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Chapter 273: Who is the Strongest of the Younger Generation
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Now, there were only a few paths left—when four paths joined to become two, and two paths joined to become one. Technically, that would mean one only had to defeat two more people to reach the peak.

Of course, there was a Hu Niu who did not like playing by the rules who was currently standing by at a higher spot, waiting to attack. However, speed did not represent battle prowess. Once embroiled in a close quarters combat, the advantage of superior speed would be greatly decreased.

Out of the five of them, who would be the last one standing?

On the next path, Yan Tian Zhao versus Can Ye, and Feng Yan versus Ling Han!

“Go!” Yan Tian Zhao moved. With a flick of his sleeve, xiu, xiu, xiu , seven battle spears shot out. These spears were formed from Origin Power and were entirely black in color. There were patterns engraved on the bodies of these spears formed from his martial intent.

Can Ye dared not be careless. There was a gap of an entire tier between them, and this was a gap that could mean he would be completely dominated by his opponent. He brandished his saber in a slash and displayed his full ability without holding anything back.

As the saber flashed, five flashes of Saber Qi shone brilliantly.

To be honest, five flashes of Saber Qi was extremely impressive. Before Ling Han had delved into discussions about the art of the sword with Mo Gao, he had also only formed five flashes of Sword Qi, and this was still based on the comprehension about martial arts that he had retained from his last life.

However, the Spiritual Ocean Tier was much too powerful. Moreover, Yan Tian Zhao was obviously a genius whose battle prowess exceeded his cultivation level. Can Ye put all his effort into it, and ding, ding, ding , somehow managed to shatter three battle spears. But there were still four remaining that, no matter how much he tried, he could not get rid of.

Pu, pu, pu, pu . He was instantly pierced through by four battle spears, and the force of the attack flung him away.

Thankfully, Yan Tian Zhao obviously took care in how much power he put into his attack. These four spears pierced respectively into his shoulders and legs, yet managed to miss his vital spots. Otherwise, the Rain Emperor was sitting at the peak, and if he made a move, that would signify a dramatic change of events.

The four battle spears contained Yan Tian Zhao’s martial intent. As a result, though the battle spears would disappear once they entered one’s body since they were formed from Origin Power, the martial intent contained in them would still subdue Can Ye. Can Ye was not able to move one bit, and with a peng , he fell heavily onto the ground.

“Heng!” A figure shot out and picked up Can Ye. It was Lian Guangzu.

When he saw Ling Han, Feng Yan, and Yan Tian Zhao who were nearing the peak, there was a complicated expression in his eyes. Yet he merely gave a sigh, withdrew his gaze, and began to treat Can Ye’s injuries.

Can Ye’s body trembled slightly, and his one hand was tightly gripped into a fist. He had even bitten so hard onto his lip that it had began bleeding.

“Don’t be despondent. It is no humiliation to lose at the hands of a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite.” Lian Guangzu comforted his only disciple.

Can Ye did not cheer up because of this. Instead, he looked towards Ling Han, and said, “He is stronger than me!”

Near to the peak, Ling Han was currently engaged in a fierce battle with Feng Yan.

“Hahaha, are you prepared?” Feng Yan smirked. “Now I am in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so how do you plan to block me?” He punched out a fist, hong, nine long sabers appeared and shot towards Ling Han together with his fist.

These nine long sabers were naturally formed from Origin Power. The martial intent contained in them became intricate patterns that shone on the bodies of these sabers, and it was as if they were like divine sabers.

Ling Han laughed loudly. He waved his sword in a slash, and used the Four Seasons Sword Technique. Every move had four Styles, Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. Four images circulated, forming an unbroken sword intent, possessing formidable power.

Peng, peng, peng, peng . The nine long sabers were instantly shattered, and Ling Han’s Four Seasons Sword Technique also disappeared at the same time.

The scene that Can Ye saw was precisely this one, and this was something he could not accept.

Not too long ago, he was still capable of ripping Ling Han in half with a single wave of his saber. Ling Han had only managed to escape that fate through a trick. But just how much time had passed since then? Now Ling Han was able to disperse the attack of a Spiritual Ocean Tier opponent, whereas he himself was defeated with a single strike.

The gap between the two of them was indescribably wide.

“These three… are the real monsters. You do not have to follow them, just go at your own pace,” Lian Guangzu advised. At the same time, he really felt that it was a great pity, as he had once wanted to take Ling Han as his disciple. However, because Feng Yan’s matter had quickly happened after that, he was completely pushed onto the side opposing Ling Han.

…No one knew that Lian Guangzu had once stayed at the Winter Moon Sect, and had even received guidance from a powerful elite of the sect, which was how he managed to attain his current level of achievement. And that powerful elite was precisely Feng Yan’s Master.

Thus, Lian Guangzu would try his best to fulfil Feng Yan’s requests to return the favor.

However, a stronger battle spirit flashed through Can Ye’s eyes. He was definitely not going to admit defeat! He wanted to walk to the ultimate point of this path of the saber! In Rain Country, he could only achieve a limited amount, so he wanted to step out of this country and into the wider world to refine and polish his saber arts.

He would either become a Grandmaster Saber Wielder, or die on this path!

“Heng!” Feng Yan’s first attack did not succeed, and he was just about to attack again, but then he saw that Yan Tian Zhao had defeated his opponent and continued his way up the hill. As a result, he could only set Ling Han aside for the moment and race towards Yan Tian Zhao. His fist shot out, and once again, nine battle sabers attacked.

Yan Tian Zhao did not dare to underestimate Feng Yan’s attack. Thus, he could only turn back around, flick his sleeve, and similarly shoot out nine battle spears.

Peng, peng, peng. The battle spears clashed with the battle sabers, and they were both shattered at the same time. Taking advantage of this opening, Feng Yan charged forwards and stopped Yan Tian Zhao from continuing to advance—anyways, Hu Niu could be disregarded. If she had really wanted to get the first place, they probably should have just given up and gone home.

With a sharp whistle, Ling Han too charged into the battle with sword in hand.

Hong, hong, hong . It was a battle royale between the three of them.

These three young men were all the type to do things their own way. There wasn’t any chance for any two of them to join forces against the third. Thus, each attack they delivered was aimed towards the other two, which made for an incredibly chaotic scene.

Yan Tian Zhao and Feng Yan were both in the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Every attack they delivered would have martial intent circulating around, and possess incredibly shocking power. However, Ling Han, who was obviously in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, was only a slight bit weaker than the two of them. Thus, neither Feng Yan nor Yan Tian Zhao dared to underestimate him.

This was dumbfounding to the spectators, as they all felt as if their view of the world was crumbling.

…After a twenty-four-year-old in the Spiritual Ocean Tier elite appeared, another Spiritual Ocean Tier elite who was only fifteen years old appeared. Then came a five- or six year old in the Gushing Spring Tier, which once again attacked their weak hearts.

Then, this five- or six-year-old Gushing Spring Tier martial artist exploded with a speed that struck even those in the Spiritual Ocean Tier dumb. It almost made them die of shock!

And now, great, here was another monster-like Gushing Spring Tier martial artist who was able to stand against opponents of the Spiritual Ocean Tier when he himself was only at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. This was enough to make them feel as if they were dreaming.

Was this still that world of martial arts they knew?

Peng, peng, peng, peng . The three of them were embroiled in a furious battle, and as they simultaneously impeded each other, it was difficult to decide who would be the victor for the moment.

In terms of current battle prowess, Yan Tian Zhao should be the strongest, because his cultivation level was highest as he had reached the third layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. The second would be Feng Yan, who was at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and last would be Ling Han. On the surface, he looked to be in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, but was actually at the eighth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, and his real battle prowess actually very closely approached the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

But because if one was slightly stronger, he would naturally be on the receiving end of fierce attacks from the other two and thus was unable to get the upper hand, which was what forced this battle into a deadlock.

However, it was also possible that the fragile balance would be instantly destroyed. Because as of this moment, the three fighters had still not displayed their strongest battle prowess. If any one of them suddenly exploded and delivered an extremely powerful attack, it might be possible that he would be able to fling the other two fighters away and emerge victorious with this one move—the winner would be the first person who managed to appear in front of the Rain Emperor.

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But since things have developed this way, the plans of the three have changed.

They would defeat the other two, and become the champion!

They were all proud young men, and faced with a powerful opponent, their first thought would be to defeat him and not retreat or avoid him. Otherwise, if they had lost their invincibility, then what difference did they have with any other ordinary genius?

“Heng!” Feng Yan was the first to reveal his trump card as there appeared flashes of silver light on his body.

He had activated his special physical constitution of Mirror Light Body.

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Chapter 273