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Chapter 270: Birthday Celebration of the Rain Emperor
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Ling Han continued to prepare himself for the upcoming battle, and tried his best to increase his cultivation level. If he wanted to battle an opponent of the Spiritual Ocean Tier while he himself was still in the Gushing Spring Tier, he would still have to be cautious regardless of how monstrously talented he was. After all, Feng Yan was indeed exceptional. Otherwise, he would not have been taken as disciple by an elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

He was confident, but was definitely not blindly arrogant.

Finally, the Rain Emperor’s sixtieth birthday had arrived.

The grand banquet would be held for a total of three days, and the martial arts tournament would be held on the last day as the grand climax for the celebration.

The name of an alchemist that was near to Earth Grade was too popular. Not only did the various Kings of Rain Country come pay him a visit, but even the envoys of the other eight nations attempted all means to meet with Ling Han. They had even released the rumor that as long as Ling Han was willing to go to their respective nations, then it would be a small token to carve out a territory for him and name him as King.

Ling Han had Guang Yuan play the role as guard, who was in charge of dispatching all those who came to visit. However, in the case of the Da Yuan King, he made an exception for him and personally received the former. After all, the Da Yuan King treated him quite well when he was in Da Yuan City, and the Ling Residence was still under the jurisdiction and the authority of Da Yuan City. Thus, he was willing to give the Da Yuan King some face.

Indeed, the Da Yuan King struck his chest and assured him that when his position was passed on to his son, or even his grandson, the Ling Clan would continue to stand firm in Gray Cloud Town.

Of course, respect and honor had to be mutual. Ling Han gave it some thought, and gave two Foundation Building Pills to the Da Yuan King. The stronger the ability of this King, the more he would be able to take care of the Ling Clan.

This naturally made the Da Yuan King both touched and excited. At first, he had thought that the Spiritual Ocean Tier would be the highest he could achieve, yet he had never imagined that he could actually see the hope of breaking through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. This made him even more determined to protect Ling Clan.

…Ling Han was able to give him Foundation Building Pills now, then what about ten years, or twenty years later? Wouldn’t he be able to hand out alchemical pills that could help one to break through to the Flower Blossoming Tier, or even the Spiritual Infant Tier?

Two days later, the last day for the Rain Emperor’s birthday celebration had arrived. In other words, it was the day of the martial arts tournament.

Ling Han brought with him Hu Niu, whereas Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, and Li Hao followed at his side. Then, on their way there, they were joined by Qi Yong Ye, Li Dong Yue, Jin Wuji, and the others. They soon arrived at the hunting grounds at the outskirts of the Imperial City.

This was the location for today’s martial arts tournament.

At this time, there were various grandstands constructed here. The Eight Great Clans, and the envoys from the other nations were naturally occupying the best viewing positions, followed by the various Kings of Rain Country, then those middle-class clans that had a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite in their ranks, and finally the respective sects and associations.

And surrounded by the grandstands was the “stage” for today’s martial arts tournament.

It was not really a stage per se, but a small hill. The hill was about 1000 feet tall, and had just been constructed recently. There were thirty-two paths at the foot of the hill, but these paths would pair up and become sixteen paths on the next level. As the paths went onto the next level, they would continue to pair up and become eight paths, four paths, two paths, and finally one path that was directly headed to the top of the hill.

There was a throne placed at the top of the hill, but there was no one seated on it at this point in time.

“Ling Han!”

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both approached. The former had come with her clan, whereas the latter had come with her master, so they had both arrived a bit earlier than Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled and began to chat with those around him as he waited for the martial arts tournament to begin.

The Eldest Imperial Prince and the other Imperial Princes were naturally already here. By now, the Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes did not even give Ling Han a second look, whereas the Seventh Imperial Prince offered Ling Han a friendly smile. Meanwhile, the other Imperial Princes and Princesses all looked at Ling Han curiously. This young man looked so young, so how was he able to become a Big Boss of alchemy? Even they would have to respectfully and politely address him as Grandmaster.

At noon, someone announced in a loud voice, “His Imperial Majesty has arrived!”

Shua , everyone stood up to receive the Emperor’s arrival.

The Rain Emperor approached with great strides. He did not release the aura of someone who had half a step into the Flower Blossoming Tier, and looked extremely casual. However, as the Emperor, every move he made had a domineering, imperial grace, so he still caused those present to unconsciously feel utmost respect for him.

Behind the Rain Emperor, there were twelve Imperial Guards. Zai Xiang and Xie Chang were in the first row, and were standing about thirty feet behind the Rain Emperor, looking solemn.

The Rain Emperor directly walked to the foot of the hill. With a leap, he had flown up to the top of the hill, sitting down on the throne at the top. He pressed a hand down, then said, “Please rise, my subjects.”

“Thank you, Your Imperial Majesty!” Only now did everyone return to their respective seats.

“The rules of the martial arts tournament today are as follows: participants are to climb up the hill from the foot of the hill. The first person to arrive in front of me will be awarded,” the Rain Emperor said. He did not speak very loudly, but his voice was very clearly transmitted into everyone’s ears.

Though the Rain Emperor did not specifically say what the award was going to be, but the Imperial Family had already released the news that it would be a Mystical Power!

Instantly, the participants looked excited. There was a total of thirty-two paths headed towards the top. If they were fast enough, they would be able to avoid any strong enemies and be the first person to arrive at the top to pay their respects to the Rain Emperor.

So what if there was Ling Han and Feng Yan? It’s all right if I’m no match for you as long as I can run faster than the two of you.

Even the envoys from the other nations felt the urge to participate. However, which envoy was not aged? They were here to represent the image of their respective nations. Envoys not only needed to have adequate ability, but a good reputation and be mature enough. In this manner, even the youngest among the foreign envoys was older than fifty years old.

Firstly, the participants were checked to avoid anyone over thirty years old participating. If someone like that got the first place, then Rain Country would be completely humiliated. The second requirement was: only those in the Gushing Spring Tier could participate, and those who were in the Element Gathering Tier and below should not come and join in on the excitement.

With these two restrictions in place, the only ones who were qualified to participate were only those particularly powerful disciples of Hu Yang Academy.

Xie Chang and Zai Xiang personally performed the check.

Ling Han stepped up to register his participation, and was naturally approved at the first instant. Just from his face alone, it was obvious he had not yet reached twenty, what more thirty years old. Additionally, his cultivation was at the “first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier”, so just enough to qualify.

“Niu wants to register too!” Hu Niu exclaimed.

Xie Chang and Zai Xiang gave her a glance. They were both seated, and there was a long table in front of them, with a screen hanging down. Hu Niu’s head was not even tall enough to be seen over the table, and due to the angle, neither Xie Chang nor Zai Xiang saw Hu Niu. Thus, they were a bit surprised when they heard this voice.

Pa , Hu Niu stretched out a hand and smacked the table heavily, saying in displeasure, “Niu wants to register, you two didn’t hear?”


When those around saw this, they could not help but laugh. This was really too funny, a kid that looked to be about five or six years old actually announced she wanted to participate.

“Little miss, this is not the place for you to play. You should quickly go somewhere else,” Xie Chang said with a smile.

Hu Niu was very angry. She has never had a good temper to begin with, and was about to fly into a rage.

“Let her participate.” The Rain Emperor’s voice was heard from the top of the hill. There was a hint of shock on his voice. He was in control of the whole country and government, and was capable of using power of the nation. Within the boundaries of Rain Country, he had ultimate power, as if he was a god.

Thus, he could somewhat sense Hu Niu’s aura, and could tell that she was a real, genuine Gushing Spring Tier martial artist.

This startled him to great heights. A five- or six-year-old in the Gushing Spring Tier?

The Rain Emperor could not help but glance at Ling Han. This brat was a freak, and the people around him were indeed also freaks.


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The Rain Emperor’s words caused all the people to be astonished.

Could it be that such a small girl was actually in the Gushing Spring Tier? However, no matter how much they tried to sense for Hu Niu’s aura, they all thought that this was just an ordinary little girl, and there was nothing remarkable about her.

When they saw how Hu Niu had one hand holding tightly onto a corner of Ling Han’s shirt, quite a considerable number of people “understood”. It must be that the Rain Emperor was giving some face to Ling Han, and allowed Hu Niu to make trouble at the tournament.

It was all right, there was no issue about it. This was just a little girl, so the most she could do would probably be give them a laugh.

…These people would be very quickly smacked in the face with reality.

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Chapter 270