Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 396

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Chapter 396: Chaos Origin Source

Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Despite the large snake’s stubborn frame that far surpassed normal Spiritual Pedestal Tier beasts, it couldn’t tolerate a flurry of slashes inside its head. Not to mention, Ling Han used the Demon Birth Sword, a tenth tier Spirit Tool—even if it could only emit a tiny bit of its power, the power of its sharpness was plain to see.

Add the Thunder Battle Armor’s prowess, and the large snake was electrocut, burnt on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash, Ling Han destroyed to his heart’s content. He bustled about in the snake’s head, and ten minutes later, the large snake no longer showed any signs of movement.

Ling Han swung his sword and broke through the head, feeling fatigued all over, and sat abruptly onto the ground.

This large snake was truly terrifying. Under the circumstances of allowing him to attack at will, he still exhausted all his energy to kill it. If this large snake possessed the intellect of a normal beast, then the result would be the complete opposite; he wouldn’t be able to do anything about this huge monster.

Ling Han let Hu Niu out. The little girl kept kicking the large snake, fully showing her childish temperament. Ling han was very interested in the bump on the snake’s head because it meant that it was growing flood dragon horns, which were treasures—absolute treasures!

Flood dragon horns ground to dust could be used in medicine, their effects were manifold, of which the most famous was boosting the sex strive, making men as vigorous as a dragon and as fierce as a tiger. Of course, Ling Han was not at all interested in boosting his sex drive; he was very confident in this area.

According to the legends, a true dragon was an auspicious sign of the divine plane, possessing the supreme power of toppling mountains and overturning seas; inside the flood dragon horn was a shred of the true dragon’s godly qualities, and if it could be extracted, wouldn’t that be kick*ss?

He used the Demon Birth Sword as a butcher’s knife, slicing the bump on the snake’s head carefully in case it damaged the flood dragon horns.

The progress was very slow; not that Demon Birth Sword wasn’t sharp enough, but Ling Han’s power was a bit weak. This large snake’s scales were truly too hard, making his progress extremely slow.

However, half an hour later, Ling Han finally peeled off the scales, cutting open the skin and revealing the bump completely.

He sliced it open, but didn’t find the corneum, so he cut and cut. Only after digging much more did a small black dot appear. Ling Han was startled; he sliced open the surrounding flesh, only to find that it was actually tiny black stone.

He reached to grab it, but as he made contact, he groaned. Endless chaos charged into his consciousness, making his head feel like it was about to burst. He forcefully endured it, wanting to enter the Black Tower.

However, as his consciousness was attacked, he actually couldn’t immediately make any contact with the Black Tower.

He couldn’t help but be shocked as the thoughts of chaos in his consciousness continued to expand. Black Qi grew from his entire body as his divine consciousness was rapidly being possessed.

“Ling Han!” Hu Niu yelled, baring her teeth and roaring; Ling Han at this moment gave her the feeling of a complete stranger.

Ling Han forcefully endured it, maintaining one last shred of clarity. At last, he finally gained contact with the Black Tower, and xiu , he entered the Black Tower, instantly summoning supreme power. Waves of black Qi surged out from within his body as if a pit of snakes that were reluctant to leave, still wanting to worm it’s way into his body; however, inside the Black Tower, this was absolutely unrealistic.

Hong , Ling Han soared into the sky, completely expelling the power of chaos.

He breathed rapidly and heavily—it was truly too terrifying. If he were slightly slower, his consciousness would’ve been infested completely by the chaos. He’d become like the large snake, muddleheaded and living based on instincts.

He never would’ve thought that a small piece of black stone could actually be so dangerous.

“I understand now. It’s no wonder the large snake felt gave me a familiar feeling… that’s Demonic Qi!” Ling Han clapped his hands, finally remembering.

He exited the Black Tower. Hu Niu immediately dove towards him, nudging him with her head and looking like she never wanted to let go.

“Alright, alright, I’m fine.” Ling Han laughed and rubbed Hu Niu’s hair, then looked towards the black stone inside the snake’s head.

The black stone was the size of a peanut, not uniform in shape and different from Asura Demon Emperor. This black stone’s looked like nothing special and had no shred of Demonic Qi circulating within it, which was why Ling Han had been careless and almost became infected with no hope of reprieve.

He used the Demon Birth Sword to scoop the stone up, and with a pa , the black stone rolled on the ground several times before lying silent on the accumulated snow.

A strange scene appeared—the large snake immediately shriveled up, and within only a few breaths’ time, the large corpse was already rotten. Its scales turned into ash, and pa, pa, pa, the bones broke one after another.

“Niu’s meat!” Hu Niu screamed in anguish.

Ling Han’s face twitched. Earlier when he was attacked by the chaos from the black stone, the little girl didn’t scream so tragically, did she?

Alas, a foodie was always going to be a foodie!

However, this large snake’s peculiarities were all because of this black stone?

Otherwise, how come the entire corpse crumbled once the black stone was taken out!

This could explain why a Spiritual Pedestal Tier beast could grow up to several thousand meters, but why the black stone had such effects was another problem.

“Stinky rock!” Hu Niu raised her feet and trampled down fiercely at the black stone.

The little girl’s speed was too fast and Ling Han couldn’t stop her in time at all… but he was immediately shocked, because nothing happened to Hu Niu after stamping it over and over. Moreover, Hu Niu even picked up the black stone, pa, pa, pa, smashing it, yet it still had no influence on her at all.

Were the heads of foodies so empty that they couldn’t be effected?

Ling Han didn’t dare to try and let Hu Niu take the black stone again, taking Hu Niu into the Black Tower before letting Hu Niu hand it to him.

Weng , the intent of chaos attacked once again as endless demons and hells manifested the chaos of the universe.

Ling Han activated the power of the Black Tower. Weng ‘ these demonic thoughts were instantly blocked from his consciousness.

He discovered that this could toughen his divine consciousness—though, of course, it was under the Black Tower’s help, or else it would be courting death.

“Small Tower, what’s this thing?” Ling Han asked.

“Missing too much memory, might know, but can’t remember at all right now.” Small Tower’s emotionless voice sounded out.

Ling Han put the black stone, looked towards Hu Niu, and said “But how did Hu Niu block the attack of the chaotic intent?”

Hu Niu pat her chest as she said, “Niu’s a genius!”

“Haha, you certainly are a genius.” Ling Han remembered the strange Spirit Base inside her body; even if he activated Eye of Truth now, he still wouldn’t be able to see through Hu Niu’s dantian; the little girl’s strangeness index was also ridiculously high.

” Xixi 1 .” Hu Niu smiled happily.

Ling Han picked up the Black Stone, weighed it in his hand, and said to himself, “Its not bad. It can be used to toughen divine consciousness and increase the soul’s strength.”

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“Not only that,” Small Tower spoke up. “There’s a shred of Chaos Origin Source inside.”

“Chaos Origin Source? What’s the heck is that?” Ling Han asked.

“Dao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, Three begets all things,” Small Tower said, “Dao is the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and Great Dao forms the Supreme Ultimate, which turns into Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang can also be seen as order and chaos.”

Ling Han was astounded and said, “This piece of black stone can actually… trace back to the Origin Source?”

Dao begets One (nothingness; or reason of being), One begets Two (yin and yang), Two begets Three (Heaven, Earth and Man; or yin, yang and breath qi), Three begets all things. All things carry the females and embrace the male. And by breathing together, they live in harmony…

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Chapter 396