Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 271

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Chapter 271: Two Great Elites of the Spiritual Ocean Tier
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Liu Yu Tong stepped up and registered. Aside from her, Can Ye and Zhao Huan too stepped forward. There was still a considerable number of disciple in Gushing Spring Tier in Hu Yang Academy, after all.

The allure of obtaining a Mystical Power was exceptional. As long as there was the slightest bit of hope, they wanted to try, especially in the case that as long as they were fast enough, they could completely leave their competitors behind in the dust, so it was fine even if they were slightly weaker in terms of battle prowess.

Ling Han saw Sun Zi Yan, and the latter forced out a smile in his direction. Then, he immediately turned around and left.

It seemed like such a long time ago that Sun Zi Yan had thought Ling Han was not worthy of regard, but it had only been one or two months, and he now had to address Ling Han respectfully as Grandmaster. Such a large gap caused him to be unable to face Ling Han and speak with him at all.

Ling Han smiled. He would of course not lower himself to Sun Zi Yan’s level. However, if the latter continued to be blind, then he’d just have to casually stomp him into the ground.

“Feng Yan’s here!” someone called out, and those present all turned around to look.

Indeed, Feng Yan was approaching with great strides. With every step he took, there actually appeared a silver-colored dazzling light under his foot. Each step gave rise to a bright dazzle, as if he was a god.

“The Spiritual Ocean Tier!” someone exclaimed in shock.

A Spiritual Ocean Tier elite was capable of releasing their martial intent outside their bodies, or they could engrave it into a weapon to become a Spirit Tool, or draw it on talisman paper to form Spirit Talismans. For martial artists, this was an extremely important stage.

In Rain Country, there were a large number of the Gushing Spring martial artists. All the Great Clans had no shortage of such martial artists, but higher up the ladder, there were a pitifully few martial artists in the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Further up the ladder, there were an even rarer few martial artists in Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

As a result, the Spiritual Ocean Tier could be considered as the real mid-level pillars in Rain Country or the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. Anyone in this cultivation level could be claimed as a powerful warrior.

Feng Yan was only twenty-four years old, yet he had shockingly reached the Spiritual Ocean Tier. This was extremely astonishing, and in the history of Rain Country, he could definitely be ranked within the top ten, or even higher.

However, though the Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists could release their martial intent outside their bodies, this would use up energy, so who would do it for no reason? Feng Yan deliberately came late, and was obviously expressing a kind of attitude—he did not pay any regard to the Rain Emperor, and he began releasing his martial intent right upon his arrival, which was a further show of his ability and an attempt to humiliate Ling Han.

The Spiritual Ocean Tier against the Gushing Spring Tier, wouldn’t that mean an absolute, one-sided domination?

The Mystical Power would belong to him! And whether Ling Han was killed or heavily wounded would depend on his mood at the time.

Indeed, aside from Ling Han and Hu Niu, all the participants’ expressions changed greatly. Against an elite of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, what martial artist in the Gushing Spring Tier would be able to find the courage to battle him?

“Ling Han!” Feng Yan’s domineering gaze turned towards him. “I had never thought that you would have actually become a Black Grade high level alchemist. I’ll give some face to the Alchemist’s Association and not kill you. I’ll just cut off your two legs. After all, you only need your hands to concoct alchemical pills.”

When these words were said, a storm of protest rose among the crowd.

The only one in Rain Country who would dare to threaten a Black Grade high level alchemist in this way was probably just Feng Yan. Even the Rain Emperor had to be polite to such a big Boss of alchemy.

Mad, he was indeed mad.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “I’ve once cut off two arms of your brother, so I can’t make an exception for the elder brother. Then, I’ll just have to cut off both your arms and legs.”

Hu, the others all wiped off the cold sweat collected on their foreheads. These two people were indeed hot-tempered. From the very first moment, they already announced ruthlessly their intention to cripple each other.

“Hahahaha!” Feng Yan laughed loudly, and said darkly, “You are merely in the Gushing Spring Tier, so how do plan to fight me? All right, I’m definitely going to cripple you today!”

“Where do you find so much nonsense to spout? Are you a chatterer?” Ling Han asked disdainfully.

Feng Yan, on the other hand, did not get angry. He withdrew his martial intent. He wouldn’t be able to bear continuing to maintain this condition. A cold smirk appeared at the corners of his lips. Today, he would gain a Mystical Power, and cripple Ling Han’s legs as an interest.

Afterwards, he would still kill Ling Han. It was fine as long as no one found out. The status of an alchemist only caused others not to dare kill Ling Han in public.

He would be well-known, and Ling Han not only would have to swallow the bitter results, he would also have both his legs crippled. Even if he managed to reattach them, his legs would be much less nimble than before, which meant only darkness on his path of martial arts.

After Feng Yan had arrived, no one else dared to register, as they were all scared off by his vicious might.

He was in the Spiritual Ocean Tier now, so he was practically invincible!

However, it was just at this moment that a short young man walked over. He had a shy smile on his face as he said, “I would like to register.”

Ling Han’s eyes narrowed, Yan Tian Zhao!

The first time he saw Yan Tian Zhao, this young man gave him an incredibly evil feeling. The second time they met, his evil air was still there, but Ling Han was no longer able to see through him. This was the third time, and Ling Han was still unable to see through him, as if there was a layer of fog covering this person, just like Hu Niu.

Hold on!

A thought suddenly flashed in Ling Han’s head, could it be…

“Who are you? Tell me your name, age, and show me your cultivation level.” Zai Xiang had a strict, all-business manner so his voice was unfeeling and cold.

“Yan Tian Zhao, fifteen years old.” The young man looked a bit embarrassed. “As for cultivation level…” He stretched out his right hand, and hong , a green-colored dazzling light flashed, forming an intricate pattern underneath his palm.


Everyone stood up in a flash. This was martial intent!

The Spiritual Ocean Tier!

F***! F***! F***!

“Gods, there’s another Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, and he’s only fifteen years old!”

“F***, I had thought that it was enough of a miracle for a twenty-four-year-old in the Spiritual Ocean Tier to exist. At least, there had never appeared one in the last three hundred years in Rain Country. Who knew that my shock hadn’t even passed, when there appeared a fifteen-year-old in the Spiritual Ocean Tier.”

“From the looks of this young man, he’s definitely not twenty years old yet. Even if he is twenty years old, it is unbelievable enough for him to be in the Spiritual Ocean Tier at that age.”

“Is this also a citizen of Rain Country?”

“Yan Tian Zhao, does anyone know which clan this genius comes from!”

Not just the crowd had dropped their jaws in shock. Even the Rain Emperor had slightly straightened and sat up straight on his throne. There was actually such a genius of martial arts in Rain Country?

The envoys from the other eight nations were similarly dumbstruck, and felt incredible dread at the same time. This generation of Rain Country was really a bit too awesome, weren’t they? In alchemy, there was a seventeen-year-old Big Boss, and in martial arts, there were two Spiritual Ocean Tier elites. Did this mean that Rain Country would leave them all behind in their dust, and dominate over the other eight nations?

Yan Tian Zhao turned over and passed his eyes over Ling Han and Feng Yan. The childishness and bashfulness on his face disappeared without a trace, and he released an aura that only belonged to a powerful elite, domineering and evil.

Feng Yan instantly looked serious. He was proud, but he was not foolish. Even if Yan Tian Zhao had just broken through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he had no advantage at all in terms of cultivation level. Moreover, Yan Tian Zhao was only fifteen.

A fifteen year old in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he’d never heard of someone like that, and never even dared to think that such a person could really exist!

Meanwhile, Ling Han sighed internally. Indeed, here appeared another monster by his side. In comparison with the Asura Demon Emperor, Yan Tian Zhao was no longer important enough for him to take seriously. “Rong Huan Xuan” was the real person he would dread facing now.

Very quickly, Yan Tian Zhao’s information was found out—he was the only son of Lady Yan of the Cherishing Flower Pavilion, and had once been in a ten-year long coma.

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A young man who had been in a coma for ten years, yet instantly broke through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier upon his awakening?

F***, I want to sleep like this for ten years too!

There was definitely going to be a good show today.

At first, it was Feng Yan who was the only outstanding person, and now it has become a fierce battle between two equally powerful contenders.

Ling Han smiled without a word. There was still himself and Hu Niu to be considered too.

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