s eyes, and his cultivation also reached peak stage of sixth layer Spiritual Ocean Tier; maybe tonight—or tomorrow—he would be able to break through.

Originally, formation’s eyes needed to be refined by divine sense, branding one’s own consciousness in order to use it. However, the seven formation’s eyes were originally carved by Ling Han, leaving his will behind during the creation process, so he didn’t need to go out of his way to refine it again.

He waved his right hand and pa, pa, pa, pa, seven formation’s eyes appeared one after another around him as seven virtual images also appeared in his consciousness, corresponding to each one of them—even the formation patterns were exactly alike.

Weng , inside his consciousness, the formation patterns on every formation’s eyes began to light up. Each of the one hundred and five formation patterns send out one hundred and four light beams, linking the other formation patterns together and forming a miraculous veined pattern.

Hong , around him, seven of the real formation’s eyes were also immediately activated. Like in his consciousness, the formation patterns lit up, linking together and forming a formation.

The power of heaven and earth collected, swiftly solidifying into a spirit snake that was snow-white all over and emitting a shockingly imposing prescence.

In an instant, this spirit snake was fully formed; it was over thirty meters long, coiling around in the sky above the formation like a divine dragon.

With Ling Han’s thought, this spirit snake also began to operate perfectly at his command, just as he pleased.

All of this was because he had a Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation in his consciousness that communicated with the seven formation’s eyes. Once the power of his divine sense was exhausted, this formation would either disappear on its own or the spirit snake would get out of control.

Fortunately, while branding formation patterns expended a great deal of divine sense, the expenditure of maintaining a formation was much smaller. Based on Ling Han’s estimates, he was completely capable of operating it for one entire day.

“Go!” Ling Han lightly shouted and the snake spirit instantly rose up like a flood dragon, ramming everything in its path, shattering large trees and rocks from time to time and at other times wrapping him up and forming a defense.

Exploring for half an hour, Ling Han knew the effects and limitations of this formation inside out.

The spirit snake could attack and defend like a beast pet, advancing to harm enemies or retreating to guard. However, there was a condition that it couldn’t leave for more than thirty meters from the formation. This was a shortcoming, but it could also be solved easily simply by moving the formation as one moved.

So, this flaw wasn’t fatal.

The natural enemy of formations was the environment. Small Heavenly Origin Spirit Snake Formation was a water-type formation, so the Spirit Qi it drew was also of the water element. When at a place with thinner water Spirit Qi, the power of the formation would decrease greatly; at a place where all Spirit Qi was thin, changing to other formations would also have no use at all.

Why did formations have to borrow the power of heaven and earth? Without the power of heaven and earth to borrow, it’d definitely be ruined.

“Try one last move,” Ling Han shouted loudly and said, “Spirit snake enter!” Xiu , the thirty meter long spirit snake merged into his chest, disappearing, but Ling Han’s presence immediately grew drastically, reaching the level of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

‘Formation spirit entering the body can increase battle prowess; and the higher one’s normal battle prowess, the greater the extent of the increase. For instance, in case of someone who has one star battle prowess, if the battle prowess of the formation is ten stars, then one would have ten stars battle prowess. However, in case of someone who has ten stars battle prowess, merging with a ten stars formation will lead to the two overlapping, so having twelve stars or thirteen stars battle prowess would be pretty decent.

This is the same as Spirit Tools, people with low battle prowess that use it would be like sending coal in the snow, but it was superfluous for people with strong battle prowess; the effects are completely different.

Now, with formations, how many stars can my battle prowess reach?’

Ling Han scratched his head; it really was hard to measure, because he never even reached twenty stars battle prowess even while overdosing on pills in his previous lifetime. He really was unclear on how to evaluate battle prowess above this.

“Whatever, all I need to know is that I’m strong enough.”

Ling Han stored the seven Purple Patterned Gold rods. The higher grade the materials used for formation’s eyes not only could withstand the rampant power of heaven and earth, but also could fend against others destroying the formation using brute force or weapons; otherwise, if the formation’s eye was destroyed, the formation would also be broken.

He walked around randomly, thinking that although there weren’t any gains temporarily, with two more months, he would advance into the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. He could at least retrieve Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass, which was the main purpose of his trip; no matter the black stone or the Heavenly Luck Stone, those were just flowers added to embroidery.

After walking a while, he heard light footsteps from behind. Very soon, two people walked out from the forest one after the other. The one in front was a girl in full white clothes and concealed by a white veil, but obviously pretty and nearing perfection.

Zhu Xuan Er!

Behind her was a youngster, but it wasn’t Yao Hui Yue… if Yao Hui Yue truly appeared here, with his haughtiness, he would definitely walk alongside Zhu Xuan Er—he couldn’t possibly follow behind someone.

It was Luo Da.

“Lady Zhu,” Ling Han greeted.

Zhu Xuan Er’s knit her willowy brows slightly. She knew Ling Han also came for Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass and this made her extremely displeased, but the spirit medicines in the world didn’t have a label to show who owned them. Would she chase Ling Han away then? Moreover, she hadn’t the right.

Therefore, she only bowed to greet Ling Han, and then walked off showily.

Luo Da stared coldly at Ling Han as he had never seen Zhu Xuan Er treat a man so modestly, making him burn with jealousy and wanting to kill someone right away.

He met Zhu Xuan Er by coincidence and immediately followed by the goddess’s side, but Zhu Xuan Er couldn’t find Crimson Red Chilling Ice grass all this time. She was in an extremely foul mood, and had no mood to talk nonsense with him, making him that he received a cold treatment.

First, Zhu Xuan Er was as noble as a goddess, and second, her strength was way above his. Even if he tried to fight, he wouldn’t beat her.

Nonetheless, Zhu Xuan Er treated him coldly, but bowed to pay resect towards a youngster. Once comparing the two, how could he not be infuriated?

Zhu Xuan Er disappeared quickly, and Luo Da followed, but in a short while, Ling Han heard footsteps from behind. He turned to look and saw Luo Da was quickly chasing after him.

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“Boy, stop!” Luo Da shouted loudly.

Ling Han didn’t stop moving, pretending not to hear.

Xiu , Luo Da leapt out and landed in front of Ling Han, blocking his path, and said furiously, “You deaf, didn’t you hear me?”

“Oh, so you were calling me, I’d thought it was a dog. Don’t you say, you really look alike!” Ling Han said smilingly.

Luo Da was temporarily startled, but soon became furious; this youngster dared to mock him? He said threateningly, “Are you tired of living?”

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Chapter 405