Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: Elder Nine Clouds
Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

“Youngster, you’ve got some real nerve!” The old man was precisely Elder Nine Clouds. He had been pursuing Ling Han’s whereabouts and ran to the Extreme Yang City not long ago. However, he then found out that Ling Han went to the Dark Demon Forest, so he chased him over here. Thankfully, he finally found Ling Han.

“Huh, your face…” Elder Nine Clouds stared at Ling Han, and very soon revealed an angered look.” So, the one who destroyed our sect’s great plan at the Fallen Moon Gorge was also you!”

Ling Han clapped and said, “Correct, but no rewards! Geezer, what methods did you guys use to find me?”

“Hmph, you entered the large tomb and was tainted by dead spirits’ Qi, which won’t disappear in half a year. Those who cultivate Corpse Qi can easily find you out.” Elder Nine Clouds unexpectedly didn’t keep Ling Han on tenterhooks and just reavealed it.

As he saw it, Ling Han was already a corpse soldier, so he naturally wouldn’t mind speaking a bit more.

The Flower Blossom Tier against the Spiritual Ocean Tier… the only possible result was absolute subjugation.

‘So that’s how it was,’ Ling Han suddenly realized; no wonder Duan Zheng Zhi could always catch up, and now he was targeted by an old monster.

“Hand over that spatial Spirit Tool that can accommodate living things. This old man can be gentler, letting you die more wholly,” Elder Nine Clouds said indifferently.

Thoughts flashed across Ling Han’s mind; how did this old man know that he had a spatial Spirit Tool that could accommodate living things? He only used it in front of Duan Zheng Zhi, and Duan Zheng Zhi already died.

Could it be?

“How cruel, refining even your own men into corpse soldiers!” he immediately said.

“Gagaga, contributing somewhat for the sect even after death, isn’t that how it ought to be?” Elder Nine Clouds smiled. “Don’t play any tricks in front of this old man. This old man has already lived for almost two hundred years, no small tricks can escape this old man’s eyes.”

Ling Han first put Hu Niu into the Black Tower, taking care of any other worries.

“As expected!” Despite Elder Nine Clouds having seen this in Duan Zheng Zhi’s memories, it was still extremely shocking—such a treasure was truly too rare. If this spatial spirit tool’s capacity was large enough, then this was supreme treasure for Tthe housand Corpse Sect, even surpassing tenth tier Spirit Tools in worth.

“Don’t get all excited, it’s got nothing to do with you.” Ling Han sneered.

“Youngster, you can’t run. Once you move, this old man will immediately stop you. With this old man’s Flower Blossom Tier’s strength, its as easy as the turn of a palm. So, don’t struggle in vain and quickly hand over the Spirit Tool!” Elder Nine Clouds snorted.

“Hand over your old mom!” Ling Han cursed, unleashing the Demon Birth Sword and striking out right away.

Xiu , Sword Qi assailed the old man like a dragon.

“Huh?!” Elder Nine Clouds’ eyes immediately lit up. “What tier is this Spirit Tool that even this old man feels a shred of fear?”

“This is Dog Beheading sword,” Ling Han said smilingly.

“Insolent boy, how dare you joke with this old man!” Elder Nine Clouds was infuriated, no longer having any patience and reaching out with his palm to swat towards Ling Han.

“Don’t you want the Spirit Tool? Come get it!” Ling Han laughed loudly, entering the Black Tower.

Hong , Elder Nine Clouds palm instantly hit nothing.

“How’s it possible?” Elder Nine Clouds stared wide-eyed. To enter a spatial Spirit Tool, it definitely wasn’t instantenous; with his Flower Blossom Tier strength, he should completely be able to grab Ling Han in that instant.

This was just like storing an item in a spatial ring; with Flower Blossom Tier’s strength, seizing the stored item was completely possible. Elder Nine Clouds naturally had experience, which was why he was so confident.

However, reality slapped him heavily in the face.

“Looks like the rarity of this Spirit Tool is above this old man’s anticipations. If I can obtain it for the sect, it’ll definitely be substantially beneficial, but as to how to get this treasure also becomes difficult!

However, Spirit Tools can’t fly away without a trace, and if this old man refines all of the nearby areas, I won’t believe that the treasure wouldn’t be refined to appear!”

The old man immediately got into action, digging three feet deep and then refining everything with supreme mystical power. Martial intent ascended, easily annihilating soil and turning it into fine granules imperceptible to the eye.

However, he was disappointed; after he refined all the nearby soil into fine ash, he still was unable to find anything suspicious.

Inside the Black Tower, Small Tower shook lightly in disdain and said, “A mere Flower Blossom Tier warrior wants to find a mustard seed micron, such foolish exaggerated hopes!”

Ling Han was curious and asked, “Then how strong does an elite have to be to find it?”

“At least in this realm, no one can do it,” Small Tower said very assuredly.

Ling Han nodded, remembering what Small Tower once said—if the Black Tower fully unleashed its power, it could destroy the entire vast land here. How could “trash” like Shattering Void Tier warriors possibly find such a grand kickass treasure?

With nothing to do, he took out the Black Stone and tempered his soul spirit.

Disordered thoughts of chaos arose as Ling Han stably guarded his mind, fending against it and improving the power of his divine sense.

When Ling Han’s spirit power was exhausted, he felt a clear improvement in the durability of his divine sense. Although it was now terribly fatigued, it was filled with tenacity, and was even more solidified.

Sensing once again outside, there was already no trace of Elder Nine Clouds. He was probably hiding somewhere, waiting for him to appear on his own.

Ling Han smiled and had a sumptuous meal with Hu Niu before leaving the Black Tower. Looking at the place, it was already five thousand meters away from where they were.

“Black Tower turns into dust, moving with the wind, so its naturally far away from the original place,” Small Tower said.

Ling Han nodded. Originally, the Black Tower wouldn’t float randomly, but Elder Nine Clouds dug three feet deep—as the dust flew upward, Black Tower naturally danced along with the wind, leaving far from the original place.

Presumably, Elder Nine Clouds should still be guarding the original place, staring with concentrated attention.

‘Ha, good luck to thee,’ Ling Han said inwardly and walked off swaggeringly.

After another day, he arrived at the second ring of the forest.

This was the last place where strongholds were. Further ahead was the core area of the forest, where terrifying Demonic Qi bred and influenced the living things inside the forest to crazily thirst for blood.

When martial artists stayed there for long, their temperament would change drastically, turning them into monsters that knew only of slaughter.

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Ling Han didn’t rest here and advanced directly, entering the last area. He was very careful; from here on out, Flower Blossom Tier beasts would appear—that was no joke.

Without advancing for long, he encountered the assault of three beasts. One was at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and the other two were at the Spiritual Ocean Tier. They were not at all afraid, launching their attacks at Ling Han and Hu Niu.

Ling Han took a while to annihilate the Spiritual Pedestal Tier beast. He captured a Spiritual Ocean Tier beast alive, then brought it into the Black Tower after knocking it out and studied it quite a bit.

The result greatly surprised him. He didn’t find anything like the Demonic Qi; these beasts should’ve been imperceptibly influenced by the chaos intent of the black stone, becoming more bloodthirsty instinctively.

In other words, the living creatures here were completely “crazy.”

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Chapter 402