Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: Spirit Grass Appears
Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han exited the Black Tower and walked inside the forest.

Venturing deeper with each step, he felt the chaos intent influencing him imperceptibly; if it weren’t for his Heaven Tier divine sense and him having a strong first impression of the chaos intent, he really might not have discovered it.

He activated the Eye of Truth and saw black-colored Demonic Qi everywhere, rising from the ground in threads and strands a thousand meters above the forest before disappearing.

This Demonic Qi was very weak, far from being comparable to what Asura Demon Emperor had used to control him, but it was greater in amount, covering the entire core area of the forest. The Demonic Qi here couldn’t control people, but it would cause a drastic change in temperament of living creatures.

What did the black stone have to do with Asura Demon Emperor?

According to reason, Asura Demon Emperor had already been suppressed for several millennia, but the Dark Demon Forest? He had never heard of it in his previous lifetime, so it should have appeared in the near millennia, meaning that the two shouldn’t have any relationship.

However, this might not be for certain. If the black stone appeared several millennia ago in the vast lands but was only buried deep underground, the Demonic Qi would never come to the surface. However, with the changes in the landscape, it was complete possible that the black stone would come to the surface. That’d explain the “delay” of several millennia.

His own understanding of this world was still very very little.

Ling Han withdrew the Eye of Truth. Inside the black stone was Chaos Origin Source, which could repair the Black Tower; he had to get it.

Advancing forward for a while, he suddenly felt a wave of heat rush over. Soon after, another wave of cold came pressing in, making his bones almost freeze. Weng , the Thunder Battle Armor was instantly activated, forming a barrier around him.

Heat and cold intertwined?

Found it!

He hurriedly leapt out. Xiu, xiu, xiu , after several leaps, an extraordinary sight appeared in front of him. This was a vacant area of thirty-meter radius, forming a perfect circle. Half of the land was fiery hot, with every single rock burnt red, while the other half was frozen by the cold; there wasn’t a trace of an intermediate region, but clear opposites.

At the center of this area, a rock bulged out, roughly half a meter tall, milky white, without a speck of dust. On top of this rock, an oddly shaped plant grew.

It was two feet tall, and on the bottom of it was a foot of crimson like agate, but on top one foot was crystal clear like ice. It only had two leaves, one on the bottom crimson like fire, and one on top like an ice sculpture.

Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass!

Ling Han recognized it at first glance and was overjoyed beyond all expectations. He never would’ve thought it would go so smoothly, finding Crimson Red Chilling Ice Grass so quickly. He hurriedly walked forward, but only after a few steps, he felt a startling heat wave that even the Thunder Battle Armor couldn’t block assault him. Moreover, he also became severely dizzy.


He hurriedly retreated and took out a petal of Golden Flower of the Stone, which was top grade antidote.

In a short while, the feeling of dizziness immediately disappeared. He moved the other end, wanting to enter through the icy glacial land. However, similarly, his blood began to freeze as the skin on his body began having traces of frost only after a few steps, making him feel severely nauseated.

Poison again—but this time it was chilling poison.

Ling Han took out and swallowed another Golden Flower of the Stone, retreating to a safe distance.

Cold and heat should be balanced, otherwise it wouldn’t form a symmetrical circle and one side would definitely be stronger. Thus, he couldn’t break through from the end of blazing flames, and evidently couldn’t enter from the chilling end, either.

No wonder this spirit grass could live for so long—he couldn’t even get close, let alone harvest it.

With the Thunder Battle Armor’s defense, he could endure cold and heat at least at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier in strength, but if it were Flower Blossom Tier, then there was no way. Not that the Thunder Battle Armor was unimpressive, but his tier was too low, unable to fully unleash the power that the treasured armor should have.

Such forces of cold and heat were probably very hard to withstand even for Flower Blossom Tier warriors, which was the reason why this stalk of spirit grass could live to this day.

Ling Han thought, ‘If I use Black Tower’s power boost, then I can make my cultivation reach the fifth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Then, if I activate the Thunder Battle Armor, I should be able to obtain the defense of late stage Flower Blossom Tier. But, is such defense enough?’

He hesitated because there was only one chance to use the Black Tower’s power boost. Although it was better used later, for his father, he naturally wouldn’t mind using it now… the condition was being able to obtain the stalk of spirit grass.

“Hm? Someone’s coming!” He was slightly startled, sensing two presences speedily approach, one of them extremely strong.

Xiu, xiu , two figures appeared one after the other. The one in front had revolving divine light all over that turned into sharp swords, extremely terrifying, as if it could tear apart heaven and earth.

The World’s Second Sword, Yao Hui Yue!

Behind him was Tong Zhi Ming, with humbleness written all over his face. But when his gaze swept by Ling Han, he immediately revealed and arrogant look and said, “After seeing my master, hurry up kneel down to pay respects!”

Ling Han sneered, and said, “I don’t have your body full of lowly bones, kneeling at every turn!”

“Impudence!” Tong Zhi Ming glared; this youngster was too arrogant, having only the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivation… Wait, this youngster was at most seventeen to eighteen years old, and was already at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier; even put in the middle state, it wouldn’t be seen as weak.

Strange… north region could actually foster such a talented person?

“Zhi Ming!” Yao Hui Yue reached out to hold him back. He looked at Ling Han filled with interest and said, “I like proud people, but only those that truly have the capacity for arrogance. You’re not bad, when I was your age, I was about the same cultivation.”

“Master is too humble!” Tong Zhi Ming hurriedly said. “Master was already ninth layer Spiritual Ocean Tier at seventeen years old and spent one year to solidify tier thereafter, fighting without meeting a match at Spiritual Ocean Tier.”

Yao Hui Yue smiled slightly, and said to Ling Han, “Youngster, cultivate diligently, I hope that one day you’ll qualify to challenge me.”

“Master!” Tong Zhi Ming cried out, never thinking that Yao Hui Yue would think so highly of Ling Han.

“I have a feeling, you might be a great rival in the future,” Yao Hui Yue said.

Tong Zhi Ming was even more shocked; this evaluation was too high, right? Since that was so, why not kill Ling Han earlier?

“I look forward to your challenge!” Yao Hui Yue said, extremely boldly.

This guy was really like Sword Emperor, arrogant and confident, unafraid to of all challenges.

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Ling Han laughed aloud, and said, “Then wait two years for me!”

Two years?

Tong Zhi Ming almost fainted; two years to catch up with Yao Hui Yue in Tier? You’ve got to be dreaming.

“Hahahaha, interesting, interesting, meeting someone even more self-confident than I! However, I don’t have much patience. I won’t kill you this time, but the next time I see you, I’ll definitely take your life!” Yao Hui Yue laughed boisterously.

“Definitely won’t disappoint you,” Ling Han said indifferently, not caring at all.

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Chapter 403