Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: Niu Built This Road
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

At first, when Feng Yan appeared as a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, he was like an unrivalled God of War, and the one and only champion that was capable to suppressing all those around him until they paled in comparison. Though Ling Han was also a glorious and bright existence, yet that was because of his achievements in alchemy. His cultivation level of the “first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier” was completely unremarkable among the younger generation of Rain Country.

But the moment Yan Tian Zhao appeared, all of Feng Yan’s limelight was immediately snatched away.

A fifteen-year-old in the Spiritual Ocean Tier was even more astonishing!

But that was a good thing too. What was the point of having a one-man show? It would be even more exciting if there was vigorous competition.

Feng Yan stared at Yan Tian Zhao, he felt slightly troubled. That was because he both had to prevent Yan Tian Zhao from being the first person to reach the peak and cripple Ling Han’s legs at the same time. All of a sudden, the difficulty level had sharply increased.

Yan Tian Zhao stood at one side, an evil smile curling about the corners of his lips. His expression was completely unlike a young man who was only fifteen years old.

Liu Yu Tong was dumbstruck. She had personally witnessed that bashful and delicate Yan Tian Zhao. She never thought that this young man would be able to achieve the Spiritual Ocean Tier in a short few months’ time. Moreover, that evil aura was enough to cause her hair to stand on end.

Everyone was making the final preparations, waiting for the tournament to begin.

After another half an hour had passed, the Rain Emperor nodded and declared, “Get ready to start.”

Xie Chang stood up and said, “The registration period is now over. The rules for the competition are as follows: There is to be no use of Spirit Tools or alchemical pills. You must not use any Spirit Talismans or decrees as well. In short, you may only make use of your own personal ability.

Technically, you are not supposed to wound anyone. However, weapons are blind, so even if anything does happen, it would be unavoidable. If you do not want to get injured, you still have the time to withdraw now.

Is there anyone who is unclear about anything? Immediately raise your questions now.”

When he finished his words, no one said anything.

“Then, when I count to three, all of you are to set off at the same time.”




The third count was just heard and xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu , all of the participants rushed forwards.

Over a hundred people surrounded the foot of the hill. As there were a total of thirty-two paths from the very start, they naturally had to avoid any powerful opponents as much as possible. Moreover, every path was exceptionally narrow and would only allow one person to pass. Thus, if one wanted to advance forwards, the only choice he had was to first remove the person in front of him.

For this short while, they were like thirsty horses fighting over a drink of water from a spring, and it was a fierce scene.

Xiu , they only saw a tiny figure race forwards and become the first to rush to the foot of the hill at a speed that was enough to leave them dumbfounded. The figure directly left behind the runner-up about half the distance, and began to ascend the hill.

It was Hu Niu!


Everyone choked, 10,000 curses flashing past in their heads.

When Feng Yan appeared on the scene as a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, they were all extremely shocked, thinking that it was certain Feng Yan would get the first place. When Yan Tian Zhao similarly appeared as a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, they all judged that the first place would most likely be a competition between Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao alone.

But when the competition began and there was absolutely no doubt, they all thought that an unforeseen accident had happened.

A little girl that everyone had thought was just playing around had actually rushed forwards at a speed that they could only admire. She was so fast they didn’t even get the chance to stop her.

No wonder the Rain Emperor allowed Hu Niu to participate, the little girl had to be in the Gushing Spring Tier!

Damn, a five- or six-year-old in the Gushing Spring Tier?

Everyone was so astonished their facial muscles were twitching uncontrollably. What kind of concept was that?

At five or six years old, the majority of people were probably still playing with mud, weren’t they? Ordinarily speaking, awakening the Spirit Base would usually happen after ten years old, but this little girl was astonishingly already in the Gushing Spring Tier!

Moreover, her speed… was so fast that even Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao could only watch as she raced past them!

The envoys from the eight nations all exchanged looks, and they all saw that the mouths of the others were gaping wide enough to accommodate three eggs.

…Was Rain Country specialized in producing monsters?

Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao both made a move. One shot out a silver blade, while the other threw out a green-colored dense smoke. However, neither attack was able to catch up to Hu Niu. When everyone else reached the foot of the hill, Hu Niu had already reached the peak.

F***, what’s the point of continuing to race then? They hadn’t even started competing, and the tournament’s already over.

“Wahahaha!” Hu Niu suddenly stopped, turned around, and placed her arms at her waist. Her ferocious nature was fully on display, and she announced loudly, “Niu built this road, aside from Ling Han, no one else can pass!”

Pu. Everyone once again choked. However, this time was not because of shock, but due to laughing.

Feng Yan and the others were slightly stunned before hurriedly breaking out into a run. Since Hu Niu had no plans to become the first person to reach the peak and was leaving this chance to Ling Han, then there was no need for them to be reserved, was there?

The others all fought to enter the thirty-two paths, and began the first round of battle.

Peng, peng, peng . Everyone moved, intending to become the first to ascend the hill. They would thus have to deal with the person in front of them. Each path was like a single-log bridge that could not accommodate more than one person.

In mere moments, there were immediately a few dozen people who had been forfeited as their bodies were flung away. There were only thirty-two people left who continued to advance. However, the “single-log bridge” very soon joined with another, and thirty-two paths became sixteen paths.

Another sixteen people were mercilessly forfeited. They were flung away, and their bodies fell down from the air.

The next was for eight competitors to emerge from the remaining sixteen.

There were only eight people left. Aside from Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao, these two who were considered to be the popular candidates for the champion, there was also Ling Han, Zhao Huan, Can Ye, Liu Yu Tong, Huang Zi Tao, and Qian Wu Yong. The Third Imperial Prince did not participate because of his position. The Eldest Imperial Prince did not participate either as he was past the age restriction.

Ling Han actually managed to pass as well? This caused quite a number of people to be confused. Wasn’t this guy only in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier? Setting aside the fact that he was not able to rival Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao, in the Gushing Spring Tier, he would also be considered the weakest, so how was he so powerful?

After all, there were not many who had actually witnessed Feng Yan and Ling Han exchange blows at the Liu Residence that day. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so shocked. Ling Han was also a powerful opponent, all right?

Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao were very coordinated. They both occupied one side so they would only encounter each other in the finals when two paths joined into one. This would help them avoid encountering each other beforehand, which may lead to them both being forfeited. Feng Yan’s next opponent was Huang Zi Tao, and unsurprisingly, he flung Huang Zi Tao out of the competition with a single blow and entered into the fourth path.

Yan Tian Zhao’s opponent was Liu Yu Tong. He only gave a light wave of his hand, and said, “Apologies, Big Sister Yu Tong!” And he had forced Liu Yu Tong downhill.

Can Ye faced Qian Wu Yong. With a single wave of his saber, five flashes of Saber Qi danced wildly. Qian Wu Yong only gave a muffled humph, a splatter of blood gushed from his chest, and he was also forced downhill.

Lastly, it was Ling Han against Zhao Huan.

Zhao Huan was one of the three Core Disciples of Hu Yang Academy. Moreover, he was in the second place, so he was even stronger than Can Ye. According to rumors, when he was born, there was an unnatural phenomenon as golden light lit up half the Imperial City. Putting aside whether or not this had really happened, the current Zhao Huan indeed had a terrifying aura. His eyes were as sharp as dragons, and he was filled with a dominating air.

He laughed loudly and said, “Apologies, Grandmaster Ling!” He delivered a punch, and his fist was covered in golden light, shooting towards Ling Han like it was an actual shooting star, planning to defeat Ling Han and take the fourth path.

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“Maybe not!” Ling Han similarly shot out a punch, and charged towards Zhao Huan without any fancy moves.


A loud bang was heard, and the whole hill shook before they saw Zhao Huan being flung away.

“So far!” Someone gazed into the distance, and Zhao Huan had already become a small black dot in the far distance. Instantly, he was already 1000 feet away.

Ling Han managed to take the fourth path, and the final position.

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Chapter 272