Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 269

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Chapter 269: Regular Appearances of Monsters
_Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Qi Yong Ye, Baili Teng Yun, and the others were all extremely regretful that they had not firmly supported Ling Han, and continued to call a toast to Ling Han and flatter him endlessly at the banquet, wanting to mend this crack in their relations. However, even if the broken pieces of a mirror were joined back together, how was it possible that the crack would disappear?

What they’ve missed out on, it was destined that they would not be able to regain.

Meanwhile, Zhu Wu Jiu, Jin Wuji, and Li Hao were exceptionally pleased. The man they followed was actually a Black Grade high level alchemist. This made them feel as if they were living in a fantasy. Such an important person was capable of standing on equal ground with the clan heads of the Eight Great Clans, and he actually called them as brothers. It was really impossible for them to believe this reality.

As for Guang Yuan, he was very gloomy. This brat had really hidden himself way too deeply, causing his heart to pound like crazy and lose sleep for a considerable number of days. However, Ling Han gave him a cultivation technique that swept away all his gloom.

The complete version of the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll, and there were five layers of the cultivation technique!

He only had in his possession four layers, and there was some damage done to it as well. As a result, though this was obviously an Earth Grade mid level cultivation technique, he could only display the power of a Black Grade high level cultivation technique in his hands. Even so, it allowed him to become one of the top ten strongest elites of the Spiritual Ocean Tier among loose cultivators, which was proof enough of the might of the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll.

Now that he had obtained the complete version of the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll, he had also obtained the hope to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, instantly exciting him so much his scalp was completely numbed. He was practically about to break out into sobs.

“Little bastard, you can’t play like this,” Guang Yuan said faintly. As Ling Han gave him this cultivation technique after the banquet was over and everyone had left, he did not fear that his all-powerful image of a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite would be lost.

Ling Han deliberately stretched out a hand, and said, “Big Brother Guang, if you’re not satisfied with it, then you can return the cultivation technique to me.”

“Get lost. Something that has entered into my pocket will of course belong to me!” Guang Yuan quickly broke into a run, and called out, “I’m going off to cultivate. If you’re planning to get into a fight, just say the word. I’ve decided, since I’ve already boarded your ship of thieves, brat, then I’ll just go all the way on this path of darkness.”

Ling Han could not help but laugh. This Guang Yuan was really quite an interesting person. However, he was also a very brave man, which was what convinced him to pass on the Large Sun Heaven Heart Scroll with a light heart.

As long as one obtained his trust, then no one would experience any loss, but instead earn sky-high, soaring profits!

…He was the Alchemy Emperor, and there was no need to worry about alchemical pills in the first place. Moreover, he also used to be an elite of the Heaven Tier, so he had various cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques all memorized inside his head. He could simply take any one of them out and it would be enough to drive Spiritual Infant Tier elites to blows, fighting over it.

The night passed, and early the next morning, the Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes came to visit one after the other. They wanted to mend the relations with Ling Han, but how could it be that Ling Han would bother with them. The type of person he most hated were those so-called friends who were obviously dragging you down, yet insisted that it was for your own good.

He had never given face to such type of people, and would simply thrash them and chase them away.

Both the Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes left angrily, but Ling Han had already revealed his identity as a Big Boss of alchemy, so no matter how displeased they were, how could they dare to be rude to such a person? Even if they actually ascended the throne and became the emperor, they would still have to be polite in front of Ling Han, what more when they were only mere Imperial Princes now.

The Seventh Imperial Prince, on the other hand, did not come. He was the only one that could afford to stay calm in this tense situation, so he was naturally not the slightest bit anxious.

One day after another passed, and Ling Han would rub the Hundred Poison Jade Ointment on his body every day to quickly increase his own cultivation level.

The advantage of this medicinal ointment was not only in the fact that it could speed up the rate in which one increased his cultivation level, but also because it had few side effects. It was not like the Four Transformations Pill that would leave behind remnants of poison in one’s body—after one swallowed it for some time, he would have to stop and wait for the traces of poison to disperse before he could continue to swallow any more.

Another two days passed, and a sizable commotion was heard from the Black Tower.

Hu Niu had broken through.

The Gushing Spring Tier!

After coming out from the Black Tower, she leaped into Ling Han’s arms, and said proudly, “Niu can help Ling Han now!”

“Niu Niu is very awesome!” Ling Han said with a loud laugh, patted her head, thought for a moment, then continued, “Come, let us have a spar and see how powerful you are now.”

The two of them went back into the Black Tower. This was a world of its own, so no matter how fiercely they fought, they would not have to worry that it would be found out by anyone outside the Black Tower. Moreover, the space in here was large and sturdy enough. Even if they had already reached the Shattering Void Tier, they would not have to worry about destroying the Black Tower, what more when the two of them were only in the Gushing Spring Tier at the present.

Once Hu Niu got into a fight, her ferocious nature would be completely revealed. Every move and technique was extremely vicious. Not only that, it seemed that she also had a kind of ability that could allow her to instantly teleport within a short distance. It was not really very far that she could move, just a few inches, but in a battle, a miss was as good as a mile. This kind of ability was extremely effective in practice, and very scary.

If it was not for the fact that Ling Han was god inside the Black Tower, he would not have been able to capture Hu Niu’s instant teleportation. Because the little girl was really moving too fast, she created afterimages, and there was completely no way to sense where she had moved to.

To fight with Ling Han in the Black Tower, even an ultimate elite of the Shattering Void Tier would be brought to their knees, because this was naturally extremely unfair. Ling Han merely stayed on the defense and allowed Hu Niu to attack as she liked to make a judgement on the little girl’s current battle prowess.

The result was astonishing to him, because even a conservative estimate of the little girl’s current battle prowess was at least nine Battle Stars!

When he was in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, he also had about nine or ten Battle Stars, and Hu Niu actually managed to match him.

There were two main reasons why the little girl’s battle prowess was so terrifying: speed and instant teleportation. Of course, her “claws” were exceptionally sharp as well, so much that they could rip through the defences of an opponent in the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. Otherwise, if she was only capable of hitting her target but was unable to wound him, then it would be all pointless.

The root of all this should be that human-shaped Spirit Base inside Hu Niu’s Dantian. This was really too freaky. Just thinking about it now caused Ling Han’s blood to run cold. And with Hu Niu now in the Gushing Spring Tier, Ling Han could only somewhat sense the little girl’s aura, as it was more and more difficult to sense now.

One had to understand that he had the divine sense of the Heaven Tier and his senses were definitely not beneath a real elite of the Heaven Tier, but even he was close to being unable to see through Hu Niu. What kind of concept was that?

He believed that once Hu Niu had broken through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, then he would definitely be no longer capable of detecting the little girl’s cultivation level.

“There are really too many monsters in this lifetime!” Ling Han concluded. It had not even been a year since he had been revived, but he had already seen the corpse of an ultimate elite of the Shattering Void Tier first, and then there was the appearance of a living, er, damaged god.

The Thousand Corpse Sect that had vanished without any traces for an unknown number of years had once again appeared, and there was also Yan Tian Zhao—that evil aura made him feel despise, or even unease!

In comparison, Feng Yan had become a minor issue on the other hand, and he was still one of the more normal “variety”.

‘Forget it. I won’t think about it anymore. However powerful they are, they are not as awesome as the Black Tower. If they anger me, then I’ll dominate all of them!’ Ling Han did not continue thinking about it, but continued to work hard on cultivating. On the day of the martial arts tournament, he wanted to beat Feng Yan completely in public.

The days passed one after another, and the day of the Rain Emperor’s sixtieth birthday grew closer and closer. Not only did the Kings of the other areas come personally or sent their heirs to offer their well wishes, even the other eight great nations sent out important high-ranking people as envoys, delivering birthday gifts.

The Imperial City was completely lively. It was as if the whole city was celebrating New Year, as each house was decorated with lanterns and coloured banners.

And it was at this time that the Chen Clan could no longer resist, and decided to surrender.

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The Earth and Water Faction came every single day to crash the shops under the Chen Clan’s possession, and together with Ling Han, who would rather lose money and continue to attack them, the source of income of the Chen Clan was completely cut off in an instant. They were about to be forced into desperate straits after over a month of such treatment.

At first, the Chen Clan wanted to continue standing firm with the help of Sun Zi Yan’s status, but as the news of Ling Han becoming a Black Grade high level alchemist spread out, one of the higher ups of the Sun Clan stepped out directly and made Sun Zi Yan divorce that girl from the Chen Clan.

With this, the Chen Clan had lost their last hope.

Chen Yun Xiang died of excessive overflow, and ended his repulsive life.

Ling Han did not continue to expand his attacks, and decided to allow this matter to come to an end.

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Chapter 269